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The Victoria Memorial (Queens Garden) Buckingham Palace

Shot with my trusty iPhone. 
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The sky was the coolest silvery blue. Almost immediately after taking this +Melody Migas the sky was bright blue with a few solid white clouds. Whew! Got the shot just in time. Lol!
was it take it from your iPhone :-S??
lol you are good with your iPhone, I am going sell my DSLR now ;-) and start using my iPhone to take pic
Yes please Mrs Kelby ;-) you are rock.
Sunshine is following you around, just as predicted, with appropriate intervals to get the dramatic shots. London has really given you its heart in a big way and I couldn't be happier!
Another super shot... You KK are unstoppable :))
Wait?! That wasn't you? I could have sworn that was you dressed in gold! It's why I took the shot in the first place. No wonder you didn't climb down when I scolded you! Hahaha!

Can't wait for our real first adventure Miss +Roni Delmonico. ;)
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