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KT Nelson
i'm never serious but seriously i'm dead
i'm never serious but seriously i'm dead

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Me watching The Giver: I didn't even realize Taylor Swift was a threat here 

How the frick is it Saturday

Me: maybe it's early and I can stay sleeping
Checks time: 11:30
Me: welp

everyone after break is over: how was your break?
me: great; i got married and i miss my husband but the sad thing is he doesn't even realize i'm gone right now. when i return to him it will have been months for me but just yesterday for him. I could wait a hundred years and it would still be just yesterday for him. It makes you really think, doesn't it?
everyone: what...........are you talking about..??

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deadass hella good 4 me no one will be hacking this google page

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someone on tumblr: #this is me and Ⓒ Ⓞ Ⓓ Ⓨ #i love you #c
me: wtf i gotta get out of here

just went on someone's blog and they had a "c" tag which was for their boyfriend with the same name as my #c and so i had to leave to make this post because i can't handle this

what kind of a night am i having where one of my thousand tabs open is the Kyle XY Wiki page

RIP Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, a role he's been playing for literally as long as I can remember
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