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Trying to understand what is gong on.......

Most people know that my best friend who I called my adopted sister moved up here in March. I have been spending the weekends and at times weeks here with her while my hubby stayed with my mom. Well in May she basiclly backed me up against a wall and told me hat we either moved in with her or she went back to Ky. My hubby asked me to at least try so I agreed.

Now she planning on all of us moving to Monroe MI and sharing a townhouse where I will be he chief baby sitter of her 8 year old Autistic son, while she and my hubby work different schedules.

In the last week she has spent 5 days ragging on my hubby for various things and is also playing games with food, and by that I mean, she will do things like order a pizza for each of us, then one of us will say no to her son or something else, and the pizza disappears. She is also throwing it in my face about how she paid for all the food in the trailer, when she did not, and then she is telling me and my hubby what we can and cannot eat out of the food and then whines because I am not eating much at all. Hubby told her yesterday that she cannot tell us no no no on food and then expect us to eat and complain when we don't.

I quit smiling, I rarely talk to her or anyone else, and I am just always angry or upset. I am at my wits end and dunno what to do let alone have a clue what is going on with me.

I have not seen my cats or my mother in a month. I spent mother's day with her and her son. I was not even given the option of spending it with my own mother, which really hurt. Hubby and I made a promise to help my mother when she stated this and anytime that hubby goes to take her places or we give her money help, my adopted sister either gets angry or tells me its a stupid idea.

and whenever we get into a fight, she likes to throw it in my face that she and her son are going back to Kentucky. One of these days she is going to say it, and I know I will tell her to go on and go.

Hubby has told me that if he gets one of the jobs he interviewed for, he has thoughts of telling her to go her way and we go ours.... but I am in a actions over words thing.

Well.... had to replace the CD rom drive after a CD exploded inside of the drive and scratched my lens and then severed wires and stuff. Wow that was an experience let me tell you. Good thing I had a replacement drive.....

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Time to get back to my MES work...... Its going to be a long day!

Bright side? Hockey! Devils on tv tonight. Ooooh that and ice cream cake that I did not have yet from my birthday? Yeah its a match.

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Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh Baby come to Mamma!

The Official World Premiere Trailer - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag [UK]

Mark your calendars for November 1st, 2013!

Well looks like in March or April I will be sinking money for an internal Terra drive on my comp, Maybe some ram after that, Every time I go into my exteral Terra Windows Explorer hags up and then has to be restarted. Le sigh but it is still working for now and all scans say no bad sectors.

Its also laying down now because the cats have knocked it over a few times and the last time they did is how I had to end up recovering the drive. I got stuff back but not everything, so now its a deal of renaming files, everything starts with File because its a Raw recovery and then deciding which external gets my writing stuff once that is recovered.... my 500G that has never had to be recovered is the best option for now.

ICare did a good job recovering things so I am very happy!

Its been an interesting week. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings with AJ for his birthday. Had a good burger and nearly burned my innards with their southwest sauce. If I had a cold, that kicked it to the curb. We watched the local university play football on ESPN and it was wild being in a place that when the home  team scores, errupts in cheers.

Next year he wants to go there to eat and watch the Michigan/Ohio State game and eat. They support my high school so I have no issues.

Thanksgiving was a meal of meatloaf, baked potatoes, and apple and pumpkin pie. We could not do a full out traditional after forking out 400 bucks to fix the brakes on the car. But that did not bother us. I watched the Macy's parade for the first time in years and then napped before watching Hatfield's and McCoy's and Tangled. Tangled made me laugh so hard I was crying.

I also got word that the man that has been up-keeping my great-uncles memorial in the Netherlands is going to try and get me his IDPF and a few other files. He told me they may not have much, but it is something. I have a photo of his plane, which I plan on adding to the family history files.

Tonight was leftovers, writing, catching up on my paranormal shows and spending time with Crookshanks while Mittens spends time with AJ in the bedroom.

Tomorrow is the game called the Boarder Battle here.... I have one thing to say: GO BLUE! I will be watching football all day and writing. 

I am on a MES break till Tuesday, sorry folks but I don't rp on the holidays. Its hard enough for me to handle them irl.

Okay back to writing......


PS: Bamba is addictive! So is the Coffee-mate peppermint creamer!

Glad to see that people had fun at AbN. 

Its getting colder here and supposed to rain today, ick. Had to go get cold meds and something to chill out my stomach. 

Braves are playoff bound. No hockey yet, grumble growl. Les Mes in two months along with the Hobbit. 
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