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"Space, the final front ear!"
"Space, the final front ear!"


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Space | Helicopter for Mars

NASA plans to send a helicopter on the next rover mission to Mars. This is one of those cool ideas that, once you hear it, seem so obvious!

So, why has nobody thought of this before?
1. Choppers are heavy.
2. The Martian atmosphere is so thin, it's like 30 km up on Earth, or worse.
3. Can't send a pilot.

So what you will have, in fact, is actually a tiny drone with autonomous flight capability.

But let's call it a helicopter. :) If we call it a drone, people will wonder how the Taliban got to Mars and needed to be attacked.

Thanks to +Michael Interbartolo for sharing.

#Space #Mars
NASA has a proud history of firsts,” said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. “The idea of a helicopter flying the skies of another planet is thrilling. The Mars Helicopter holds much promise for our future science, discovery, and exploration missions to Mars.”
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Stories | Science fiction | +Louis Doggett

This story, based on a Geekscape of the Day by +Charlie Hoover, is an intriguing one. It hints at secrets on this mysterious planet, and it hints at a surprising new form of employment for curious and telegenic people.

#StoriesOnGooglePlus #LouisDoggett #ScienceFiction #gsotd

Science Fiction tale 1,157 words long
Okay, here is a longer version of this story. The original is part of the Charlie Hoover Geekscapes Collection. This tale is at least two and a half times as long as that one. I was just going to do a couple of tweaks to make it read better. But they were longer and more than I had counted on. That made the story long enough so I felt like I had to add one of the details that every story needs. In this case a try-fail cycle. The hero tries to do something to save the day or to advance his goal etc but fails. Mini stories are usually too short to really have one, unless it s a couple of sentences long. A story can have more than one, but at least one.

Mine is told in flashback and I am not totally sure that is completely kosher but this story does have a try-fail cycle. It is still a rather short story so only one.

Yes, I spell checked it, added commas and checked things out but I do have a bad habit of missing things-more than usual for a writer. So anything really bad point it out and I will correct it.

The artist's info is at where the link takes you.


