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Technology can help visually challenged - Deeply satisfied to discuss Internet of Things that can help common people.

IoT is a concept that offers endless possibilities, from helping effectively manage traffic systems in cities to household chores through connected devices.
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Internet of Things -IoT promises Huge RFID Growth - Zaveri, an IT Consultant is discussing RFID applications.

The Internet of Things requires a few necessary components to enable communication between devices and objects. Things need to be augmented with an Auto-ID technology, typically an RFID tag, so that the object is uniquely identifiable.

Also, an RFID tag allows the object to wirelessly communicate certain types of information, which leads us to another requirement – the ability to monitor data.

#IoT #internetofthings #RFID
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IoT or Internet of Things - Mr. Jyotindra Zaveri was invited by Boat Club, Pune, India. Zaveri is sought after speaker, always ready to speak on cutting edge technology. Specializing in explaining to non-technical audience. Mr. Gopal Dawara, President of RCBC is appreciating his talk.
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Learning is an experience, everything else is just information - Social media marketing training - very encouraging feedback from participants - video testimonial says it all

Contact me if you would Like to learn to be Plus One +91 9552946949

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“Our job is to teach the students we have…Not the ones we would Like to have…Not the ones we used to have…Those we have right now…All of them” - Dr. K Maxwell

Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune, India - MBA Students

Feedback video
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Social media marketing discussion with leading professionals and business people - It is not that I'm smart, but I have stayed with the technology much longer...since 1975
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Talk by Jyotindra Zaveri on Internet of Things for elite audience of the Boat Club, Pune, India.

IoT also has big implications for the in-store marketing efforts of retailers and brands. Connected devices – from POS and cameras to readers and beacons – can all help drive better, easier experiences for shoppers.

Driven by live data devices and systems, an “aware” store can deliver smarter messaging on screens of any size.

Instead of canned, pre-determined messaging, smart screens in an aware retail environment are providing shoppers deeper information about what they’re looking at, and influencing buying decisions, including up-sells.

Smart systems will trigger content based on multiple contributing factors, including what’s under-performing and overstocked, what’s running out of stock, time of day, environmental conditions, online trending and countless other potential variables.
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Consumer demand for convenience, product availability, and both personalized and contextualized interactions will drive retailers to adopt multiple IoT technologies in the coming years.  
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Internet of Things - IoT - My talk at Boat Club - This system has several advantages over standard glucometers, which would make it ideal for research. First, the user does not have to carry another large device with them at all times. This is slightly smaller than a thumb drive, so it can easily fit in a pocket or purse. It plugs directly into the phone, there is no need to worry about setting up a Bluetooth or Ant+ connection, making it simpler to use.

Another plus is it automatically logs the results of each test, so there is no chance of user error when entering the results.

#Internetofthings #iot
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Social media testimonial - You feel so good when someone appreciates your work, that someone else took for granted!
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Learn Preksha Dhyan - click this link to view details

When?  Saturday, 15 August and Sunday, 16 August.  6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Where?  Swayamvar Mangal Karyalaya, Near Adinath Society, 695/3/27, Pune Satara Road, PUNE, Maharashtra, 411 037, India. For whom?  Anyone who would...
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A recent study found that people spend an average of 25% of our waking hours on social media - If you are using social media for business, are you finding that you are spending a lot of time but not getting the results for your efforts?

You need a mentor or a consultant Like me who has six years of practical experience on managing twenty digital platforms. Contact by Email or to save time call +91 9552946949

Here is list of all online assets managed by Jyotindra Zaveri and team
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Social Media Marketing is important for school - Optimize your social media profile across digital platforms such as facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on, to raise your school brand and promote your programs - Encouraging testimonial of the training given by Jyotindra Zaveri
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Jyotindra Zaveri (aka Jyoti) - IT consultant and trainer. Computer Engineer, (Germany). IT professional since...1975. Ex-IBM.

Jyotindra Zaveri is an independent consultant and trainer.  Has dual specialization: ERP and Digital Marketing.

•        Social media marketing skills:

o        Mastery with 20+ digital platforms, with a track record to prove it.  Excellent organizational and communication skills, both written and oral.  Written eight books.

o        Extremely detail-oriented, able to meet deadlines, and work well as part of your marketing team.  Innovative and creative, always looking to think outside the box with new ideas and able to quickly adapt to changes.

o        Very social online, with an engaging personality and a constant urge to share interesting content online.  Enthusiastic and passionate about being a long-term part of your organization as consultant and trainer.

o        Mastered both art and the internet technologies, to build a digital ecosystem.   Seven+ years of experience on Digital Platforms and Social Media Marketing. Published three online newspapers.  Webmaster of 50+ Websites, Blogs, Pages, Groups, and micro-blogs.

o        Publishing three daily online newspapers pertaining to 1) Digital Marketing, 2) ERP and eCommerce and 3) Lifestyle and Health.

•        Traveled extensively from India: Bahrain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA.

•        IT professional since….1975 combined with academic credentials in electronics and electrical engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, India.  Formerly worked in IBM, trained in Germany.

•        Sought after visiting faculty and trainer.  Knowledge of computer hardware, software and the internet technologies; rather a unique combination.

•        Having lived through every avatar of Internet Marketing, can bring a depth of online experience.  Companies outsource their digital marketing to Jyoti with full confidence.

Worth noting:

•        Specially invited by Microsoft to meet Mr. Bill Gates in Mumbai (his first visit to India), on 5 March 1997.

•        Rotarian from Rotary eClub of Pune, the first eClub in the District 3131.

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I live on the web: Always stuck with his Apple iPhone, laptop, airplane seat, or combination of all these.
  • VJTI, Mumbai, India
  • Robotron, Germany
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