09:18 <@rsaarelm> Hm, huh. Just realized that programmer is basically the new "generic university graduate" social role. Someone who can be expected to run a general bureaucratic machine, only now the machine is made of code when in 20th century it was made of clerks and paper and people with humanities education would go to be middle management.
09:20 <@rsaarelm> Society used to need lots of clerk-managers for running bureaucracies, now it needs lots of coders.
09:21 <@rsaarelm> And in the interim a bunch of mediocre kids got screwed getting education for a role where there used to be lots of demand even for mediocre people and isn't anymore.
09:24 <@rsaarelm> And your standard programming job seems to be a lot more often about being able to do lots of programmey things badly rather than beingable to do one hyper-optimized thing really well.

(with +Risto Saarelma)
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