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#KennethUdut  at 10 years old.  Dem socks.  You know those movies where the losing team manages to win the championship at the end?  I loved those movies.

Well.. we were the #1 most losing team and never won a single game!  We were all good players, just no teamwork.

Anyway, we had an awesome coach.  We got a HUGE pizza party whether we won or lost.  And - we had fun playing.  The other teams stressed out.  We didn't.  We did our best, didn't cry when we lost.  It was pretty awesome.

And yeah, dem socks doe.  1982.  I was 10.  But you can see my winning smile right there... even though.. I was probably just avoiding the sunlight 'cause it was in my eyes.

I was even more nearsighted back then than I am now.  But I never wore glasses for soccer.  I still kicked the ball; still blocked, still did everything pretty well.  I mean, how can you miss a black and white spinning thing coming right at you?

Maybe... that's why we lost?  Naw.  Well maybe.  I didn't care.  

Thankfully, I'm almost through the old report cards + pictures.  I wanted to get them UP on the Internet 'cause, well, the Internet didn't exist for me and, at 10, I was dreaming of stuff like the Internet.  I just had to wait...and wait... and wait.

I'm still waiting; lots of future technologies that still haven't come out yet, and both 10 and 43 yr old Ken are getting impatient already.  But they will. 
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What kinda sucked is that soccer was "The Unpopular Sport" at the time.  Soccer was "Anti-American"  It was "European".  Well, they were wrong, so hah on the kids that laughed that I was in soccer.  I was just... well... early :P
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Never underestimate the power of a well-placed compliment.
I always had an interest in #programming But going through report cards, I found this gem.  Apparently, I was really fast at changing disks.  I think it's because I got bored quickly with one thing and moved on to something else.

Anyway, her compliments to 14 year old Kenny Udut regarding experience and confidence and excellent programmer apparently stuck with me all these years, as if she was silently rooting me on through every programming success.

Still though, #MrDiskDrive ?  No.  Just... no.  I don't accept that name.
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+rare avis  I don't know.  I do have an iPhone 5s, but not a macbook... and I know that Apple products are a little wonky with copy/paste.

Then again.. so are windows machines.  Many times I have to copy/paste into NOTEPAD and then into a text editing field on a browser, like FB or sometimes G+.

My best guess?  They have some kind of javascript thing that checks to see if you're actually typing, as they want to prevent copy/pasting from bots and things.

My suggestion: Try a different browser and see if you have the same issue.  The browser might be getting in the way.
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How of you is "you", and how much of you is made by other people?
A look at my first grade report card comments was an eye opener just now.  I haven't seen this in a very long time.

How much is "the real you" and how much is "the role you play"?  [in this case, perhaps trying to unconsciously impress a teacher from long ago]

This, I do not know.
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The obliteration of the species was accomplished in the following manner:

1) All communication was cut off, leaving the people alone with their thoughts.  The majority of the population killed themselves off, being unable to entertain themselves on their own.

2) Their voices were silenced by artificially creating an outbreak of laryngitis.

3) Their physical sensations were cut off soon afterwards.  This involved setting the temperature to a comfortable setting, which felt neither hot nor cold.  This also meant removing their vision and hearing using medication which affected the brain's receptors to these senses, deposited into the water supply.  The nerves were also deadened by a gas in the air supply, leaving them without the ability to physically feel anything.  This enhanced the aloneness, as they could no longer communicate with their external senses.

With these three simple steps, it was possible for the species to obliterate themselves, for the majority of people cannot live without the touch (through communication, physical, emotional or mental) of another.  Even more people cannot live without communicating with their limbs and their five senses.

Stuck alone in their own brains, with no relief from their internal sorrow, not knowing if they are touching anything, seeing anything, hearing anything, smelling anything or tasting anything, the strain is unbearable.

This was easy for, as we have learned, the human race, with only a small percentage of exceptions, has never learned the art of internal dialogue.

The Art of Internal Dialogue

What is the art of internal dialogue?  Monks for thousands of years have been working on this dilemma, as have psychologists for only the past few decades.  There are some answers to this question, some practical solutions to the problem of a troubled internal dialogue, but they are mostly buried in old religious texts designed for the monastics of a particular religion. (for some of the techniques will render a person crazy if not followed properly, with proper instruction).
[random story written on a battery powered electronic typewriter I brought with me to the library, Sept 30, 2002 at 1:52pm]

+Phil Sierra Jones you might especially appreciate this gem I found in my box of random writings :P
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+Phil Sierra Jones Dystopia! that's the word - thank you :)
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Love me, live me, I am your goddess.  Watch me dance circles in the air, and fart orange blossoms.  I am your queen!  I control it all!
Don't leave!
High school loser, you fill an important role for us.  You are our scape goat, even teachers laugh at you.  Hey!  Wait!  Put that gun awa.....
Lost in time, and lost in space, we struggled against the human race.  Our place, never found, we're gone for good.  Just drifting about in a spaceship of wood.  Nice knowing you, earth - we've gone away.
One day, Charlotte found herself in a sticky predicament.  She didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  But, as it turned out, the situation was even more serious than tears could wash away.
Under the mountains and under the ocean, lay my friend Johnny.  He didn't know what hit him, but we all knew he had it coming.  It's too bad about Johnny.   He had a good heart, but did stupid things.  I hope he puts a good word in for me.
Soldier, soldier, walking alone.  Soldier, hero, a poet of bone.  Your momma wouldn't be proud, soldier, and your girlie left town.  Good day, soldier.

[oct 10 2002. I made a page with a series of boxes, forcing me to write creatively in two or three sentences.  Took four more years for Twitter to come out but really, I was imitating ancient chat rooms, although I thought I was the first guy to come up with the idea at the time]
and don't get mad about the soldier one.  I was imagining a story where a soldier had done a horrible thing and was feeling dreadful about it - and rightly so, because what he did, was very nearly unforgivable.  I wasn't talking about all soldiers there :)
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#hi  I dragged this mysterious typing device out just to say that. :) 
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^^ old pc
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The Fantasy World of the Workplace
[I had to write an 'opinion piece' for a college English class while I was also working in an office.  Replace work with school and I think everything applies equally to school.  A-]
Work life in corporate America is structured very oddly, I think.  There's very little reality in the structure, that's for certain.  It's a fantasy world - very Walt Disney-like, where people never get sick, never have to lie down, never practice any religion, never have anger or sadness.  In corporate America, everything is all smiles, nobody smokes or drinks, or has physical problems, or has any sort of ugliness at all.

In my workplace, there is a policy.  The policy is: You don't get sick.  There are no "sick days" where I work!  You get vacation days, and a nice bunch of paid national holidays - and I can't complain about that - but there are no sick days!  If you are sick, you come into work.  If you don't, and you stay home sick, it is considered "an incident".  Three "incidents" and you get a verbal warning: It's absurd!  If you're sick - you should stay home!

Weather is a strange thing about working in corporate America.  There is no weather.  it does not exist.  If it rains outside, or snows, or is terribly hot or cold, or just generally unpleasant - you go to work.  If it is a beautiful day - a day where you could enjoy nature and the outdoors - you go to work.  it's all very odd to me.  We don't run the weather, the weather runs us.  But if you work in the business world, the weather is not a factor in your life.  Stay dry, stay warm, and come into work.

There's no place for religion in work.  One mustn't display too much in the way of religious iconography - yet, what if you wis to pray several times a day?  What if lighting a candle is part of your religious practice, or helps you focus?  Well, in the business world, religion does not exist.  There is no  accommodation  or it, not much in the way of acknowledgement, and we pretty much accept this as normal!  Yet, any half-decent religion is supposed to permeate your life.  Still, it must stay out of work.

Mustn't lie down at work either.  Where can you lie down?  You can sit -- oooooh --- you can sit!  Sit, sit, sit - it's a pretty well accepted thing to do at work.  You can stand too, from time to time.  But lie down?  The prone position does not exist in the business world.  Yet, it's perfectly human to need to lie down from time to time.  Odd, this is, to me.

I have a few solutions, if you'll hear me out.  A cot room would help with the lying down problem.  Mexico had its siestas, why not here in the USA?  How can anybody be productive when the only way to rest their eyes is at their desk, hunched over a keyboard, pretending to work while actually resting eyes?  It just doesn't seem natural to me.

Of course, the word "business" has built-in to it part of the reason why these things don't generally happen.  "Busy" + "ness" = "Business".  I don't know who coined the term, but it definitely fits.  Millions of people, every day,, who are at jobs they don't care to be in, find themselves, "looking busy" hour after hour.  It's a strange way to lead one's life, in my opinion, but I guess it keeps the cos well-oiled and turning, since the appearance of work gets the managers to feel better about how the business is going, and perhaps this positive energy helps the company out in some way.  Still, it's only speculation on my part.

Religion exists among humans.  It's pretty common and takes many forms, yet it can't be practices in the workplace.  Solution?  A generic prayer room at work, where you bring the religion in with you when you come to pray, and take it out with you when you leave.  If a business wants a little extra cash, they could sell candles and incense at the Company Store,  The prayer times could be worked out with a person's manager beforehand, in exchange perhaps for regular break times.  Pretending religion doesn't eist among humans is pretty unnatural to me as well.

Now, with regards to a "cot room" or a "religion room", I'm referring to things people could do during their break periods or lunch time.  for example, I've been considering learning Tai Chi, and would like to see if I could work something out that we could have Tai Chi sessions at work.  It would happen before work, or during standard break times, if I could manage to get this going.

The weather and the sickness issue, for me, really comes down to having the ability to stay at homme on days when the weather, or your immune system tells you.  "Stay home" = You are penalized for being sick, or on the weather being "uncooperative".  Technology today is such that many jobs can be be performed at home, with no need to be in a special building for performing those tasks.  Luckily, telecommuting is gaining ground more and more; and perhaps, one day, it will be available to everybody.

Still, why don't people work closer to home?  What good is a community if the community isn't there to MAKE it a community?  Just doesn't make any sense to me!  Work where you live, and most of these problems go away!  Still, no pre-planned Utopia has been successful yet, so I suspect mine wouldn't be either :)

Kenneth Udut Dec-6-2000 - feel free to use this if you want.  I'm cool w/it.  Once you change the words, it becomes yours anyway, right? :P
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Tl;Dr, will look at later though.
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Worst and best song ever... omg.  Best line is, "I can take photos on my polyphonic telephone".  But I accept that yes, I know when non-computer ppl look at me, that this is what they see.  And, I'm somewhat ok with that.  Somewhat :P
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#HOWTO #translate your #reportcard comments / work evaluations.  Both views are 100% correct.  I was like that then and I'm like that now.  One is saying it in a positive way and my translation is saying it in a negative way.  Same traits, different translations. :)   Even then, she didn't fool me - I knew what she really wanted to say.  But she taught me that it's possible to be #critical in a #positive way, which was very helpful.
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Kenneth Udut's Fourth Grade Report Card Comments.
Quite #intelligent
Am I really disorganized?  Or have these comments echoed their way through my life and became a part of who I think I am?

This one may be an easier puzzle to solve.
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An idea whose time has come.  They should keep it.  Maybe it'll start a trend of kids putting candy down the street and daring other kids to eat them, dodging cars, ghosts and other obstacles :P

I turned the entire Greyhound bus route for the USA and Canada into a Map for a Zork-style text adventure I never finished.  I completed the map though.

So gamifying a real map is... well, oddly logical... when you've been brought up with video games :P

Thanks again +Erik Boesen for showing up in my G+ feed with interesting stuff :P
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Life is a barrier to death.

[Kenneth Udut, Oct 11, 2002.  The line before this was, "Living beings host many corpses" and before that "Constructive obstruction".  I guess I was playing with short phrases combining apparent opposites that day, but the one up top is my favorite of the three]
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