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I watched this video yesterday our time, and I have to take my hat off to his comments. He only blames him self.
Good to see he was not hurt, only pride.
I know, that's what I thought too Lynnie!
Well all in all the landing was good it was the stop that didn't work out to well. Darn Mailboxes!!! In light of that I would say this wasn't a crash landing it was more like a crash after landing!
I would have circled and landed in one of the fields. Interesting he chose the road. Did a good job of getting back over to it. If it'd been a high wing ac, he'd have gotten away with it!
First of all props to this guy for landing on the street! That was cool. I don't understand, was he trying land on the street? Was that his flight plan or did something go wrong that made him choose to land there? I know nothing about gliding but that was fantastic.. 
+Johnathon Shell from the article, it seems he let himself get too low by lingering on the downwind/lee side of a ridge. On the upwind side, the air bounces up over the ridge, providing lift. On the lee side, it can pull you down as it flows back toward the ground. He was stuck and had to make an off airport landing in a development. Not ideal!
You deserve a lot of credit from me because I can imagen what a wonderful feeling must to be to fly, and the gotts required to get so high into the sky.  I'm afraid to get on the roof of a one floor house, so how can I be a pilot; Right ?
Good to heard that !  I thought it was very few of us.
+Jolu GonzOlivz goto a small airport and let them take you up in a Cesna.. greatest thing ever. My mother got me a flight around Nashville so I could get some aireal pics and I couldn't shut up about how awesome it was to be sitting in cockpit flying around the Batman building. You seriously won't regret it.
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