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Jyoti Q Dahiya
"Space, the final front ear!"
"Space, the final front ear!"


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Secure passwords

How to make them, why it's important, what not to do, and why you should demand two-factor authentication.

Via +❨❨❨David C. Frier❩❩❩, who knows about this stuff.

#CoolStuff #Passwords

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Bio stuff | Why we age and die

Because our biology doesn't care what happens to us after we've passed our genes on to the next generation. Genes that help us reproduce when young continue to be propagated, even if they ruin our lives when we get older.

Researchers turned off one set of these in a simple worm (they have fewer genes, so it's easier to make out what's happening). Not only were the worms healthier, they lived longer.

It's like getting a pill to make you a vigorous centenarian, as good as when you were in the first flush of youth.

Now, when is it coming to market?

Via +Panah Rad

#BioStuff #Immortality #Genetics #Geriatrics
why we haven't evolved to be immortal
To test a theory about why we haven't evolved to be immortal, researchers have identified certain genes that affect lifespan and switched them off, helping worms live longer


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Space | So you want to be an astronaut with ISRO?

This is a popular question on this collection's comments these days. So here is an article to help you.

Please remember that ISRO is currently not looking to hire astronauts. But by the time some of the school kids of today start looking for jobs, ISRO may well be. ISRO hires scientists, engineers, technicians and managers currently. They also hire typists, drivers, cooks, etc, so a really enthu cutlet with not much technical aptitude can still aspire to work there. :o) Here you go:

So, in the meantime, you can check out what NASA looks for in astronauts, and what their selection ratio is like.

#NASA #NASAjobs #ISRO #astronaut

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What happens to your account if you die?

Suppose you die. What happens to your online/social media account?

If it's a google account (and if you're reading this, you probably have one), you can set up what happens if your account becomes inactive. is the place to go and set it up.

Do it. Save your data for only your trusted/loved ones, or set it up for auto-delete.

You should also look up if you want to preserve your online data elsewhere. This is particularly useful in case you decide to ditch google for any reason.

Thanks to Lauren at, via +Julian Bond

#Google #InactiveAccount #DataProtection #Takeout

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Space | The end of the last ice age

About 17,700 years ago, the Earth came out of the last (mini) Ice Age. Instead of being a giant ice ball, it became the balmy place we know and love, with an average temperature of about 15-16 C.

But what made this sudden change? New research into the composition of ancient Antarctic ice shows that this time coincided with a massive set of volcanic eruptions in Antarctica. These resulted in a massive ice melt, climatic shift (a huge ozone hole as well). It's a bit like a free and scary look into what an ozone hole and increased temperatures can do world over.

via +aswathy divakaran

#space #earth #antartica #vulcanism #ClimateChange #IceAge
New findings explain synchronous deglaciation that occurred 17,700 years ago!

Read more at:-

(Image credit: Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica (LIMA). USGS and NASA, LIMA Viewer,

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Space | Pollutants reach the high atmosphere, and stay there

Recent research by ISRO and NASA confirm that aerosols from ground level air pollution reach the upper reaches of the troposphere and beyond during the summer monsoon.

Once there, they stick around for long, messing up the thermal profile and the ozone layer.

"Preliminary chemical analysis of samples collected in this campaign indicates dominant presence of nitrate, which is a new finding. Converging air masses over northern part of India, particularly centered around head Bay of Bengal during Asian Monsoon which is generally active during July – August months is found to be the main forcing for vertical transport of the aerosols and trace gases to the UTLS region along with long-range transport from northern parts of India."

The study will continue till 2020. ISRO has a long history of opening resources to scientists from other countries.

#ISRO #NALS #NASA #aerosols #OzoneLayer

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How to save the planet

I've done my share. Over to you. :-P

#BioStuff #SaveThePlanet

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Bio stuff | Vaccines

Found this in my feed from +Able Lawrence just as I was thinking about the recent diphtheria deaths in Kerala.

Why are some people so willing to kill small kids that they stoke up religious fears about vaccination?

#Vaccination #Diphtheria #Kerala

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TO.on | Dinosaur extinction explained

The best (EVER!) explanation of how an asteroid caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

Via +Rupert Neethling

#toon #Dino #extinction
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