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This is what "storm" in San Francisco looks like
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Looked like nothing but gray sky
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Ka-Hing Cheung

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(Btw, yes Serial is great and you should all listen to it)

It's not often that readers' (or in this case, listeners') comments become big enough to warrant reporting, at least in relatively mainstream media. See also Reuter's recent decision to remove commenting on their own site ( because they realized most people comment elsewhere anyway.
Based on a real-life murder, Serial has captivated listeners around the world. But when the show’s fans started doing their own investigations on Reddit, it took the phenomenon into uncharted waters
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Ka-Hing Cheung

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Calories consumption breakdown over time
Daily diets vary considerably around the world.
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Ka-Hing Cheung

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I emailed Google to get an invite for Inbox, as instructed by the bottom of That's not entirely confidence inspiring. #google #fail #gmail
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Yes, I found it!  Thanks, +Ka-Hing Cheung!
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Ka-Hing Cheung

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Still unpacking. Who's going to Asia soon? 
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I just came back, currently no plan to go back to Asia yet
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Ka-Hing Cheung

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(Mostly) blue sky after the storm
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Ka-Hing Cheung

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For people who care about this subject, there are a few book references in the article (will have to check those out later).

"Even the most wildly successful projects decrease maternal mortality by a few percent here, add an extra year or two of life expectancy there. This isn’t a criticism of the projects themselves. This is how social policy works, in baby steps and trial-and-error and tweaks, not in game changers. Leave the leaps and bounds to computing power. If a 49-cent deworming treatment really does produce a $30 increase in wages for some of the poorest people on Earth, we are assholes for not spending it... maybe when the next great idea comes along, we should all dream a little smaller."
Big ideas are destroying international development.
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Ka-Hing Cheung

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Been looking at election material all morning, still undecided about prop A and C, and unsure about prop 45. Thoughts?

Some other observations from reading the official election materials:
* why are the property tax measures explained in terms of cents/$100 of property value? It's hard to relate to those numbers and properties aren't being sold by Benjamin's anymore
* why do the paid arguments contain factual conflicts with the official summaries?
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Ka-Hing Cheung

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Make sure you have registered to vote!
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Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Ordered lamp soup and chicken patiyala with butter naan. Everything was really good
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
One of the best pizza places. Nice decor and friendly owner
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
I've been wanting to get a sofa and coffee table and wasn't satisfied with the local options (I live in SF). I read really bad reviews about Ashley furniture here and on yelp, so I was really skeptical. But I figured that since they are still in business, then it must mean they at least have some happy customers, right? So I took the chance and went there to take a look. I asked about other discounts and the sales told me that there's a special 25% off Chinese New Year discount (I am Chinese) but I needed the coupon from a Chinese newspaper. I called my brother to look for me and waited there, eventually another staff came by and told me he could give me the discount anyway. That was 2/21, and my furniture arrived on 3/10 which was not bad at all. I don't usually review things but all these negative reviews didn't reflect my experience with them.
• • •
Public - 6 years ago
reviewed 6 years ago
6 reviews
Starter murgh bhatti (some kind of spicy chicken skewer) was really really good. Main Morton rogan josh (some spicy lamb cube curry) was meh. Roti was chewy and bleh. Service was great but staff's English could be better.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
They happened to have a special tasting menu when we went there, but the waiters kept forgetting which items haven't been served yet. Food was decent but not overwhelming. Place is too small, especially with people standing near the bar.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Poor - Fair
Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago