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"Space, the final front ear!"
"Space, the final front ear!"

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Mental Health | Let it go

Manipulative people continue to manipulate you long after you no longer have any contact. Chuck them out of your mind using this excellent perspective.

Be free.

Via +Kay Solo

#MentalHealth #ManipulativePeople
I saw this on Tumblr and it was too good not to share. I've really needed a new perspective on issues like this.

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TO.on | Physics

Via +Liz Quilty

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Cool stuff | India's big fat cities

The +Hindustan Times shows us how the cities of India grew and exchanged ranks in the past 110 years. Kolkata has been the biggest city in India for the longest time, only being overtaken by Mumbai in the 1970s and 1980s. Delhi sneaked up and became the second biggest city in India and the fourth in the world by population, only as late as this century. That's how long Kolkata reigned as crowded.

The top 4 cities in the world ('city proper', excluding suburbs) are Shanghai, Karachi, Beijing and Delhi. But within India, we count suburbs as well, so Mumbai beats Delhi.

Did you know that, for example, Ghaziabad, Delhi’s satellite city which by 2011 was the 14th most populous city in the country, was a village of just 14,600 in 1901?

Check out the article for more gems and two very very cool interactive illustrations.

Thanks to +Vicky Veritas for the find!

*CoolStuff #IndianCities 

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Maths, musical maths

Here are two questions: are repetitive songs more popular than less repetitive ones? and: are songs becoming more repetitive over time?

How do you tell? It's not enough to be old-fashioned and curmudgeonly like your grandpa, who used to snort at disco and insist it wasn't music. Anecdotes don't help. How do we check the data?

Now, here is an article by Colin Morris that not only gives you the results (as you expected, the answer to both the questions is Yes), but explains in simple and awesome way, just how to calculate the data and reach the conclusion.

While you are at it, you can find your favourite singers there and see how they compare against the average.

Thanks to +Andres Soolo for re-sharing!

#maths #music #RepetitiveSongs #TopOfThePops
Data-compression analysis and quantification of the repetitiveness of pop music lyrics by decade. Pop songs in 2014 were, on average, 22% more repetitive than in 1960. Rihanna is the most repetitive artist in the entire dataset, and Roy Orbison the least. The more repetitive the song (it looks to me), the bigger its success. Fascinating animated visualizations in this piece. (The Pudding):

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Space | Earth

There is only one planet known on which rocks float on magma (melted rock). These giant slabs of rock ram into each other and produce mountains and volcanoes. Where they slide under each other, you have earthquakes and mountains. Where they separate, the cracks get filled with molten lava, and that comes up and freezes into new rock, mountains and volcanoes.

Yes, these floating slabs are what we call continents.

Plate tectonics, or the movement of rocks floating on lava, is known to result in the creation of the continents and oceans, and how these slowly change over time (over thousands and millions of years).

What wasn't known was that the lava just under the crust doesn't mix with lava further down. Instead, the superhot rock below the crust (called the mantle)
gets pulled downward where the plates dive downward, but floats right back to where it started instead of mixing with magma in the Earth's core.

This helps to explain why the two are separated by a sonic boundary, but it was not yet clear why the two don't mix.

Great science!

Thanks to +rasha kamel for sharing

#space #Earth #PlateTectonics #MantleandCore 
"New insights into the convection patterns of the Earth's mantle and its chemical makeup have been revealed by a researcher from the University of Leicester.
The new findings suggest that the mantle does not flow ubiquitously, as has been previously thought – and that it is instead divided into two very large domains that convect only within themselves, with little evidence of them mixing together.
The research, led by Dr Tiffany Barry from the University of Leicester, Department of Geology, and published in the journal Scientific Reports, suggests that one of these domains is found under the Pacific Ocean while the other exists outside of it.
The research suggests that upper mantle material flows to lower parts of the mantle when it reaches a subduction zone, where one tectonic plate descends beneath another one.
This descending slab of material acts as a sort of curtain, preventing upper mantle material mixing all the way around the globe and keeping the two domains separate.
Dr Barry explained: "One of the ways our planet is unique is in the amazing way it has mobile plates at the surface that move and jostle about over time. This movement of the plates results in the process we call plate tectonics, and no other planet we know shows evidence of this process. Why or how plate tectonics started on this planet is not understood, but it has been utterly essential in the production of the crust and oceans that we recognise as Earth today. What is also not well constrained is what effect plate tectonics has on the internal workings of the Earth.
"We have found that when mantle material reaches the bottom of the mantle, at the outer core, it does not spread out and go anywhere around the core, but instead returns to the same hemisphere of the globe from where it came. We have modelled this dominantly up-down motion of convection and found that it can persist for 100's millions of years.
(On the basis of past plate motions and geochemical evidence, we speculate that this process of mantle convection could have been a dominant process since at least 550 million years ago, and potentially since the start of plate tectonics)."

