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Kamil Devonish
What do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be ready...
What do I want to be when I grow up? I want to be ready...

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4. Soft Calloused Hands
Is the mark of a potent life gentle, but calloused hands?  Karate – the empty hand – an empty hand can be an open hand or a closed fist.  But many people close their fist and shouldn't punch something or someone.  Their fist is just a superficial feature of...

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Chop wood, carry water
We are forever fighting our nature.  We like to think that we were totally in
control of something – if nothing else, than at least in total control of
ourselves.  We made those decisions –
they weren’t made for us.  The sleeping
moments of our lives are 33...

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2. Planting Seeds
More heartbreak .
 But I can count to 2. * I
don't know why it took 35 years to actually put this into words but here goes.
 A very special person taught me a lesson that had escaped me.  A
lesson that was the main reason for my tendency to have my grand ...

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Can I even count to 52?
Today is Friday January 13 th , 2017.  Two weeks into this year and I’m comfortable
saying I’m at my lowest point.  This
story begins with heartbreak – heartbreak that I won’t mention here.  All that’s left is to make something of it.  All that’s left is to...

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Ramblings on language and unreality
I believe I've always been more sensitive to words than most.  I believe I've always taken them more seriously than others.  I believe I always felt an intimate connection between timbre, cadence, vocabulary, expression, phrasing, idioms and thought whereas...

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"KD is a b*tch or not? Dubs are choke artists or not? BDD is a scrotum-seeking missile? (yep), Lacob is a douche (probably). I get that this was an alignment of stars that might never come about again and I understand why KD did it and I understand why Myer...

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The qualitative dimension of victory pt II
A year and a week ago I last updated this blog.  The Warriors and the Cavaliers faced off yet again in the NBA finals.  This time the outcome was different.  LeBron and his healthy Cavs overcame a 3-1 deficit, as Golden State had in the Western Conference F...

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Kamil Devonish commented on a post on Blogger.
Honest question: is there a faster way to get a Google search than from the app launcher? I put the shortcut on my taskbar. Win 2, start typing, enter. That alone makes this announcement suck for me. Will be now accepting alternatives for the fastest way to get to a google search since google apparently does not want that for my workflow.

Methinks that Google has a marketing problem.  If no one uses the app launcher and its the fastest way to get to your search page, then your marketing staff should be fired en masse.

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Zach has taken this 80 yards downfield...someone needs to punch it in from here - a sleep mode, hotword recog, global hotkey recog and then, TOUCHDOWN!

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The qualitative dimension of victory
I was watching a basketball game last night.  I've taken to basketball with enthusiasm due to the remarkable overlap that I see between it and karate.  Before I get to the thought that I wanted to discuss I'll outline that overlap, as I see it, thusly: 1) B...
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