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True meat-eating lovers will appreciate the quality of these fine pieces of cuts. They are not fancy Angus or Wagyu "designer" steaks, just good honest New Zealand pasture-raised cows. The fat marbling on them are amazing for the type and price they're selling for.

And this is one of the reasons I love living in this country so much, the quality of your "average, everyday" produce. Scotch fillet (or Rib-eye as they are more commonly called in North America) is one of my favourite cuts of beef, I also love a good brisket for braising/slow cooking with.

They will most likely go on the barbeque (or my griddle pan), 2-3 minutes per side on high heat done rare, salt and pepper with a bit of oil on them and that's it. Now what sides should go with them...
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These look lovely. As for sides, can't go wrong with home fries (with rosemary and/or thyme for example), beans wrapped in bacon, and homemade herb butter.
I do love me some pastured moo-cow!

Terrible news that Fonterra are feeding their dairy cows artificial feed on feedlots to get enough milk outta them… Know which brands they own so I can avoid them?
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