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Maths, lovely art from maths

+Sean Walker has been creating animations using maths, and then coding it into lovely images that shuffle, and ripple, and entrance. This is one of his early favourites, and he's posted it to mark his completing 50!

#maths #art #MathsArt #animation
Hybriding Spheres

A half century seems quite long, until you've lived it.

This is my last animation post before I turn 50. :)

I developed this animation back in 2014. It's one of my earliest 3D animations. It's a little rough and jerky because I wanted to keep the number of frames down to reduce the file size. There is also glitchiness the moment the green and blue surfaces pass through one another, but I like it conceptually.

This animation was developed in Java with Processing 2:

#mathart #processing #spheres

Animated Photo

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Stories on Google+ | +Erin Vataris

Erin Vataris writes stories with real atmosphere.

I found this one ... eerie...

#StoriesOnGooglePlus #ErinVataris #FlashFiction #ShortStory #Fantasy
May 10: Ice Wine #flashfiction #amwriting #storyaday #norobotshere

She lifted a slender dark bottle, tipped it, poured. I saw it descend in slow motion, saw each drop and ripple as it filled my glass precisely one third of the way, clinging to the glass as I swirled it. The scent was rich, honey and apples, a hint of sharpness to it. I inhaled, held my breath a moment, tasting the changes in the air.

She poured her own, set the bottle down on the stone beside her, turned back to me. Her booted feet were tucked beneath her, one heel peeking out behind the hem of her skirt. Her eyes were alight. She smiled over the rim of her glass, touched it to her lips before brushing her glass against mine, making them ring with a high crystal note that seemed to send the plateau shivering.

“To Spring,” she said, and sipped.

The wine was sharp and sweet and tasted of the memory of winter; I let it linger in my mouth, suffusing me as I swallowed. It melted its way down my throat, spreading, joining the sunlit warmth still nestled in my core. I took another mouthful, slowly, trying to extract every thread and nuance of flavor from it.

The wind whipped my hair across my face. I lifted a hand, pushed it back, willed it to stay where it belonged. Her face was tranquil, dusty-rose lips half-curved and resting on the rim of her glass in what could only be enjoyment; the pale strands of her hair barely stirring as the sea winds swirled around us. I felt like an echo of her, unsure of the transitions between one moment and the next, following a lead I didn’t understand. I didn’t remember being given a glass, but she had lifted the bottle and filled it just the same.

She tilted her glass up, sipped again, and I did echo her then - a moment behind, a trifle less smoothly, a wavering reflection filled with holes. I found my voice, briefly, but even that was an echo of hers.

“To Spring.”

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Stories on Google+ | +James H. Metaphor

James H Metaphor has come up with a story that turns depression on its head. He's a good writer, with a solid writing style and some nicely mind-bending concepts.

Is that what depression is for?



(Note: this is not in any way to imply that depression is something that does not need medical treatment. As an ex-depressive, I do know that depression is a serious illness and not pleasant for the sufferers).

