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San Franfrazzled: Once-in-a-lifetime picture of lightning striking iconic bridge

"They say that lightning never strikes twice, but this amazing photo proves otherwise.

An incredible eight bolts struck the Bay Bridge in San Francisco last night which was captured in this incredible shot by photographer +Phil McGrew who took the photo through the rain-soaked window of his apartment."

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my hair is starting to frizz up.
There was some pretty amazing lightning in the entire bay area last night. I watched the storm from my home in Santa Clara.
Cool, hope there wasn't anyone on the brigde.
Wow! Tremendous shot. A once in a life time picture.
amazing shot, unbelivable
that lookes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome
I'm more taken by the picture rather than the danger of the lightning
"lightning doesn't strike twice" is just a silly saying, every bolt strikes multiple times.
Awesome storms. Thor just slammed down the hammer.
we never get anything like that over here in boring Britain
Oh my goodness, that is cool!
So no one's noticed that it's 9 bolts not 8? Am I the only one with OCD around? :(
As +nathan higgins said, it is not a unique event. The highest point providing that path of least resistance (picture water running uphill) is what lightning will find. The upstroke occurs first, then the downstroke we think of as lightning returns with all the light and fun and sound.

I do think it is a pretty neat pic, however.
Poor guy. What a lousy view from an apartment.
this is incredible .... fantastic !!!
Except the bridge is more than one place.... So while it is not true that lightning never strikes the same place twice, this doesn't disprove that.
Electric avenue, and then we'll take it higher
People who say that about lightning have never been through a Tennessee spring.
Lived in Middle Tn. and saw my share :O
The bridge makes a great lightning rod!
time lapse...look at the head lights and tail lights streaks on the bridge.
i think it's really kewl!!
great picture this is a definite masterpiece
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome.
I could feel the thunder shake my house last night, and my house is a freaking 50 miles away from the coast!
Nice shot. My take is it's a long exposure taken on a tripod, indicated by the strip of light on the upper level of the bridge, and given the number of strikes, possibly multiple long exposures overlayed to form a single image. So yes, there were people on the bridge ;-)

Not just an impressive shot but impressive photography also.
hmm is this real or pc enhanced , it looks kinda fake to me but any way the concept is very nice
wow, magnificent. That's what I call being in the right place at the right time :)
nature, you scare the poop outa me sometimes..
they say in never strikes twice but it strikes 10 times in this picture
Sweat. I love lighting storms. Mother nature at her best.
Paul r
Brilliant picture is this real?
wowww its cool
i like it
million dollar picture... \m/
Incredible shoot!!!!!!
Wow glad to have not been on that bridge when that happened. Stunning capture of lightening
Numan K
epic shot, it would be good in a end of the world movie
If I lived in San Francisco I'd get to confession soon... seriously.
y is this pic on my profile is it to me or who?
The thunderstorm was crazy last night! Lightning hit the big metal cranes that load and unload the ships at the port of Oakland too. They had pics of that on the morning news.
What camera did you take this with because the detail is crazy.
The Power Of GOD!!!! Thats sooooo freeaakining AWSOME!!!! :)
Mother nature, you are scary and beautiful all in one
I once walked all the way across Golden Gate Bridge. (Lightning scares me!)
AHhhh everyone... You can get back in your cars now, It was just Thor flying by! Teehehe
SOO COOL!!!!! Sorry! I just HAD to... that is really cool!
Amazing photo! What are the odds of someone being at the right place, at the right angle, & with a camera ready! He must see a lot of storms from his window!
thats so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! But i do agree with you Gaurav.
high speed lens! Multiple shots at once.. this guy clearly has a phenomanal camera.. impressive shot!
Probably with multi-shot or rapid shot. And I think I count Nine Bolts.
Raiden has left the building.
that would be scary 2 be there but it would be awsome 2 watch that!
Truly amazing picture indeed.
Wow that is soooo pretty and interesting!! Nice picture!!!!
So this is how Cole Mcgrath REALLY got his electric powers.
I can assure you that everyone on that bridge that was constipated came out very happy...and perhaps with a new fragrance as well.
Jo Mead
wow. that is so beautiful! nature is so amazing!!!
Imagine driving on that bridge at that very moment.........!
i wound not want to be on the bridge at that time
Tori J.
That's so cool :D
Hope your tripod was taller than you ;-)
wow it is a good thing thing that i was not on that bridge
Oh never mind.. just read the description.. through a window :)
I luv dis pix, dats sooooo awesum......................
this is really cool picture, very symbolic personally for me also
This happen just about 12 mile from my home, I have seen and heard of it while it was happening!
never strikes twice in the SAME SPOT
I live in Tampa so lightning pictures are common. Love this one!
thats amazing dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats freakin awesome nvr seen that before
fancy shootin, mister....
Is it just me or does the lightening look like a womans lower half, with a thong on! LOL!
... Okay, i'm no lightning freak, but that is pretty cool.
dis pic is from where
it,s another world
+George Chambers I live in Brabenton about 20 minutes away from Tampa, I love going to the Skyway bridge and watching the lightning storms, it gets pretty intence sometimes thought!
It would be scary to be on that bridge when the lightning hit!
Seriously cool. Looks like something out of a disaster movie.
wait a sec, i saw that photo on creativelive just hours ago, and it was on John Greengo workshop, wtf am i wrong on this or this dude is stolen this photo?
Thank goodness for Benjamin Franklin.
I'd hate to be walking on the bridge!
Have to live in awe of mother nature...
that is dinamic and i like the window with rain on it too!
Beautiful! I love it. Nature can always disprove our theories! :)
My oh my, its a wonder the street lights didn't fail
Such a wicked looking picture. I love lighting storms:)
wow, awe-inspiring!
Awesome snapshot!
Its the lightening....
\ \
\ \
\ \
I got chills..There multiplying It's electrifying!!
i'm so sorry i presed the red button, i didn't know what happens.
It is more than awesome, amazing
Whoa!! That is quiet Electrofying or is it Frying.Always,Lori H-Smith 13th.April 2012
Atleast nw u knw wt a red bttn mean or is 4
Such a fabulous photo. Really shows the power of nature. Thanks so much for sharing.
uh, doesn't seem like a good place to be standing with a metal object in your hand. Amazing tho.
You don't see that everyday, amazing photo
If you read the post, this was not a simultaneous lightning shot. It was a long exposure of 20 seconds.
This picture is fantastic. At the right place and the right time. Hopefully under cover and safe when this strike hit.
nice ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I dont get how you can be sitting by your window and see this, then grab your camera and take the pic in the the time lighting strikes?
Am I the only one that doesnt believe this all happened at once? its called time-lapse photgraphy...where you leave the shutter open for several minutes and capture the image. I may be wrong, but if it were an instant think you would see individual headlights from the cars, not a solid yellow blur? dunno, could be totally wrong
Some other place I saw this photo said it was a 20 second exposure, but didn't say what timeframe within that all the lightning happened.
This is so hard to capture. I love Mother Nature, she is like me on so many levels! In Michigan we have some really rocken lightening shows, and have had them pass thru the archways in my house. Beautiful 
Oh and yes it scared the life out of me,until my Father and Mother, taught me to love Science. 
I like to think of Mother Nature and Science as a ying/yang. They are always trying to out-do each other. 
Obviously, a neat time exposure as the top right is very over-saturated as is most of the sky. Using a gray card to block the cloud to cloud lightning can keep that from happening and give decent cloud details though you might miss a couple of those strikes to the bridge.  Very nice, none the less.
That is a bad lightning storm I love it
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