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laptop actually does this

falls for it myself sometimes because I forget

Anyone has an idea why my (only 3 months old) Nexus 5 no longer connects in ADB mode? Fastboot works, in Windows and Linux. But ADB does not. In Linux dmesg, I see the device connecting for the blink of a second, then disconnecting again.

Other issues I discovered:

* connecting the device after fully booted puts it into "permanent charging mode", read: the thunderbolt icon does not disappear. It says "charging (USB)" in the battery stats even when disconnected

* connecting the device while turned off, then booting, puts it into "permanent no-charging mode", read: the thunderbolt icon never appears, the battery does not charge

In both "modes" connecting to a wall charger changes nothing. A full reboot is needed. Then it works flawlessly with the wall charger unless I dare to use a PC for charging, that's when it returns into sticking with the thunderbolt icon. It will fully charge while in this state until I disconnect the device. Then I'm stuck with continuous discharging until rebooted. This is reproducable in recovery mode to where - according to dmesg - it acts the same.

But back to the core of the problem: I can no longer connect with ADB. This worked before. And I'm using Linux. So it is none of those strange Windows drivers problems.

Somehow I feel it might be a software issue (and I hope its not a hardware issue). The only problem to maybe resolve the issue is either reflashing factory in fastboot (which would work) or sending in for repair. Both options I do not like because I cannot backup my partitions.

BTW: The device is stock ROM, no root.

Anyone heard of such problems?

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Once you get it, this is funny :-D

Boycott distros that use Linux.

Spread word of this web page.

Contribute to and use distros that we like

Check out the Minix project for a saner Unix kernel.

Consider migrating to HP-UX, AIX, SunOS or something similar, when things get really out of hand.

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Achtung, #CatContent  :-)

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Toll gemacht...
#masteroftides is now up on the tubes. If you likey then please share it with all your peeps 

What happened to my #Nexus devices suddenly lasting around 3 times as long? Used only 25% of #battery in 17 hours?! Some app updates have been installed before - but I'm not sure which one causes this surprising effect... I hope it stays that way.

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