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The Half-Ounce Artificial Heart That Saved a Baby's Life

"Italian doctors successfully implanted the world's smallest artificial heart into a 16-month-old boy, keeping him alive for 13 days with a titanium pump until a heart transplant donor was found.At 0.4 ounces, the astoundingly small piece of equipment weighed about 80 times less than a standard artificial heart for an adult human, Reuters reported."
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Is there no problem the private sector can't solve?!?
Is there no problem the government can't create?!?

(Okay, totally unrelated to the post.. which is super cool, by the way... but it was an opportunity I couldn't resist to be a smartass)
the private sector as of yet has not been able to curtail the spread of illogical thinking. The first trillion dollar industry?
+John Foley Hasn't it? The private sector seems to be the premier place for education in logic. President Obama himself doesn't entrust his own daughters to public educators.
Some perspective, please... Let's just celebrate the fact that technology( sponsored via public or private) helped save the life of a 16-month old child.
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