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"Counselor" Cohan on Law & Procedure
Author William D. Cohan carried his “something happened”
media tour to two additional programs, appearing Sunday
on the Jim Campbell show and Monday on WYNC, where
he was interviewed by Leonard Lopate (a politically correct type who rarely
defends prosecuto...

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The Group of 88 & Wikipedia
Some interesting comments in a Wikipedia discussion thread regarding efforts to remove mention of their membership in the Group from Wikipedia bios of Group of 88 members. The evidence regarding Cathy Davidson, author of the infamous N&O   apologia for the ...

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Howard Update
Anne Blythe reports in the N&O that Judge Hudson has said he wants to grant bail to Darryl Howard, whose prosecution, writes Blythe, the judge described “as one of the most 'horrendous' prosecutions he had seen in his 34 years on the bench.” The prosecutor ...

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Gottlieb News
WRAL's Julia Sims is reporting that former Sgt. Mark Gottlieb died on Saturday , apparently of suicide. He had, according to WRAL, been living in DeKalb County, Georgia, where he had worked as a paramedic after leaving the Durham Police.

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Credibility & Commentary
I have a piece
over at Minding the Campus on the issue of accountability, this time in the
commentariat regarding the current war on campus sexual assault. One of the people I looked at was retired Penn anthropology
professor (specialist in Women's Studies,...

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More on McLeod
Last year, James Taranto published
a sensational piece on a kangaroo court at Auburn; I praised
it at Minding the Campus . Taranto’s effectiveness came in his ability to
bring observers inside a badly flawed sexual assault process. The Liestoppers board has...

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Judges Overturns Howard Verdict, Citing Nifong's "False and Misleading" Statements
Radley Balko reports that Durham judge Orlando Hudson has
overturned the conviction of Darryl Howard, citing police and prosecutorial
misconduct. (The prosecutor in the case was then-ADA Mike Nifong.) Howard will
now receive a new trial. Given the paucity o...

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Lacrosse, Litigation, & Editorial Strategy
Earlier today, the Duke lacrosse team narrowly defeated
Notre in the national championship game. In the run-up to the event, CBS
Sports had an article on Casey Carroll, a member of the 2006 team whose
life has taken an extraordinary turn since then. Carroll...

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Rabinowitz Eviscerates Author Cohan
In the Monday edition of the Wall Street Journal , Pulitzer Prize-winning author Dorothy Rabinowitz has thoroughly taken apart the arguments of author William D. Cohan , as expressed in both Cohan's book and his myriad interviews. In addition to winning the...

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Nifong Ironies in Settlement
Two Nifong-related ironies in the civil suit settlement: First, the H-S reports the following: Seligmann attorney Richard Emery “said the former prosecutor had agreed to make a $1,000 contribution to the Innocence Inquiry Commission and reaffirm 'his statem...
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