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Long Commute? Your Heart and Waistline May Suffer for It

"According to a new study in three car-centric Texan cities, the longer your daily commute, the more likely you are to have high blood pressure, an oversized waistline, and other health problems that increase your risk for chronic diseases."

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Li Chow
not only texas, Los Angeles fwys as well. very stressful if driving the peak hours between 3-7 pm.
+Brian Smith You are totally right! I've spent most of my life biking and walking around, and ever since my wife bought a car, I've put on at least 20 lbs. It is a huge difference between biking or walking to a restaurant, having a meal, and then biking or walking home, and just sitting in a car, eating, then just sitting in a car again. I've had to go to all sorts of lengths to get more exercise in my routine, and I'm still putting on weight.
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