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  • Philosopher, Engineering, Science, How to Think, Be Happy - Affordable Trapping, professor (amateur), computer guy, online since 1988 (a kid!)
    239-465-9291 Affordable Trapping, Naples FL, webmaster of, Rats, Raccoons, Bees), amateur scientist, microsoft excel guru, 2003 - present
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Shared publicly  - 
It's ok to be mediocre.  In fact, most of us are mediocre at the things we do. 

It's a bitter bit of medicine to swallow sometimes; critics love to shove them down your throat of course - and a single critic can make you question your talents for years and years.  They can even cause you to give up your talent all together, which makes the world less colorful and die just a little.

Yet, critics are less than mediocre.  They're not even doing anything close to what you're doing.  Even as critics, a critic calling your hard work and talent "mediocre" is... a mediocre criticism!

So, you have your answer.  If someone calls your work or talent mediocre, stop and look.  Are they doing what you do?  Do they have a right to criticize you - or are they just full of opinions with no weight?

If you feel the emotional sting of being called mediocre for your hard work, let the feeling pass by reminding yourself that the number 2 fastest runner in the world feels mediocre because they aren't number 1.  The 2nd richest person in the world feels downright poor compared to the number 1 richest guy.

And the person in the #1 spot scrambles to stay there and can never relax.

Which spot is the critic?

The critic doesn't even have a number.  They're merely criticizing, not performing.  A critic's opinion does not count because they're not even on the list.  They don't matter.

But you do.  Keep performing, whatever you are talented at and enjoy doing.  Forget the numbers.  Brilliant Newton gets neglected over Einstein, even though Newton was in the #1 spot for CENTURIES.  Forget having a ranking.  The fact is: YOU'RE DOING IT and your critics are merely criticizing.  They are in no position to give you an emotional sting and it is ok to reject their opinion entirely, crumble it up and throw it away and keep striving.  Anybody who expresses their talents is #1 to me.  If nothing else, I'll be your #1 fan and always give you First Place.  There is no #2.

Hang on to your fans.  Even if you have a single fan, they're exactly who you need to turn to when you begin to doubt your talents.  For as bad as you think you may be, there's always somebody you might not even notice who is looking up to you and saying, "*WOW, I WISH I COULD DO WHAT THEY DO."

The fans are the ones that matter. 

The critics?  What if you're angry and can't let it go?  Well, remember, haters gonna hate.  Go tell them they're mediocre critics and should improve their criticizing because they're not very good at it if that's the best they can throw at you :)  Then go back to what you were doing.  That's FAR more interesting!
KENNETH UDUT's profile photo
Another responder write:
"Things is, there are disciplines where criticism has become vapid and stupid. Take literature for example. You look at every cover and it seems like every author who writes a book is amazing in someway. Even looking online, there's too much book criticism that praises.

Also, criticism is necessary. Many great minds in literature were critics who pretty much disliked everything being written. Edgar Allan Poe and Nabokov thought everyone sucked. Having no critical eye and accepting everything makes you at the whim of your environment instead of being an individual.

And also, criticism is not subjective. The best critics know how to be objective, like T.S. Eliot and Roger Ebert.

Who cares about your feelings man, seriously. Criticism isn't about your petty feelings. Criticism is about art. If you can't take it just quit. My work was being criticized by every single person in my creative writing classes and I'm getting published and they're not.

Criticism is necessary. I agree that most criticism sucks. And criticism from random people who don't know what they're talking about is totally worthless. But maybe you should listen to people calling you mediocre. You could learn something. Everyone is mediocre at some point."

My response:
Oh, I've only been called mediocre 3 times in my life, all by people who didn't deserve to do so.

I believe there is such a thing as Good Criticism - that is specific and meaningful. But that's rare. I love good criticism and when I find a good critic, I pump them for as much specific criticism as they can give me because THEY are people I learn from.

To me, they're not my critics - they're my teachers, wherever I find them, whoever they are. That's the difference.

Plus, your feelings aren't petty. They're also a part of you and need proper management.
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Shared publicly  - 
Implantable phones?  Sure.  Why not?  Tattoo is a display matrix.  Unit is powered by glucose and oxygen in the bloodstream.

Likely to happen?  Nope.  Just one of those #cyborg or human 2.0 concepts that floats around now and again.
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Sorry for the "look back" stuff.  It's new to me.  I'll get "back to the future" soon :P
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You know those #creepy #kids ?  Were you one?  If not, did you ever wonder what became of them?  Yeah. that's me.  Halloween costume, age 6.
<------- over there was my sister, 1.5 yrs older, who I was leaning away from :P
I was Sherlock Holmes, ready to solve a case, deep in thought, staring off into space.

Two years later, I discovered #DoctorWho but until then, I was the #smart #kid who was gonna solve every #mystery .... sigh we really don't change much in life. :P

PS - this was New Jersey.  Sun?  Tan?  What sun?  What tan?  Pale skin was the norm. 

