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One perfect evening...

On September 3, 2009 +Scott Kelby and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows in a little chapel by the sea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Afterwards, we dined and danced the night away. I even managed to steal a dance with my precious Yittle. Luckily, a good friend and wedding guest was able to capture this moment.

Thank you +Joe McNally...this is still one of my most favorite pictures you've ever taken. ;)
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Great photo of a great moment! :-)  Congrats..
Stunning photo. So full of life and emotion. Such a special memory.
beautiful captured moment and can see why its a favorite for both of you... :-) 
Wow KK, you look so gorgeous!  I'm a bit surprised to know you ha a photographer friend present.  With your line of work, I would never have guessed... :D  You are still a representative of the chocolate industry, right?? ;)  It also tells me that you got married when I was 5... time flies doesn't it??

Anyways, congrats on all these years of happiness, a big congrats to +Joe McNally  and I might just have a little something to share with you later tonight concerning food ;)
+Lady Fran W that's just how it felt and thank you. :)

Thank you +Kathy Porupski and it is. 

+Nicolas Boivin thank you for such a sweet compliment but you were 5 when I got married?!!! Hahaha!! Well, I was only 16. Ok, that's not true! LOL!

And I will be looking for your foody post later!! :)
+Kalebra Kelby I won't spoil the subject, but I know a certain male photographer in the Orlando area who will probably tell me that it was time I finally got to cook something that was along his interest ;)
Can't be me, since I would never advise you to cook a model.
Wow. Now I know who to ask as my model for pre-con. 
Ok now forget the Debbie. +Kalebra Kelby hahaha.I am not a storm. Well yes I am, But I am not in Florida hahaha 
+Frank Doorhof that is an incredibly nice thing to say but had I known my picture was being taken I would have frozen solid! Lol! ;)
What a beautiful photo to add emphasis to a wonderful story. Thanks +Kalebra Kelby (and +Scott Kelby) for sharing some of your life with us. (and, of course, uncle Joe for capturing the moment!) You and Scott have something really special together and we are forever grateful and enriched through your stories and photos. 
As active as you are here on G+, I sense that in many ways you are a very private person.

Thanks for raising the veil a bit and letting us share the moment. 

And, as talented as Joe is, I suspect that much of the reason that's a favorite picture has more to do with the memories than the photographer's technique. Great pictures tell a story. Favorite pictures make you want to tell one.

By the way, I've often thought the best gift a parent can give a child is the love that their parents have for each other. Mutual respect and sacrifice is the first and strongest building block for a good marriage. With luck, your children will spend more time under their married roof than under yours. Giving them a model that says happiness starts there is one of life's more important lessons. 
A beautiful and precious moment caught for eternity. Thank you +Kalebra Kelby  for sharing with us.  Another reason to believe you and +Scott Kelby are truly blessed.
I've never really gone anywhere just kinda busy trying to find "something to do"! I always read all your posts, sometimes a day or two late though. Now we're getting ready for Debbie to pay us a visit. Latest forecasts show that we're her favorite target right now :( However, we do need the rain; forecast is to get 5-15" by the time it's all over. Landfall is sometime Wed or Thursday. What really has be upset right now is we've lost power twice already which is really unusual as we haven't had that much wind up here yet. This morning we were out for two hours and now we've been out for almost three. Thank goodness for 3G wireless iPad and batteries!!
Beautiful image. I think I'm going to cry.
Wow, what a perfect moment captured so beautifully! Truly beautiful,
That is an awesome story and one incredible picture, +Kalebra Kelby. I'm happy to share this moment with all of your followers that the incredible Joe McNally captured. I'm so glad I added you to my Google+ circles!

I'm not too proud to say that Joe is one of my biggest inspirations to be a better photographer by trying to tell stories with the pictures I share. He is the master and watching him work at Photoshop World DC was incredible. At the class I attended he took an engagement picture of a couple that he had never met and when the picture he took came up on the big screens it was a very special shared moment for everyone in the room. There's power in photography that people like you and Joe use in such positive ways that I am always inspired.

Thank you for sharing.
What a beautiful moment in time!

Mr. McNally, the genius that he is, really does a wonderful job capturing them. 
“With luck, your children will spend more time under their married roof than under yours” +Steve Kalman that may be the loveliest wish ever! Thank you. :)

Thank you +Gary Kalosky I sure think so. ;)

I hear you +Rich Turner lights going out all around us but we're still running. Let's hope that's the most we all have to worry about. Stay safe—and dry! 

Thank you for stopping by +Kent Frazier :)

Awww +Joe Frazee I felt the same way when I saw it.
+Nicolas Boivin and +lynn hughes I'm usually deer in the headlights when it comes to being in front of the camera. Unless it's like this one and I'm not aware I'm being photographed. When I'm on stage I usually just run in the opposite direction of the cameras. However, my favorite concert photographer +Alan Hess has taken one of my favorite stage shots of me. :)

Thank you +Barb Cochran that mean a lot coming from you! :)

Ohhh, thank you +Monico Havier and I'm so glad you added me too! It's always such a pleasure when you stop by. :)

+Bruce Davis and +Bill Araujo thank you so much for your comments and I agree Bill, +Joe McNally does have a gift for those “special” moments—and he captured many that night. :)
when you are with your children (and hubby, too) you seem to go to a very special place, a very magical place where everything falls away but their faces ... this is such a photo ... there was no one around for you at this moment except your beautiful baby girl and joe got it perfectly! you are truly blessed because you are truly you ... xxxooo
not exactly what i wanted to do ... but i guess turnaround is fair play ... your images and the beautiful way you relate to your world often brings a tear to my eye!! ;-)  +Kalebra Kelby 
what a wonderful capture. 
Love it! Beautiful capture of a beautiful moment! So glad he got this for you. You just gotta love good friends. :0)
Such a lovely moment captured. Thanks for sharing.
Miss +Roni Delmonico thank you for that, since I frequently have my breath taken away by your photos and stories. So nice of you to come a calling—thank you. :)
This is a "Time Standing Still" photo you and Yittle will cherish for a lifetime!
A memory for generations, you look stunning!! 
Beautiful image!!
Oh, my . . . sweet child, loving and glowing mother.  A photo of a moment like that is worth more than gold ever can.  
congratulations - thats a really nice shot.
+Roger Martin What a supremely sweet thing to say...thank you. :)
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