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I will plant a fruit tree for every share this posts gets. The trees will be planted worldwide through the organization Trees for the Future ( Please help me plant these trees for our future.


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+Joe Brennan
This makes me sad as I wish more people used Google+; agree 100% with this quote: "Google hasn't communicated what the value of Google+ is."

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When will +The American Occupational Therapy Association start using their Google+ page as much as their Facebook page?

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Opinion poll: is the spam getting out of hand for anyone else here?

I'm sad. I miss my G+ from a couple of months ago, when we had little followings and a higher level of authenticity. Don't get me wrong, I love talking with you people. (Not the spammy ones... you people, you know, the ones who are actually going to say something not senseless under this post.)

I don't know if this is going to ruin Google+, or if there is any way to fix it. I block, and I block, and I block, and they keep coming back. I's like a bad zombie movie where I just can't kill the beast.

Is is Google+ or is it me? I want my mommy!!!!

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Spammers, stay away!

You will be ruthlessly dealt with, I have no mercy.
Here is what I do:

I first reply to the spammer for warning (You are a spammer etc), open up his profile in another tab, flag or delete the comment and then report & block in the other tab.

If you do it the other way round, you cannot see the spammers comment any more but everyone else can. (Same with trolls.)

I leave my reply comment in the post's thread so others can block the bot / bastard too.

How to deal with URL spammers:

On encountering a spammer with a website link:
I do a Google+ search (try both latest and best of) with the website's URL and find the fake profiles & the posts they have spammed.

Flagging any spam comments helps a lot.

No need always to go to each profile page if the spammer has also posted the links:

It's quicker for you if you do the search and use the grey arrow drop down on the posts's right side, there is the "block" option, after blocking you can also "Report" the post as spam.

If you want to show a link in a discussion thread, and it's relevant to the post / discussion, please tell us so in an explanation.

Sama suomeksi (same post in Finnish)

(War on Spam pic
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