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Unlock Your Imagination With the Power of Words
Unlock Your Imagination With the Power of Words

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Favorite Vacation Spot by Beverly Stowe McClure (Princess Breeze Tour)
I'd like to welcome Beverly McClure to Stands of Thought. She is visiting today to share her brand new book with us, Princess Breeze. For months, Breeze Brannigan has heard nothing from Cam,
the prince she met at school and who disappeared one night, withou...

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July #InkRipples: Heroes and Villains
A quick side note before I get into a favorite topic of
mine. My alter ego, LA Dragoni, is releasing a paranormal romance for the
adults among us on August 1 st . I’m coordinating a blog and social
media tour for the release week (July 31 – August 5), compl...

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June #InkRipples: Word Vomit…er, I mean Blurbs
Blurb. “Excuse you.” The word itself sounds a bit like word vomit, doesn’t it? Blurb. “Are you feeling all right? Can I get you
something?” Most of the time that’s exactly how I feel about the blurbs
I write. They are word vomit. At least in the beginning. ...

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Lost & Found by Sharon Ledwith
Fairy Falls was bores-ville from the get-go. Then the animals started talking...  The Fairy Falls Animal Shelter is in trouble. Money trouble. It’s up to an old calico cat named Whiskey—a shelter cat who has mastered the skill of observation—to find a new h...

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The Ghost of You and Me by Kelly Oram & #Giveaway
  The Ghost of You and Me by Kelly Oram How do you tell someone who hates you and blames you for the death of his best friend that you miss him?

From the bestselling teen and young adult author of Cinder & Ella comes a new heart-wrenching romance sure to b...

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Cover Reveal of Princess Breeze by Beverly Stowe McClure
Readers! Readers! Readers! This is so exciting. I'm super happy to be sharing with you the cover reveal for Beverly Stowe McClure's upcoming tween sequel, Princess Breeze . I read an early, early version of this book and because it was a while ago and I hav...

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Cover Reveal #MARKEDBEAUTY by S.A. Larsen
I'm so excited to be participating in the cover reveal for S.A. Larsen's debut young adult novel. Sheri is an awesome author, a fantastic person, a constant supporter of her fellow authors. How can I not be excited to help her out? And then you read the blu...

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Three Times A Charm with Danica Davidson
Welcome to Three Times A Charm. Today I’m introducing you
to a middle grade and young adult author, Danica Davidson. Thanks for joining
us today, Danica. Tell us a little about you. When I was three, I used to dictate stories to my parents.
When I learned h...

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Funny thing happened on the way to publishing books. Fairy tales. May #InkRipples
Simply put (according to Wikipedia)  A   fairy
tale   is a type of short story
that typically features   folkloric   fantasy   characters, such as   dwarves ,   dragons ,   elves ,   fairies ,   giants ,   gnomes ,   goblins ,   griffins ,   mermaids ,   ta...

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April #InkRipples Workshop - Revision
Welcome to the last week of the #InkRipples revision
workshop. I hope you’ve found the revision tips and exercises fun and
enlightening. If you missed the last three week’s tips and exercises, be sure
to hop on over when you’re done here.  Revision Tip #7 D...
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