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Kalle Hölsömäki
If hell did exist, it would be full of HP's Host Based Plug & Play printers, laughing at my incompetency.
If hell did exist, it would be full of HP's Host Based Plug & Play printers, laughing at my incompetency.

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So, I'm less than a week from my next grading, and I got some tips today on Dwimyo Bandae Dollyo Chagi. I instantly noticed progress after applying those tips. What do you think?

(Still hoping I don't actually have to display the kick in the grading ;)
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What's the reason? Crappy bluetooth module in the radio?

Silent parts of tracks are skipped or cut off from output (so the music sounds sped up basically during those parts)


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Oiled the terrace finally. Why didn't I do it 2 years ago??

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Hi Google+! I've been thinking about getting a new tablet. My Nexus 7 (2012) doesn't cut it any more even though Lollipop has made it a bit more bearable. At the moment there's only Nexus 9 and Shield Tablet I've considered as viable options. Both have their flaws:
Nexus 9 still has problems after 5.1.1. Shield Tablet also has problems with the latest update with its battery from what I've read? Both also have their pros: Nexus would be optimal size for me, it has have 64-bit cpu even though I don't know if it's of any use, yet. Shield probably doesn't have lag, it still has FHD display, it's cheaper, but it's small.

I'm not seeking for a gaming tablet, but a tablet mainly for browsing web, using reddit, telegram, google+, etc. I also have 1st gen iPad mini, but its multitasking sucks (guess it's running out of memory) , and right now I don't want a new iPad. I just like Android more in private use.

So, which one should I get, or something else instead (what?), or should I wait for the next generation?

Edit: Would have added Z3 Compact to poll but couldn't edit the poll :/
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Nexus 9
Shield Tablet
Something else

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Well this looks promising...

Does anyone know if there's going to be a livestream from Andria next week?

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Cool stuff.

How about Chromium started from phone :)

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Installing f2fs was, at least for now, a smart thing to do.

Nexus 7 (2012) has a crappy flash memory. Reformatting the data partition to f2fs speeded it up quite a bit. To be honest after factory reset it always feels snappier for some time but then it slows down. But I've updated all the apps and installed many others and can't see the same slowdown at least yet. Of course it's an old device so you can't expect much but now it works better than the first ipad mini I have (which sucks at multitasking, closing background apps real quick).

Here's to hoping this modified kernel comes quick to Lollipop when it's first released on this device :)

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Cool jumps...

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