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Read about my shambolic HTC experience

Hi +HTC UK , I have an on going case (14GBC460001865). After several weeks of failed call backs from your escalation team and 2 "repairs" my HTC One Mini as still faulty.

On the 8th of December I was asked after waiting for a further 2 weeks to send it for repairs for the 3rd time. Before the phone was collected the following day (9th December) I got an email from you guys saying a supervisor has decided to replace the phone.

To avoid any confusion (as by now I worked out what a joke HTC are) I rang and confirmed the email and was told its fine and to send it off with the courier as originally planned and it will be sorted on your end.

Guess what? Got a phone back today after 8 days, and its the exact same faulty phone! Its gone beyond a joke now. I rang and was told the escalation team will ring me tomorrow (another broken promise?)

I have asked for them to call me before 12 (noon) tomorrow (19th Dec), as after that I will be lodging a case with the small claims court and reporting this entire case to Watchdog.

If you are going to reply or call me back, please do so with the tracking number of the parcel containing my new phone.

Till 12 noon tomorrow I will continuously remind all my family and friends on all social networks why not to buy a HTC :) So it's probably best you call me sooner rather than later with the news I need.

For the record this case has been ongoing since September!


Thanks, Kaled

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