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A few Sci-Fi book tips:

I finished Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card 2 days ago and loved it as much as Ender's Game. If you haven't read "Ender's Game" yet, read it first.

Ender's Game:

Speaker for the Dead:

Another great book (I started it yesterday and finished it 10 minutes ago :) is
The Maze Runner by James Dashner. If you liked Ender's Game and The Hunger Games, this might be a book for you.
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If you haven't read Ender's Shadow, read it now. It opens up a new perspective on Ender's Game and is just soooo very good. The later books in that series are eh... but Ender's Shadow is one of my all time favorites.
Yes, the Ender Games series is classic. Also the Maze Runner series is very good also. You may also want to look at Divergent by Veronica Roth if you dystopian future societies
thx Stu, will take a look at it.
I'll add another vote to checking out the Shadow Saga starting with Ender's Shadow. I've just finished reading Shadow of the Giant and really enjoyed all of the Shadow books.

I'm reading Ender in Exile at the moment, then onto Speaker for the Dead.
Thx +Chris Coomber. I am considering skipping part 3 + 4 of the Ender series and continue with Ender's Shadow. But it has to wait a bit. Right now I am reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I have read (and loved) the first 2 books when I was young and want to find out if I still like it :)
+Tobias K next up, shadow of the hegemon, shadow of puppets, shadow of the giant... Then I stopped. But I believe there were a book or two more. Happy reading! 
+Tobias K ,  oops!  Sorry.  I thought you were talking about Ender's Shadow.  For Ender's Game, it's Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, then Children of the Mind.  I only read Speaker for the Dead and stopped after that, but if you liked Ender's Game, go for Ender's Shadow.  It happens during the exact same time as Ender's Game, but just through Bean's perspective.
+Tobias K I agree with +Ronica Voelker read Enders Shadow next.
Then choose to either follow the ender series or the shadow series, both tie together at certain points. There is a diagram showing how they tie together on the enders game series wikipedia page, on mobile at the moment so it's difficult to link it. Whatever you decide enjoy :-)
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