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Kalinga Athulathmudali
Geek by birth!
Geek by birth!


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Thank you! Almost Rs. 600,000 donated online to aid IMCD's #FloodReliefLKA efforts and more coming in!
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With Hard Work by 100's of people, we have a good comparison of Sri Lankan banking accounts, its a great community work. don't stop here, help us to make it better, keep on updating and sharing!

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Microsoft Loves Linux :)

Royal Botanical Gardens,
To Whom It may Concern:

On the 17th of July, 2016 around 11am I visited the Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya with my family. I was extremely disappointed with the attitude of the security and managerial staff the the entrance. they see us as people who are there to inconvenience them, has no proper communication skills, rude.

Not only Us, this place is visited by people all over the world, We "Sri Lankans" are seen around the world as hospitable people with smiles. but I fail to see that. its sadden me to see the impression this people give about our country!

My wife was rudely spoken to when she was waiting next to me on the ticketing queue by one of the manages with "elu rawlak" (sorry about the language, when i ask for his name he refused to tell me his name.) and my 2 year old daughter was there as well.
Not only me, I saw, few people including foreigners been treated this way. even some yell at them back. is this what we want our country to be ? Every one fail to understand, WE as the tax paying citizens of Sri Lankan pays their salaries. You, every one here to serve us!
Hope someone will take some action on this, I hate to see this country going down the gutter like this.

Sincerely yours,
Disappointed Tax Paying Citizen.

As a country, we have end up people with no commonsense due to the fact, people don't read! All they read and see are gossip!

"Kiyaweeman misa sampurnaya we"

If you keep on filling your brain with garbage, your gonna end up with a shit head!

Garbage in Garbage out!

FYI: I know even 5% of my followers won't be able to understand this.

so no Star Wars in Sri Lanka ? ‪#‎starwars‬

Lot of people feel that subwoofer is not needed in a stereo system, some feel subwoofer only need to annoy your neighbours. anyone with a system with a less than 8" woofers will benefit by having a good sub in there system, (given it has been properly tuned to the existing speakers bass curve, and the sub will disappear from the image) this is clear when you listen to an album like Eric Clapton Unplugged, most speakers i've listened to fail to reproduce to deep low end bass the album has.
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