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Krav, KAPAP, Israeli, cqb,combatives, maga, tactical, protection, security
Krav, KAPAP, Israeli, cqb,combatives, maga, tactical, protection, security


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Its hard to argue with crime statistics. While Numbers don't usually tell the human story behind them, they are still showing a hard reality of facts that are hard to ignore, or more importantly denied. 

Crime can happen and strike everyoneeverywhere at any given time, and the only way to deal with it is to be aware of what you can do in the event it happens to you. 

How would you defend a threat from a handgun? 
Be ONE of the 2% who not only survives an attack but PREVAILS!

Don't miss this very important workshop coming February 21st, 2015.
We will teach you the right way to handle things in the most dangerous of situations you might face. Register today and avoid disapointment as places are limited!
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KAPAP ACADEMY LLC., is proud to host the First Warrior camp to feature a unique combination of technical, tactical, mental and physical action packed special training opportunity and warrior challenges that will push you out of the comfort zone with the aim to learn and experience firsthand various aspects of personal defense.

The camp is held in a prime location that offers great outdoors amenities and activities that guarantees that all your needs are met. Combined with a state of the art five star shooting range and training facility we arranged everything for your convenience, so all you need to do is to pack the basics and sign in.   

Our Warrior Camp package includes:

* Transportation:  From  Airport to venue and back, and from venue to Shooting range and back.
* Training: Access to all warrior camp classes (Combatives, weapons, conditioning)
* Lodging: Based on cabin with three occupants
* Food:  (3)three meals a day + snacks
* Shooting range:  One Firearm and box of ammo per person.
* T-shirt
* Certificate


Albert Timen -  Founder and president of KAPAP ACADEMY LLC.  is a former Member of the Israeli Special forces with more than 20 years of hands-on operational, and training experience as an IDF undercover operator,  Firearms and Operational Fitness Instructor at the Israeli Police SWAT school. Albert is the recipient of the chief of staff highest award for successfully arresting a "live" suicide bomber in progress strapped with explosives and ready to execute the bombing.

Wayne Monico -  A recently retired Fort Lee Sergeant with 25 years of service with Patrol, K9 handler, graduate of the Drug Enforcement Administration Commander Academy,  and as the ESU (SWAT) team leader. Wayne Also served with the US ARMY Reserves Military Police 812th MP company.  Wayne is certified handgun, shotgun, sub-machinegun, defensive tactics and Physical training.

Jon Kleineman - A senior Instructor with KAPAP ACADEMY. Jon brings a wealth of experience from lifetime dedication of learning and teaching various Martial Arts and disciplines as Boxing, Sambo, Filipino Martial Arts, Blauer PDR system, and as a certified fitness trainer with the ISSA. Jon holds high belt rankings in Hapkido as well as Judo and BJJ. He successfully competed in cage competitions and won in numerous fights. Today he is dedicated to teaching combatives, Martial Arts and self defense as a professional Instructor and runs a full time Academy.


Panther lake camping resort features a 45 acre lake on 160 scenic acres just 50 miles from NYC. This perfect location was carefully chosen to combine both training and outdoor activities and experience.  Additional free on-site activities includes: Swimming pool, hot tub, Lake swimming, Pool and ping pong tables and much more. 


Located just 13 miles from our venue in Randolph, New Jersey the RTSP is a five star (Rated by National Shooting Sports Foundation) Firearms training facility. The range is fully geared towards our training needs, and offers a selection of Tactical and recreational shooting activities on site.  


Day 1:   

Warrior-fit workout, Calisthenics, Battling rope, Kettle bells, Sleds and more.
Combatives - Dominant positions, pummeling drills, Controls, Escapes, Sweeps, Striking patterns, Takedowns.
Weapons - Blunt weapons (batons, bats, sticks) Defenses. Edged weapons Defenses and controls, Tactical drills.

Warrior-fit challenge - A prize based competition.
Ground Combatives - Ground movement, Ground dominant positions, Ground escapes and Sweeps, Rolling with Submissions.
Weapons - Israeli Tactical handgun operation (ICPS) drills and tactics.
Shooting Range - Live fire shooting warrior training.


August 2nd - Saturday 7:oo am to August 3rd, Sunday 10:oopm.
Plan to arrive and check in at Friday evening until 6PM and depart on Monday morning. Accommodation and transportation is included for three days two nights. If flying from out of state please make arrangements to arrive at Newark Liberty Airport in Newark, NJ.  

* We will pick last passenger at 6PM to the camp, and will drive passengers back to Airport on Monday (all at same time).


Training clothes, Shorts, T-shirts (we will sweat a lot!), pair of long sleeve shirts (optional) , hat, closed athletic shoes (sneakers), BDU type pants, sturdy belt, sunglasses, sun-block or sunscreen, toiletries (shampoo+soap), Towels, Bed sheet cover, pillowcase, light blanket(sheet type), Camera (optional), sunglasses, Antibacterial wipes, Insect repellant , (Snacks )optional.

Participation in the Warrior Camp is only guaranteed if you RSVP your spot and pre-pay a deposit or all sum.  

Full detailed WARRIOR CAMP PDF file

Registration Form

For any questions contact us at
Tel: 201.310.6707  Fax: 201.343.7231 
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