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>>::||Oh Hello, There! That's a Rather Dapper Outfit You Have On!||::<<

Greetings and Salutations My Fellow Denizens!

I hope you're all being Excellent to each other!

The first thing to remember is; Google+ is about YOU! Yes, you. Not me. Not that person from high school you never got a long with. Or someone's baby, (who you secretly think is the ugliest baby you have ever seen).

It's about You, and what You are interested in..

Google plus let's you share things the way you would in person on a more human level.

For instance you wouldn't share photos of you having a bodacious time at the beach on a sunny day, with your work colleagues.

The day you were supposed to be at home dying of the 24hr Flu!!

You would share that with your close friends or perhaps your family(relatives).

And you wouldn't share with your family, an instructive video on how to login to the new systems that they just introduced at work. Along with accompanying documentation. You share that with your work collegues.

This is how Google+ makes sharing a lot more sense. With Circles.
Create as many or as little as you need. To reflect Your social circles, and how you interact with them, in the real world.

Don't worry about views or how many followers you have. That will distract you from being you. Be YOU. Be Awesome!

If you have any questions on how Google+ works and what's it all about. Feel free to ask. I do enjoy helping folks how to use this.

If you're free right now, and in Melbourne Australia, and feel like a crash course in Google+ and a friendly conversation, bring your laptop, and a mobile connection to the interwebz. And I'll help you out if you'd like, at a cafe, or a trendy hipster eatery!
Feel free to let me know in the comments below, or +mention me in a private post, I'll be checking my Hangout Invites as well. 
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There's. Hippopotamus somewhere as well. 
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Kamal Tailor

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That is so nice 
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Kamal Tailor

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>>::||This Is Stunningly Beautiful||::<<

This is a hauntingly beautiful cover by +Highasakiteband, of +Bon Iver's(+boniver's ) "Heavenly Father."

Have a listen and tell me what you think!

Thanks +triple j for being awesome with Like A Version's!

+Dave Besbris you might like this. 

#MusicBomb ! 
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Amigo um abraço felicidades pra você 
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Kamal Tailor

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>>::||Awkwafina Is A Genius||::<<

Is yours a '81 Toyota Hatch back?? With Bird Poop on the window? 
Does it look like the love child of Tony Danza and Janet Reno? 
Does it Date the Homeless? 

Discovered via +Stacy Frazer. 
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+Kamal Tailor that's great :)
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Kamal Tailor

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>>::||Cause The Creeps||::<<

The original The Creeps by Camille Jones.

I love this song, clip, and the remake of it.

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Kamal Tailor

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I'm quite liking +ElliphantMusic right now =)

Not sure if you'll like this +Joe Martinez but it's worth a listen!

+Google Play Thanks for having +ElliphantMusic in your catalogue!!
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Kamal Tailor

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>>::||Major Stuff Up #MadeByGoogle||::<<

"Heads Will Roll" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I'm not impressed +Google Australia. Not impressed at all.

Okay here's my timeline.
- Stayed up all night on the 4th to watch the 3am announcement for the Pixel and accompanying devices.

- Ordered the phone at 4ishAM, on the 5th of October 2016.
Ordered the 32GB Really Black Pixel XL.
And Paid extra for faster shipping
I did this as I'm leaving for the Asia Pacific Top Contributors and Rising Stars Summit, which is happening in Singapore at Google Singapore, on the 29th of October 2016.

- Patiently wait until the 20th checking every day or so leading up to the 20th for a status change on my phone.

- Order is still pending on the 21st of October 2016.
At about 3ish PM I email Order Support to enquire why.
Magically the order changes 3mins later from Pending to Ready for Shipping. 5mins later I'm given a tracking number after a number of refreshes. And marked as shipped.

- Order apparently leaves Hong Kong on the 21st and Arrives on the 21st. I expect it to arrive on Monday.

- No change in status of the order, still marked as shipped. I ring Toll on Monday the 24th of October 2016. Package has arrived in Melbourne, and is being held in customs due to the $1k taxfree threshold being surpassed by the device. Got told I'll have to fill in custom forms, and pay taxes before the device is released. Was ask to call a different number in regards to this.
Called the second Toll number was told the device should be in Melbourne for delivery, but is being held by customs.

Was told I was going to get a call back, but the devices was going to be delivered today on the 24th. And that I could get it redirected to my home rather than to my work which is where I requested delivery.
No call backs from Toll.

Got on to Online chat for Google support.
Told her what I was told by Toll.
I was told that she would speak to a Shipping specialist and I would get a return email on the status of my order.
No email as yet has been delivered.

- On the 25th of October I still held hope that the promised delivery window of the 26th would be fulfilled.
No change up until 12:50 Australian time where it finally changed on the status as "arrived hub." Image below.
So either I was lied to about it arriving on Friday the 21st, or something else weird is going on.

- Midnight 26th of October. I got on to Online chat support for the order support.
Spoke to Daniel. He heard my timeline up until then, and said he would speak to a shipping specialist, apparently after speaking to the shipping specialist, my case was bumped up to tier4 support, and I would receive an email back with more details soon, to date, no email has been sent so far at the time of this post.