#StoriesOnGooglePlus #JamesHMetaphor #fantasy #ShortStory
#communalstories #astorybegins
1) Nobody seems to like the Grim Reaper, and I think that's sad. I mean, he's never hurt anyone, let alone killed them. He just turns up at the moment they cease living and greets them, like an old friend. I've seen him hug people and offer a hand on the shoulder of others. I've seen him wait while they struggle to deal with what's happening and take the time to explain it to those that can't. And he just keeps getting busier, so he really needs to disrupt time nowadays just to do his job, let alone to take the time to be there for the recently departed. I mean, technically his job is just to guide people to their chosen afterlife, and he could just turn up, point, and move on, but he cares enough to be there for people. And he rarely gets any credit for that.
I'm telling you this, because I know you're not going to like me when you find out what I do, and I'm OK with that. I've braced myself for it. I'll still be disappointed, but I know what to expect, and I'll put up with the pain. All I ask is that you give me a chance to explain.
Let me start again. Hi, I am the one known as Shadow Duster, and I suppose you could say I'm the one who gives people depression.
I can already feel you judging me, blaming me for all the lives that depression ruins and the people it takes away, and I am sorry for that. I really am. But, this isn't just a job and I can't just stop, even if I wanted to. Because you humans need me.
The Grim Reaper was already millenia old when I was born - well, born isn't the right word, but that's not relevant now - and so many other beings were ancient before I took a single step. I am older than any human alive, but I am still so young compared to my brethren. When I awoke, I saw before me a man. He wasn't famous or "important", as such, but I could feel that he was unhappy. I could feel that he needed help. Without thinking about it, I reached out and rested my hand upon his shoulder.
As soon as I touched him, I saw a shadow jump across from my hand and lay itself upon the man. It was one of a seemingly numberless quantity that swarmed over me, dancing across my skin like snowflakes in the wind. The man seemed to bow beneath the weight of the shadow, though it hadn't seemed to weigh anything, to me. I watched as he looked around himself and saw his face change as he made a decision.
I followed the man as he went forward and dealt with all that was making him unhappy, watching him fix his life and soon the shadow I had placed upon him was gone and I could sense a glow emanating from the man.
I have to admit, I was afraid at first. From the moment I lay my first shadow, I feared that I had somehow harmed the man, that the shadow was bad. As I saw him improve his life and the shadow fade away, I felt relieved. When I finally left the man and journeyed forth, feeling a pull towards a new place, I was still unsure if what I was doing was right, but I felt hopeful.
I lay more shadows and watched the people I touched. At first, they all felt compelled to do something, to make a change, but in time I began to see other people. These people were affected by the shadow in a different way. Instead of changing their lives, these people tried to carry the shadow. Their strength allowed them to ignore the shadow and they continued in the life that made them unhappy. And, over time, the shadow grew. It grew and grew, until they couldn't bear the weight and it crushed the life out of them a little at a time.
I felt dread gnaw at me, fear clawing inside me and the pain of what I'd done ripping me apart.
I was hurting people.
Not all of them, but some. And that felt like too many.
For a time, I tried to stop, to avoid dusting humans with shadows, but I couldn't do it. Watching them suffer, I just couldn't stop myself from offering a hand to support them. And, when I did, there came the shadows.
It is not a nice feeling, to wonder whether you are the hero or the villain in your own story. It is not pleasant, knowing that you have ruined lives and made people suffer. The only thing I could do was focus on the good I was doing, and remind myself that it outweighed the bad.
But you humans are a strange bunch. As you became more advanced, more and more of you called out to me. Your suffering sang to me, like the early morning birds demanding attention, and how could I do anything but be there for you?
I visited Father Time, who knew before I asked what it was that I wanted, but listened anyway because time is nothing if not patient. With his permission, I copied the Grim Reaper and Cupid and so many others, disrupting the rules of time so that I could reach all those who needed me as the numbers swelled beyond my reach. I felt proud to be of such service, but also scared to be so needed, and sad for the ever growing list of people whose lives my touch made worse.
Those who my shadows gathered upon, who suffered beneath the weight of darkness and endured in spite of them, they were given a label. A name for what I had done to them.
Such an awful word. Such an awful thing.
Eventually I saw people that I had touched long ago, still unable to escape the shadows I had deposited, for they had grown so large the person was engulfed and lost within.
But, also I saw people who I had given up on, as they somehow found their way back. They stopped trying to carry the shadows and found a new way. Not all of them found a life free of the shadow, for that much darkness is hard to be rid of, but they found their glow beneath it all, and they were happy while they glowed.
I still worry whether you humans would have been better off without me, but then so many of you would never have felt the need to make your worlds better, and where might you have found yourselves? So, as I walk among you, offering a hand here and there, I ask that you remember why I came, and what my shadows are for. The shadow is there to remind you that the light is going and you need to bring it back or be lost to darkness.
To all those I have touched, for whom my shadows were not a blessing, I am sorry. You don't need to forgive me, for I don't deserve it, but I am sorry for what my touch brought upon you. I only wish that you find a way to combat the shadows, your own path back out from under that weight, and that your glow is enough to beat the dark.
So, I continue spreading my shadows, dusting them upon your lives where they are needed, like crops being coated with poison in the hopes that it will kill the bad and protect the crops. I dust you with my shadows, in the hopes that they will improve your lives.
I hope that, in time, the name of Shadow Duster will be linked to the good I do, as well as the bad, and that I won't go down in history as nothing but a villain.

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Bio Stuff | A baby dinosaur

A giant birdlike baby dinosaur fossil has finally be characterised about 20 years after its discovery.

Scientists who recently studied the 90-million-year-old fossil in detail have called it Beibeilong sinensis, or “baby dragon from China". Adults of the species may have been more than 25 feet (7.6 m) long and weighed more than three tons.

Via +StarTalk Radio

#BioStuff #BabyDinosaur #Fossil
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