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The comments section is full of white tears, poor reading comprehension, and racism apologists. Get your popcorn!
K. Tempest Bradford is the main writer behind the Angry Black Woman blog, and also the author of that great list of stock science fiction TV plots we linked to a few years ago.
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There's got to be a Bingo card for the comments on these sort of posts. "Someone asked why you're analyzing the movie so seriously? I win!"
"Call FEMA, there is a flood of white tears!"
My favorite was the commenter who decided to 'splain to you the real causes of the civil war. And they totally know what you meant is different from what you actually wrote because they read it in your 'tone.' Man, that's some pretty awesome psychic reading power right there. I bet the intelligence community would love to hire them.
Ugh, now I am even less interested in seeing it. 
Now, if they had HH Garnet, H Tubman, S Truth, F Douglass, and M Delany team up as a band of supernatural monster-fighting superheros, with W Garrison and H Beecher Stowe as sort of laughingstock tagalongs... I would watch the shit out of that. 
Someone else mentioned that Harriet Tubman: Vampire Hunter would have been kick ass. I'd be down for that.
My mind was running with this plot bunny, and then I realized I was basically rewriting the ending of Dred to make it kickass instead of pathetic. 
Doing this right will take some pondering.

omg brain, what are you on?
yeah, we can't play BINGO in io9 comments, everyone would win and there would be no more prizes!
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