He almost didn’t do his report on the magma mining planet. He made a huge mistake even before he even landed on the gray, sandy planet. Most of it looked the same: the dirt and sand were hard to tell apart.
The day he arrived he rode in a transport over the Chasm. It looked miles deep, all along it. And it went on for tens of miles, maybe over a hundred. A blue ribbon stretched the whole length of the floor of the Chasm. The Chasm had been there almost as long as the planet, but not so the stream at the bottom. The people arrived only a little over a hundred years ago, that ribbon started a couple of decades after that.
Jimmur nodded. He knew that. And he knew it was counted in the planet's years. It took a long time to go around its primary. That was one reason it was cold here. In that time, since humans came here, they had started miles from the cliffs and out on that very long, featureless and plantless, plain and yet had built their cities up to the edge of the Chasm. It looked over two earth miles across, maybe four. What amazed him more though was that someone had tried to construct a bridge over it. They had gotten only to one upraised natural pillar they had probably wanted to use as a main support. Jimmur didn't know why they had stopped. Out of money, they died or? He might search that out too. And why someone had placed an antenna that doubled as a monument at the end.
Since the only attempt at building a bridge had failed, they still used star transports, like the one he now he rode in, to carry workers to the many gigantic mines in the side of the plateau that covered a sea of lave. It was way to huge to be called a pool. It just might be the largest pool on any known planet.
The long, low transports looked almost like long narrow arrowheads except for the many superstructures raised along the hulls. They all looked the same with gray hulls, except for numbers and bright paint on the sides and belly. Most were as old as the first colony. But just going back and forth—one way with men and the other way with cargo and workers-did not wear the ships down as much as actually blasting off the planet would.
At his first stop, where he rented a room and had Vid interview he had breathed the planet’s atmosphere. He had to so they would allow him to stay and redo the faulty report. On the last leg of this trip here he had sent back two papers on the planet but neither continued much data. He had read a few old papers sent to him on the trip here and he had watched videos of old codgers telling of old myths, wild stories and as it turned out their prejudices. The recordings had been made fifty years earlier as part of a way to record the planet’s history, but like many cases they had run out of money before they finished.
In one paper he had stated, as fact, that the original colonists had been small and wimpy compared to today’s citizens. Boy, had that lit a fire storm, or side lave flow, when he sent out the report that reported that. It turned out that most of those still alive today did not want to think their predecessors were weak. Some direct descendants of the original colonists had wanted to kick him off planet without a ship.
So to show that he should stay he went outside with vids rolling and taken off his respirator There was nothing really harmful to humans in air here, but one didn’t want to breath it anyway. Everyone wore a respirator, even those who came from the tenth generation. The air tasted cold, and metallic with little oxygen in it. Not on this part of the planet but there were fauna elsewhere-low to the ground with wide leaves and tough fibers in the stocks. They grew near volcanic vents for heat. What sunlight those plants received was all turned into oxygen which winds spread around, and workers would let loose a few puffs from their rigs every day as a tradition, but that didn’t do much.
Somehow he had talked them into letting him stay and do more research so he could correct his error filled report.
The mine structures all looked alike, as if made by the same person with the same blueprints. And maybe so. One reason he had come here was to find that out. They had been built in a way that looked like sticks pressed into the side of the huge cliff there. That very big plateau was actually an eons old cover for a lava lake. The top had cooled and harden, more than once, they said. He would look into the geology record also. After taking out whatever molten ores they could use and the streams of a special molten rock that had a unique radiative they could use, they sent the leftovers down into that valley. Those formed small streams that fed the larger hot river which ran onward to some spot hundreds of miles to the East. Or what the people thought of as the East. Some cities used the heat as a source of power and a way to burn away rubbish and sewage.
The original colonists hadn't seemed to mind the heavy fog, and now smog, that covered the upper atmosphere. Which blocked all but the heaviest lights reflected by the two moons. It was thought they had fled from some dictator so had wanted they freedom more than artistic sights, while others came later to work the mines. Very tough, hard living individuals those were.
Well, Jimmur would find out soon-or so he hoped-if he didn’t make any more of those types of mistakes. He loved investigating planets with unknown facts in their pasts. Twice he barely got off planet with his life because there had been very dark secrets on those worlds. This one should be much easier since he had already talked to the leaders and their media had polled the citizens. Most did not mind and some even were curious enough to want to help, or to watch him on Vids. Some bet he would not be able to discover any real answers.
He looked down again. That Chasm beat out a whole lot of similar features on other planets. The crust here must be thick even with lava pools such as this one. This search would be fun. He loved the investigations even more than the publicity, even though the money was good.
Jimmur picked up his tablet and touched certain images it projected.


#sciencefiction #reporter #valley #chasm #freestories #alienplanet #volcano

#1506: Into Titan's Valley
#1506: Into Titan's Valley
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Stories | Science fiction | +Louis Doggett

Louis Doggett comes up with these wonderful short stories based on images from Geekscape of the Day by +Charlie Hoover. This one is based on uncertainty, possibly a new beginning--but to what??


#StoriesOnGooglePlus #ScienceFiction #LouisDogget #gsotd
So yet another one. Someone asked for a longer version so here it is. I didn't mind doing it so here it is. A far future Science Fiction.

One word of Foreword I have no idea of what those symbols really mean, I suspect they are the characters for the name of the organization or country but maybe they are an exhortation to OBEY! or and "We Are The Future!".

1,132 words. This is probably three times as long as the original mini story I did for this pic. It is on a Charlier Hoover Google + Geekscape and website. The data of who the artist is can be found on the website.

I changed a couple of points in the tiny plot in that original mini and I added some description but basically it is the same story. Hopefully very readable,