Rang Toll this morning for any updates they can give me, about it being delivered today as per the promised delivery window.
I was told the device was held up in Hong Kong as it was a few grams weight difference. Due to the discrepancy it was held in Hong Kong until the 25th and Arrived in Melbourne also on the 25th.
I asked for call back from the lady I spoke to intially at Toll on Monday who was going to give me a call back.
She called back during the day. Told me that Google had organised to clear the customs, but when that was going to happen is unknown, and under no circumstances would it be delivered today the 26th of October 2016. After it has cleared customs it can take 24-48hrs to leave customs to be delivered.

- Today is the 27th of October. It is 15:03hrs+10GMT, DST.
I still have no Google Pixel XL in my posession. All I want is my phone +Sundar Pichai! A shiny new phone.
The promise date was the 26th of October when I Pre-Ordered the phone at 4am on the 5th of October +10GMT DST.

Go online and organised a call back support from Google. Spoke to Philip at Google support. He was sympathetic to my concerns about delivery, and was concerned that I had paid for premium shipping, but a yet had not received my device.
He said he was going to talk to level two shipping specialist and Toll themselves.
Got a call back, but he told me the exact same thing that Toll told me.
24-48hrs after clearance of customs which until 5pm had no changed as stated in the image below.
And all that could be done is that if after 48hrs I had not received my device. Philip would call me back, and he would organise a full refund.
Which is insulting IMO, as refunds take 2 weeks minimum.

As stated earlier I am heading off to Singapore on Saturday, to attend a Google summit for their support volunteers.

At this point I have no hope of receiving my device before end of business on the 28th of October 2016.

I am very disappointed in this process.
I pre-ordered my device with the expectation that it would arrive on the day of the release of the device.
I paid for premium shipping to guarantee this delivery. Or at least to receive on time.
None of it has happened.

IMO this is a major stuff up #MadeByGoogle and whoever is in charge of logistics. The issue with Customs should have been anticipated.

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+Kamal Tailor
No it's not about that i saw you on my friend post don't have much time right now i'll show you on which one later on
Once again forgive me if i bother you
Kind regards.

Kamal Tailor

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Kamal Tailor

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>>::||Team Sweden!|::<< 

A very chilled out new track from +ElliphantMusic featuring +!

Are they Lezbi friends? Who cares! They are both great artists producing great music. The clip is sexy. Sexy is good. Sexy Video clip to accompany a good song. BONUS!!

CC: +Joe Martinez, here's one you may not have heard yet from Elliphant, and also you may want to check out +
+Henni Tenhunen because Valkyries are awesome! =)
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+Kamal Tailor
Entraré en enlace ,Gracias por su ayuda 
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Kamal Tailor

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>>::||The Slow Jam Transformers||::<<

Wut! This channel is so full of the unexpected! I'd seen the Royals - ("Sad Clown With The Golden Voice" Version) - Lorde Cover
I made the mistake of not following up and Looking deeper in to +ScottBradleeLovesYa's channel. 

+Dave Besbris just shared this Sweater Weather - Vintage French Pop / Edith Piaf-style The Neighbourhood Cover 
and I was astounded by +Cristina Gatti's voice and hyper cuteness and sassy attitude in this rendition of Sweater Weather. 


+Tyler Cross +Obi Debo because Transformers and  #MusicBomb  
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Kamal Tailor

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>>::||Much Quirk, Very Kooky, No Lyrics||::<<

This is an very Quirky and amazingly bizarre video clip from an awesome girl I know. +Hanna Silver!!!!!

This is the official video clip to a song she composed called Crab Dances. There are no lyrics.
Your Challenge today is to write up a whole bunch of awesome lyrics to go with the song!

It's very quirky, so I expect to see many quirky lyrics. 

What's your Prize?? There is none. Although if I am feeling generous I might paint your face with Vegemite! 
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Kamal Tailor

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Ciant Hear It 

I'm really liking +Elliphant!! 

+Sarah Cylon You might like this. Because Lyrics. 
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The food was delicious. A little different from your regular Korean restaurant though
Public - in the last week
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Very friendly service, and great food, the fries are on point. And coffee is warming and satisfying. It's the sister café to Trei, and has a different menu, but feels like it has a bit more space. Feels a little dark down the back but still a clean and friendly Scandinavian feel to the décor.
Public - 2 months ago
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I always love coming to this theatre. The cinematic experience here is classic to say the least.
Public - 3 months ago
reviewed 3 months ago
Nice and big, but it does feel cramped darker compared to other stores. Seems to be geared to a more budget conscious consumer. But service is friendly and easy to find.
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167 reviews
I was caught in a hairy situation and Wax Revolution came through and helped me!
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Not always the cheapest, but you can definitely find bulk items that you need and there's heaps of variety.
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The service team here is great, they provided a quick and positive response to feedback I gave about my car and acted upon it for the service.
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