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Kai von Fintel
linguist at MIT, academic geek, runner, soccer fan
linguist at MIT, academic geek, runner, soccer fan

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Lots of reading ...
A bunch of final versions published in S&P yesterday:
- Yael Greenberg "A novel problem for the likelihood-based semantics of even" (
- Valentina Bianchi, Giuliano Bocci, Silvio Bruschina "Focus fronting, unexpectedness, and evaluative implicatures" (
- Clemens Mayr, Jacopo Romoli "A puzzle for theories of redundancy: Exhaustification, incrementality, and the notion of local context" (
- Cleo Condoravdi, Sven Lauer "Anankastic conditionals are just conditionals" (
- Peter Klecha "Modality and embedded temporal operators" (

See the comments at for an exchange between Colin Phillips​ and me.

My thoughts on the Lingua → Glossa affair:

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New in S&P today: Ashwini Deo "The semantic and pragmatic underpinnings of grammaticalization paths: The progressive to imperfective shift" (

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New in S&P today: Paul Egré & Florian Cova "Moral asymmetries and the semantics of 'many'" (

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We strongly encourage all readers to sign up for our opt-in mailing list for occasional updates from S&P (state of the journal, publication notices, etc.) and, very infrequently, from the LSA (calls for meeting abstracts, fellowship applications, etc.):

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New in S&P: John Mackay "Actuality and fake tense in conditionals" (

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Rounding out this week's set of four new semantics papers for your enjoyment ...
New in S&P: Judith Degen "Investigating the distribution of some (but not all) implicatures using corpora and web-based methods" (

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The third of four new articles in S&P this week:
New in S&P: Chris Kennedy "A de-Fregean semantics for numerals" (

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In time for end-of-the-semester reading binges:
Two new papers in S&P today: 1. Xiao Li on the excessive construction in Japanese ( 2. Dylan Bumford on pair-list dynamics ( 
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