Ant-man and the Wasp

Another film in MCU, you ask. But I think Ant-man franchise deserves another look. It doesn't take itself that seriously, so there are many comic moments which just work and they don't feel forced.

The plot continues from the first movie, where Hank Pym lost his wife in quantum space in one of the mission. Scott Lang (Ant-man) met her while he was momentarily in the same space before returning. Hank found the way to that space and two groups of people are after it. One is the traditional baddies while the other is the daughter of Hank's former partner who suffered from an accident during an experiment.

No big bad baddie from outer space but it doesn't really matter as the movie moved along in quite a snappy pace with generous sprinkling of comic moments. There is one sequence on truth serum used on Michael Peña's character and another where Hank's wife took over Scott's body. The cast is good with Paul Rudd settling well in his role and Evangeline Lilly a good match. Michael Peña is a riot in both movies but is lesser used this time round. Meanwhile, Michelle Pfeiffer, Laurence Fishburne and Michael Douglas lend some weight and acting gravitas to the movie.

If you don't like the wham-bam action of Iron Man and thinks that Avengers plot is just too convoluted, take a look at Ant-man and enjoy the fun.

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