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My iPhone just got trustier today. ;)
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Yeah how could that phone be trustier ???
May I be the first to congratulate you.  Now you can give your old one to +Scott Kelby for a minute inspection to see if he can determine how it was modified to make it trusty.  Of course we all know that trustiness is a magical property that follows you around in whatever you do.  I firmly believe that "trusty" is a synonym for "Kalebra is awesome"!  Anyone else?  Am I not right about this??
Ken Z
hmmmm, wonder what that means.....  :)

I happened to be in Apple Store the day before the big announcement of trustier iPhones for +Kalebra Kelby .... I joked with them, "calm before the storm, eh?" They said, "We don't know what you're talking about." in a monotone voice. 

I had a damaged 4s, had to replace it...but of course I was thinking, "ok, this is the day before the big announcement...any chance of getting my 4s replaced with a shiny new iphone 5??"

I did ask, "Hypothetically, if I came back in two days, and hypothetically there was a new phone released, would the replacement be that hypothetical new phone?"

They said, "Hypothetically, nope."
+Kalebra Kelby What say? You had an untrustworthy iPhone? What I don't trust is loading iOS 6 just yet into my iPhone 4. I think will wait until maps gets fixed.
I don't know +Rich Turner but it's also lighter and taller. ;)

Giggling at you +lynn hughes :-)

No, you are awesome! +Carolyn Fahm and I don't think +Scott Kelby needs to inspect mine since I believe his got trustier today also. ;)

Hahahahaha! +Ken Zuk hypothetically, had they replaced it, you would have found that it's actually not as shiny as it used to be. LOL!

Oh no, +John Balboni , it's always been trusty. Just made even trustier today! LOL!
You always did like them taller, didn't you? LOL  I only hope it will work better next time we end up in front of it! hehe
IPhone 5 is cool... Congratulations and I am glad they let me upgrade for free.Can't wait for mine to deliver ;)
It will be next month before I get mine :((
Congrats to getting a trustier iPhone.
Wow. I have to wait ;(

Happy Dance for you! Congrats and now lets see what that thing can do... Some pics please. ;-)
Is that what you took with for the Betsey Johnson shoes? I approve either way. Exciting for you!!!!! I can't wait to see and hear your others as the proof is in the pudding (not custard) so to speak. Your photos alone! 
and how long did you have to wait in line????  hehehe
Now why does that not surprise me;)))
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