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There are several ways you can help people affected by the flooding in the Midlands.

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#obama   #2ndamendment   #guncontrol   #gunfreezone  
The Liar in Chief is on TV this second capitalizing on another crisis to push his gun control agenda.  Again he made the false claim that the U.S. is the only civilized nation who sees mass shootings "on a near monthly basis" he added.  I guess he doesn't pay much attention to the news.
He has not, however, mentioned the fact that this school was another gun-free zone where people are prevented, by policy, from protecting themselves, their own lives, and those of others.  Even the one and only security guard reported to have been stationed at the campus was unarmed.

But this opportunist never misses the opportunity to capitalize on a crisis or the deaths of others.  

This infuriating African muslim is complete scum.

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All across the U.S., reports allege that students are instructed to pray Islamic prayers, make prayer rugs, and practice other Islamic rituals.

When did public schools become a place for religious indoctrination? Please Read & Share this petition. Stand with me to stop #Islamic indoctrination:
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“Some information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out,” Assistant Director Edward Lowery wrote in an e-mail.

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The reports are being tight lipped about why the man was considered to be 'suspicious' as well as in regard to the charges.  Two bits from this response that it means the criminal is a dirty terrorist muslim.
Law enforcement officials are investigating a report of an officer-involved shooting at a shopping mall near Columbia, South Carolina.
Electronic component level troubleshooting, manufacturing production, electronic testing, electronic & mechanical adjustment, production line leading, typing, proficiency in computers (hardware & software), process control, quality control, efficiency & productivity, Office applications, video editing and more.
  • contract position (for a large, international company)
    Project Contract Field Service Technician, 2013 - 2013
    Six month contract performing electronic field service on client's retail equipment as part of a project.
  • Ainsworth Gaming Technology
    Assembler/Tester, 2007 - 2008
    Disassembly, reconfiguration, reassembly, and testing of casino gaming machines. To some degree mid-level troubleshooting to identify defective circuit boards. This facility was primarily a distribution and support center for locations in Europe, Japan, Mexico, and most recently within the USA. The gaming units entail the use of PC based motherboards coupled with USB and Serial expansion boards, bill validators, coin cash boxes, and various entry alarm sensors.
  • Tyco Fire & Security
    Electronic Technician, 2004 - 2007
    Performed troubleshooting, repair, updating, and retesting of returned EAS security equipment within Tyco Fire & Security's Repair Operations Center. The equipment serviced involved anti-theft device components referred to as deactivators and detectors primarily utilized in retail stores to prevent shoplifting. The equipment serviced was equipment better known under the Sensormatic brand. I also had the opportunity to work in assisting the Returns Receiving department in the aspect of their returns discrepancy resolutions. This involved performing warehouse duties of placement and retrieval of discrepant return items. While performing this function I was certified for and utilized a Raymon Swing Lift.
  • CBM of America
    Assembler/Tester, 2002 - 2003
    Disassembled, reconfigured to order specifications, reassembled and tested SAM64 & SAM128 Central Office equipment. These devices were Unix based Synchronous/Asynchronous Multiplexers and considered legacy equipment no longer supported by the original manufacturers. There were other network patch panels assembled and tested as well. CBM of America, at the time, primarily serviced and supported legacy equipment as a niche business for those clients who wanted to keep their older equipment rather than update.
  • L3 Communications
    Electronic Technician, 2000 - 2001
    Testing and troubleshooting Multi-function Display units for T-38 military trainer cockpits. The short employment at L3 Communications was due to a financial and credit related inability to maintain housing in the local area.
  • Sony Professional Products Company
    Electronic Technician / Production Line Leader, 1989 - 2000
    Served as an electronic technician and production line lead person in the manufacturing of professional industry analog & digital video equipment. I performed extensive troubleshooting, testing, assembly and repair as well as maintained the operations of the production line by assisting other employees and maintaining the smooth operation of their workstations. I worked as direct line lead person under the production supervisor and worked in conjunction with the different department heads of the Hand Mount, Auto-insertion, and Engineering departments. • Some of the professional analog & digital video equipment models on which I worked were: VP-7020, VO-9800 & 9850, DVS-5000, DVS-8000, DVS-2000, DME-3000, DME-7000. • Assembled, tested, and repaired a component unit of an in-flight entertainment system. • Worked to improve quality and efficiency in the facilities Component Hand Mount department on a special project team. • Performed measurements and adjustments on various aspects of professional video equipment, both electrical and mechanical including precise tape path adjustment on audio/video equipment.
  • Arby's
    General Labor, 1985 - 1987
    Employed as general labor. Performed pre-opening food preparations, back room food cooking, back line food service, cashier customer service, restroom cleaning, refuse removal, as well as end of day breakdown and cleaning for closing.
Common sense and logic are prerequisites.
I am a native South Floridian.  I was born and raised in the Ft. Lauderdale Florida area.
As of late 2009, I have been living in Pensacola, FL.

I am a common sense and logic oriented person.  I am also a very no-nonsense minded individual in my personal life and especially within the workplace environment.  As is such, I have little patience for suffering fools.

I believe that nobody owes me or anybody a job.

I also have a low regard for people who feel the need to make foul language a consistent part of their regular vocabulary.

It's not about Left & Right.  It's about Right and Wrong.

I am a staunch Constitutionalist.  I am against fascism and progressivism from either the left or the right, and as it pertains to the government, individuals, groups, or other entities.

I do not live in fear of my food.  I do not recoil at the thought of meat, gluten, GMOs, carbs, non-organic veggies & fruits or whatever is to become the next fad food-hysteria.  Even given this, I can still sleep perfectly well at night and just as easily wake up and go about my day in the morning.

