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Operation He Does NOT Extend SitRep

Not to sound braggadocious, but a tremendous team, made up of agents at the highest level of agenting, erected bigly field art that was hugely classy in an act of patriotic devotion. Truly terrific.

Yuge thanks to:
Team Left Nut
Team Right Nut
Team Shaft
Team Bend
Team Just The Tip
Dick Erector (one bad hombre)

-- Sean Spicer drafted this SitRep. Period.
-- Field Art made 2pm dickpoint cockcheck checkpoint.

Alt Facts:
-- Fields totaled 1.5 million MU -- it was YUGE
-- Fields would have totaled 4.5 million if you count all the illegal immigrants.
-It is the largest field ever to cover the White House.
- This op was 3.1 million MU short of the popular MU count
-- This ween0r has a mandate despite its loss
-- Shape of fields is N'zeer for "Asshat"
-- The liberal media would have you believe that this field was not erected. They got it up even when he (probably) can't.
-- There were links coming out of wherevers.

Alternate Names for the Operation:
-- Bitch, it's Saturday (
-- Blue Balls for Trump
-- Disputed Erection
-- Don Trump de Cheeto (
-- Flaccid and Right-Leaning
-- Fuckface Von Clownstick's Clownstick ( and
-- Grumpy Orange Penis (
-- Hanging Chode (
-- Is It Up Yet?
-- It's Not My Trump Pump (
-- Lacking Mandate
-- Make Donald Drumph Again
-- New Dick on the Block
-- Obama's Was Bigger
-- Packing Cheat (
-- Putin's Joystick (
-- Sad Flagpole
-- Short-Staffing the White House
-- The Nation is Tired and Has a Headache (
-- The Return of a Tricky D (
-- Unerected Presi-dunce
-- Unplump Chump
-- Ween are the world, Ween are the Resistance. -- - -- Ween are the ones to make a brighter day so let’s start fielding.
-- Weens Over America (
-- Ween shall over-comb
-- Ween, The Pee-Hole
-- Wiener wiener chicken diener

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So what's everyone doing this weekend?

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Do I have to say "Spoilers"? Useful recap to prepare you for July 12. :D
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