Longer Assemblage

Everyone had gathered as ordered. The whole staff cadre stood in front of Kuinu. For the last few years she had been the one in charge of the whole inner sanctum. Everyone listened to her words and to her orders. Who was in charge changed every so many years, but her time was not up. However, she had been told to gather the staff.
So they stood on the floor in a room that half appeared to be an old tube for sewage, or clean water, or for a maglift, except it was many times larger. The flat roof above the workers appeared to be seventy-five Kgs above their heads-at least. Four pillars supported that roof, there were stairs on each side of the flat floor. When she spoke to the masses she had to do it in ten rounds for only so many could fit in here. Even though unseen electronics amplified her voice it only went back so far, and only so up a few steps.
She sniffed the artificially cleaned air-so normal. Wind-that was made up of over cleaned air blew throughout the hall in a gentle stream. Everything look grey, the same shade. And everyone had their head covered as tradition said but she always put her hood down as the Leader.
So she stood in front to give what she expected to be her last commands and words of wisdom from the ancients. Kuinu wanted to say something that would encourage and help them cope if this was the end of them all or just her. But her mouth went dry, her throat acted like a vacuum cleaner filled with dust that had a sudden clog in a hose bend. They would stand there though until she dismissed them or until whatever was to happen, came to pass.
Kuinu would miss the good luck symbols on the huge pillars. The twin wooden gates however, were still a mystery. Wood was so rare in here that they could be just something to show what it was. Or they were symbolic items whose symbolism was long forgotten. Why here though? Some of her equals speculated on the answer but no one could say. The computers answered a lot of questions but some they would not. That was one. Those that were on her level had the freedom to have time to speculate, to create art, to write, to read.
As always everything appeared dark in here for the only lights were in the four frames above them. No side lights, no lamps, no other illumination of any type. But of course they just needed enough to see where to step and to make sure they were not in someone’s else’s row.
As they were used to everyone was silent waiting for her.
Her companions had speculated that they lived in this home, because something bad had happened outside. It could be a volcano and they were trapped by tons of dried lava. Some survivors could be digging them out and taking generations to do it. Some thought they were in space in a generation ship that had troubles. Or under the sea, to protect them from themselves, from hate or from nature gone bad. There were too many choices, and not enough ways to gather data on that.
She refrained from glancing at either group of three special forces guards on both either side of her. They had given the order to evacuate. She didn't know why, but along the way-in the generations since they had come here, they had turned from guardians to command givers. Do what they say, or else they would show you how well they could use their blades: first by stabbing you twice in none lethal areas, than by slicing your head off with what looked to be an easy swing. She had seen it done twice. Now they had used quick words, their body language was off: it was always stiff and almost angry with a do it, or else background. Today though there had been differences—not joy, not finally it is over. Their words said one thing their body language expressed something else. She could not be sure what. But from previous experience and their hardness she thought it was something bad for her people, or just her. However, something gave her a moment of hope.
Her attention stayed on the people. They wore different outfits depending on what they did for a living. Solders had helmets on, many of the others covered their heads with hoods to show menial work. Some had gas masks on for they dealt with radiative gasses. A small handful had scarves for housewives and janitors.
Again she tried to say something-they had been waiting for three times as long as normal for her words. She could see uncertainty in their postures. Again though she could not. Like many times in the past she spoke ancient words of wisdom: Confucius and Buddhist as well as ancestor worship. Mixed in were commands to be obedient, to listen, to know she commanded.
When she paused though fear, built in her. She was the Leader, she had nothing to fear, even if someone went mad, or had let hate fill their hearts the guards would protect her as would the other workers. They always took to her words as the wisdom of a god. Instinct obedience, but this… Tears formed in her eyes, even if in the darker room and distance they could not see them.
Soon they huge door would open and they would go out. Or so she hoped. If it was space or sea they would die, if the lava had been cleaned away or if they had made planetfall, they would be okay with a new start. This place had burnt scars like some form of exhaust for a giant rocketship. Marks on the walls that could be triple burnt ashes of a previous group. It could be time to cull the herd, or just to end the humans. But that would include the six guards and the wooden gates. Then again it could be just her. Maybe they had seen something in her or overheard a comment she had made they hadn’t liked.
She could be wrong of course. She had been many times in her life. The scars could mean this had been used as an exhaust at one time but they used it for this now.
She would find out soon, more than likely not even know it-if she was right.
Kuinu nodded, she spoke of a new beginning. If it really was then good, this would help. If not it would not be a total lie, it would still be a new beginning.


#sciencefiction #freestories #dystopian #grey #dark #amwriting
#1519: The Assemblage
#1519: The Assemblage
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Stories | About synthetic biology and science fiction

+Rick Liebling interviews Rebecca Wilbanks on the intersections of sci fi and present day synthetic biology. Insights into why body-horror movies are the way they are, and what the Umbrella Corporation really represents.

