> ... the 1937 edition of Songs of the IBM, a booklet of corporate ditties first published in 1927 on the order of IBM company founder Thomas Watson, Sr.

> The 1937 edition of the songbook is a 54-page monument to glassey-eyed corporate inhumanity, with every page overflowing with trite praise to The Company and Its Men. The booklet reads like a terribly parody of a hymnal—one that praises not the traditional Christian trinity but the new corporate triumvirate of IBM the father, Watson the son, and American entrepreneurship as the holy spirit:

> Thomas Watson is our inspiration,
> Head and soul of our splendid I.B.M.
> We are pledged to him in every nation,
> Our President and most beloved man.
> His wisdom has guided each division
> In service to all humanity
> We have grown and broadened with his vision,
> None can match him or our great company.
> T. J. Watson, we all honor you,
> You're so big and so square and so true,
> We will follow and serve with you forever,
> All the world must know what I. B. M. can do.
> —from "To Thos. J. Watson, President, I.B.M. Our Inspiration"
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