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"Space, the final front ear!"
"Space, the final front ear!"

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TO.on | Animegif

Now that's bad luck.

Via +krishna v. shukla

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TO.on | +Chris Hallbeck

How are you?

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The American Brown Recluse Spider comes out with some esoteric silk, which does not break when stressed, but lets out some loops and persists.

Read +Kevin Clift's post to find out how the silk does that; an additional, scary, fact about this spider; and potential applications in materials science.

#BioStuff #zoology #SpiderSilk #Nanomaterials
Flat Spider Silk

Scientists from Prof. Fritz Vollrath Oxford Silk Group within Oxford University’s Department of Zoology, and the Applied Science Department at the College of William & Mary in Virginia, have looked very closely at the silk created by the American Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles genus), known and respected for its necrotising, toxic venom, and found that its spider silk is, uniquely, flat, like a nanoscale ribbon.

This very thin (50nm) flat form allows the Brown Recluse Spider to successfully increase the toughness of its silk thread by gluing the flat surfaces into many microscopic loops along the thread, providing sacrificial bonds that can give-way, producing sudden extra length under strain, before breaking of the thread occurs. The flatness also permits the bending needed, without the fracturing that can occur with round fibres.

Speaking on how the recluse’s technique could be applied more broadly in the future, Professor Fritz Vollrath, of the Department of Zoology at Oxford University, expands: “Computer simulations demonstrate that fibres with many loops would be much, much tougher than those without loops. This right away suggests possible applications. For example carbon filaments could be looped to make them less brittle, and thus allow their use in novel impact absorbing structures. One example would be spider-like webs of carbon-filaments floating in outer space, to capture the drifting space debris that endangers astronaut lives’ and satellite integrity.”

More here (press release):

[...] Previous attempts to incorporate sacrificial metastructure in cylindrical fibers have either failed to enhance toughness or required prohibitively complex manufacturing. In the recluse system, the loops of the ribbon-like strand are anchored by silk-to-silk bonds that do not compromise the fiber's ultimate strength upon release and require no additional adhesive. The silk's thin ribbon morphology facilitates the formation of these strong yet sacrificial bonds and reduces the risk of failure due to bending. Modeling and an experimental proof of concept are used to demonstrate that a looped ribbon metastructure can considerably enhance a material's toughness.

Paper (abstract only without registration):

In materials science and metallurgy, toughness is the ability of a material to absorb energy and plastically deform without fracturing.

Toughness (Wikip):

Prof. Fritz Vollrath: Oxford Silk Group:

Image: and

From (don't miss videos and images):
Warning arachnophobes: contains spider images.
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TO.on | +Aunty Acid

Adulthood. Meh.

Via +Aunty Acid

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To anyone running 18 or 21 today. Welcome...

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TO.on | Animegif

Why footballers should learn gymnastics or ballet.

Via +krishna v. shukla

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TO.on | Pet peeve

Yes, this is SO TRUE.

Via +Bearman Cartoons

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Out of Service

From the archives. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to automatic phone trees. They make you put in your account information just to talk to a live agent who then asks for the information again. ARGHH...

Kudos to +Delta. I call them and based on caller id they know it is me so I can connect right to agent.


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Maths, cool maths

How to multiply numbers between 6 and 10 with each other. Simple and very cool!

Who'd have guessed you can use your fingers to multiply?

Via +Aunty Acid

#maths #multiplication #jugaad
This Math Hack Will Take Your Child's Multiplication Game To The Next Level.

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Mental changes

Are you the same person at 35 as you were at 14? How about at 77?

A recent study shows that personalities may be dramatically different after 63 years.

That said, the study is small, there are uncontrolled factors in it, so don't jump to any conclusions. As for me, I take heart that it is possible for anyone to become a better human, after all.

Via +Carin Bondar

#Personality #TeenVsOld #MentalHealth
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