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Good call Yittle!

Shot with my trusty iPhone. 
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She has excellent I could tell you who she gets it from! ;0)
Hey look at that.. you brought sunny skies there ;)) Great call Yittle :))
Yeah Yittle knows how to fly. Have fun Yittle!!
Another great shot. I wonder if Scott would buy you a new iPhone so you can leave your sunshine filled phone can stay over here. ;0)
That's right, Yittle. Reach for the skies. You have a future as bright as the blue skies you bring with you. Unforgettable mother-daughrer moment Number One and more adventures yet to come, always and ever and everywhere.
Thank you everyone—it's been amazing so far! Yittle even found a Charlie Chaplin hat to have fun with! Now, what's better than getting to play with a Charlie Chaplin hat in London?! Lol! ;)
I bet she is cute as a button in that bowler hat, but do steer her clear of the Union Jack boxers that Dewis and Clayton bunch are known to prance about the streets of London in. Some fashions are best left to the natives. ;-)
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