I am interested in learning the art and skill of woodworking.  Partly as part of a personal interest, but also in the interest of possessing a developed skill upon which I can trade should things such as the economy take a turn for the worse.

I am single, no longer looking and intend to remain single.

To potential employers:  Due to past negative experiences, particularly with a company by the name of "Beacon Hill" out of Columbus, Ohio, I am strictly a free-agent and will no longer consider working via any job agencies, staffing agency's or the like.  On principle, I can no longer, in good conscience, continue to placate the totalitarian/fascistic mindsets that seem all too often to pervade within such institutions nor those who have no respect for our country's Constitution and the protections of individual liberties described within.  From my experiences with these institutions, frankly, I have grown weary of finding myself at the mercy of the weak links in their chains in the form of dullards who have been placed in positions of authority and presume to project delusions of superiority which they do not possess.
I entertain direct hire inquiries only!

FYI: I do not re-post those posts which include, within them, an attempt to use coercion or shaming as a means to encourage others to re-post, regardless of the purpose or content of the post..
Bragging rights
High School diploma, Associates of Applied Science in Electronics, and the best learning experience and protégé position I could have asked for in working for Sony Professional Products Company for 10 years.
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Here's How You Can Help Flood Victims

There are several ways you can help people affected by the flooding in the Midlands.

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I tried this place today for lunch take out. The food was made fresh, hot and ready for pick-up. I had the Honey Chicken, Pork Fried Rice and a Pork Egg Roll, all of which was good. The chicken breading was crisp and not soggy as can be the case with some places. The chicken also appeared to be all white meat and not a bunch of chicken fat like other places. Another family member had the Pepper Steak, Pork Fried Rice, and Spring Roll. They enjoyed it as well. Good lunch specials for $5. I will go there again. I just wish they made "Honey Garlic Chicken", but then neither does anyone else around Pensacola. I only find that in the South Florida region.
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I stayed here on business last week. I was pleasantly surprised. I was looking for someplace of good quality to stay in town while also trying to be mindful of the business expense. And that's not easy to do with most of the hotels in Tallahassee and at the same time find something nice. The room was in great shape, furnished & decorated nicely and had amenities that I would normally expect from the pricier hotels. I normally aim for the Hampton Inns in my personal travels for exactly that reason, if you know what I mean. This place was on par with what I usually find there. When on business, having a breakfast available always helps allow for longer sleep, cut down on cost and added time. I thought I would be looking at a limited continental breakfast but this place had the whole buffet. It was a very good spread of eggs, hash-browns, sausage, biscuits and gravy, etc. It was as good quality as you will find for such amenities elsewhere. And again, this hotel was not charging anywhere near as much as the others. I wasn't the only contractor there so many of the others must already be familiar with this bargain. I normally have restless nights sleeps because of backaches, even in my own bed. But I had no such problem with these beds. But then bed softness is a matter of personal preference anyway. The staff was nothing but nice and accommodating. Even when I had to leave my car by the front door, because my battery had died, they were kind enough to not take issue as I had to take the time to hike for another battery and replace it right there at the front entrance. Thank you guys. I would definitely stay here again.
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Its hit and miss here. I usually come to this location when I want a Blizzard because they usually mix it more thoroughly than the one on Davis. However, so many times they just leave things out. I had been in for a Pumpkin Blizzard in October and they did it right. It had the pumpkin, whipped cream, and the nutmeg on top just as advertised. They extended it through to November and so I had one this week. No nutmeg as advertised, and they barely put anything in it. It might as well have been just plain vanilla. Too many times they just make these things however the hell they feel like and just don't bother to make it as described.
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Stopped by for a couple of Ice Cream cones this afternoon with my mother. It was very good and if I hadn't already eaten I would have loved to have tried other items from the menu.
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Stopped by here with family while on a road-trip on a Friday afternoon (1/3/2014). It is a cozy place with a local feel. The primary food attraction is the buffet and it looked good. However, my party just happened to have a craving for a couple of hamburgers. They have a menu to choose from as well besides the items at the buffet so we ordered from there. The server informed us that the hamburger patties were hand prepared and the french fries cut fresh in house at the restaurant. They also have the choice of a small or a large, which I love because most times I could eat a large of almost anything, but not this particular time so the choice was great. The fresh preparation definitely showed because the hamburgers were delicious. The fries were like made at home. Obviously I can't review the buffet since I didn't have any buffet items but there were a number of people there and they were most all having the buffet. There was a steady stream of customers and from the apparent large occupancy seating capacity they must have quite the number of customers during peak times. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, even after having made only one stop. So far....
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I've been to this one a few times for a Blizzard during my years in Pensacola, FL. They never seem to put much effort into mixing the ingredients throughout the cup so it mostly ends up at the top. What ingredients are mixed in does not seem to be on par with other DQ locations I've been. Any additional touches that normally come at other locations such as whipped cream and such seem to be rare. While some may note a lack of hot food choices at this location, it should be noted that this is a regular Dairy Queen store and not a DQ Grill so I do not think that it would really be fair to expect them to have any hot food at all since regular Dairy Queens are primarily about the ice cream anyway.
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Spent a late lunch here today. While not as big of a selection as other chain buffets I wasn't expecting as such. But for the food that I had it was very good. And that is having walked in, unbeknownst to me, when they were closing. The staff were very friendly and attentive, Even their ribs were pretty good and easily edible compared to what I had tried at my local Ryan's whose ribs were so stiff I could not even bite into them.
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