So yeah.  Weird little kid and proud of it.
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Number 1 song that year: Power of Love - as heard in Back to the Future  - ironically. :P  ('cause, you know, it's the future and... yeah ok)

I had a few minutes and decided to play "Ted Turner" (the guy tried to colorize every black + white movie ever made - succeeded pretty well... after a few disasterous misses)  and colorize it, using whatever I felt like. I know that Adidas shirt was red. I think it was gray pants but I dunno.The rest? Just guesses and a bit of fun. Why not?

Somehow I don't think the kid behind me had purple pants.. but maybe he did!  He'll just have to complain if he sees this, which he probably won't. I probably could've painted my hometown neon green and black.. that would've been a little more awesome looking... but it was my first time colorizing and I honestly just wanted to show off my red classic adidis shirt. Loved that shirt.  
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Once upon a time, there was a question of whether or not we would choose Unicorn or Pegasus.  I chose Unicorn, and gave an illustration to explain myself.  Alas for the poor Unicorn, the Pegasus has been gaining tremendous popularity in the polls.

So, I had to confess.  I have a reason why I cannot choose the Pegasus, as much as I would like to.  We... have a history.
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There isn't a Pegasus in the woods behind my house but there is a Unicorn. So, I also favor the Unicorn >*grin*<
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Soooo... just when you think you've seen it all.... comes this on my #Instagram  

Honestly, it scared me for an instant and then I laughed.  I mean... look at it... I look hideous :P hahah I'm a #Gumba  
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In the "It's creepy because it's true" department:
Try this: a) Take an old photo of your, when you were smaller.
b) Make the same pose now.
c) Overlay them with each other in a paint program. I suggest using a basic EMBOSS because it'll increase the visibility of the facial features.  Prepare to be a little creeped out because emboss makes you look like you came off of a relief in ancient greece or something.

Then stretch each of them until they fit.

And the strange thing is: They will.  Perfectly?  No. 

But so close then you will be quite shocked at how much of "Today You" was completely embedded in the "younger you".. just waiting for time to come out.

Between 6 years old and 43 years old, how much of my physical appearance changed?  Surprisingly little, considering.  Some parts got longer, some more pushed back, a bump on my nose showed up as a teenager.

But most of it?  Most of you?  Will probably not fundamentally change.

It's how people can say, "Oh, you haven't changed a bit!"  when clearly you have.

Part of it is their faulty memory and them NOT looking at your the way you are today, but remembering you as you were.

And yet... to those that remember you from years back, it is you.  You've changed and yet you really haven't changed much at all.

Such is the fasctinating paradox of life.
Alex Green's profile photoKENNETH UDUT's profile photo
+Alex Green  It's enough of a difference :D  

It was interesting to notice it though; I never knew it until I did it.  I've always been told (and believed) that "your body is always changing" and, yeah, of course it does.

But what surprised me when I did the picture thing... is I really didn't expect the faces to match up so good. I had one of those "woah" moments last night.  I live for little woah moments :P
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Shared publicly  - 
There.  Now you can see the future me (as I am now) hiding in my 6 year old picture. 

No, I'm not usually this self-absorbed.  I've just been neglecting "old me" for a long time and it's been time to make connections.
KENNETH UDUT's profile photo
note my nose was not that long.  The 'tip' thing you see is a shadow from the original picture.  Still though, it made me look older than 6, and the shadow under my chin looks somewhat like a beard... making "older me" visible.  I was pretty surprised when I was like, "Oh, there we go. Now I see me"
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Here it is finally - the 12 second #movie  event you've all been (not) waiting for: #KennethUdut  relationship with... relationships, going from Heaven to Hell, complete with #epic   #soundtrack   and why I'm always fighting for #good  - it's a worthy battle indeed!
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Shared publicly  - 
"Luwanda Jenkins" is a funny troll poster on Twitter.  Comes up with clever things to say that... because she's got a black face and a black name, white people like to go, SEE THIS IS WHY EDUCATION NEEDS TO BE.... BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH... and meanwhile the person behind Luwanda is laughing his/her butt off.

Anyway, this one is a gem :P
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Shared publicly  - 
Found this newspaper clipping yesterday.  I carried a cross for what seemed like miles for a CROP walk to help raise money for the hungry.

It was heavy but I was proud to carry and walk with it for what was probably a mile or so. [the walk was an all day thing if I remember right]
   It was a cool experience.  While I'm not specifically religious or not religious at this point in time in my life, the lesson carried through.  Physically experiencing "bearing the cross" was a great analogy that sometimes you gotta deal with problems that you didn't expect. [the cross was suddenly handed to me and I had to walk with it] - and I didn't complain.  I was proud to have the responsibility.
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