#StoriesOnGooglePlus #ScienceFiction #RebeccaWilbanks #RickLiebling #Interview
If you like a heavy dose of science in your science fiction, I just did a Q&A you might enjoy. I spoke with Rebecca Wilbanks, PhD, a Hecht-Levi postdoctoral fellow at the Berman Institute of Bioethics, and a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins.

She's also a serious student of science fiction. We talked about synthetic biology and how it's portrayed in shows like Westworld and the Blade Runner movies.
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Stories | Fantasy | +Louis Doggett

Louis Doggett has written another short fantasy story that is great on concept and treatment. It's based on an image in #gsotd (Geekscape of the Day) by +Charlie Hoover.

You should follow them both, in my opinion.


#StoriesOnGooglePlus #Fantasy #LouisDoggett #Gsotd
Today while at work I thought of this story. I originally did it months ago in connection with the picture here. But for some reason my muse brought it to mind with ideas of how to make it more intense-at least in one scene. I ended up adding 700+ words to it. For while I was at it, I made it easier to read-which I hope makes it more enjoyable. That included a couple of writing mistakes I should have seen when I first put it up.

I do want to add some stories here since, as I said in the last one, it has been a while. That could be why my subconscious decided to do the original one better.

At least two of you have seen the original, if you remember it. This one is around 1,823 words and is fantasy. If you follow the link it gives all the details of who did the picture and all that.

The Floating University

The university stood out in plain sight, if you knew where to look. It was not hidden as much as many believed it to be. I was there when it moved, so I know where it is, but I have a connection with it so I would know anyway.
Many people wanted to attend it but they had to find it first. That was part of the selection process. You also had to have an ability for wizardry, alchemy, magery, even shamanism or in the more mundane; accounting, mathematics and architecture.
The place is beautiful built over two hundred years ago. From the pictures I had seen of it back then and what it looks like close up now, it still shone for it is still very well kept up: with beautiful gardens, one, two and three story buildings, lawns, spires, libraries and even a couple of chapels. There are small what might be called mountains for it had once been located at the base of a smaller mountain range. The section of the range where the buildings had been located is no more, well some small parts still exist but they are low and are separated from each other by pools and flat land. Dragons still flew around it and nested and roasted on its fences. The fire drakes still looked like they had wings and tails of fire. They liked the students and for generations sometimes they helped them cheat on tests-they still do.
No one is sure what happened that night over a hundred years ago. Those within earshot said they heard a very loud ripping sound followed at once by a few smaller ones. When the dust settled a day later the school was gone, so was much of the mountain. Now lakes and a new river cover where it was. There had been two small rivers but new mounds were formed when dirt was thrown around, so now both rivers flow into one larger river. The water ends up in the same placed so it didn’t really matter that much.
The mountain still exists but is now in pieces. Some are larger than the school while other are as small as a double wagon and in-between. They are all over the sky in the area where the University used to be. As I said no one knows how it happened.
I had gone outside near the university walls. I was near the end of my first year there. While I meditated I realized that power was building up for something huge-I never suspected that though. I went outside to investigate. The night looked very dark, as it did that time of the year and the hour-late enough so that most lay in their beds.
When it hit, I wasn’t sure if I would live through the event. My skin itched from the build up of aethery I had just decided to get out of there when without warning the ground shook hard which caused dirt and dust to drift upward everywhere. It looked like fog made from dust. I breathed it, and it filled my sinuses. I coughed, sneezed at the same time-thrice.
Moving shadows warned me which allowed me to duck flying trees while at he same time rolling bushes tripped me. The effects of the release of the aethery energy. Dirt and mud filled my mouth when I landed face down. I think I rolled over a large rock, something for it left a large bruise on my back. The sound others heard as a ripping was so loud that I bellowed in pain. I tried to block my ears but it didn’t help even when I used the mud on my fingers. The inside of my chest felt squeezed by the deep sounds.
At the beginning and throughout the experience think I heard a voice, then voices, say a series of words. Now many others yelled in surprise, but that had to be my imagination though. I spat out mud, tried to breath harder. More wet dirt flowed into my mouth. I rose up-maybe teen or more feet, then fell again.
Somehow in the dust cloud, noise and confusion I opened my eyes to discover that I lay at the bottom of a pit. There had been no holes like that in the ground before this all started. Dirt still rolled down the sides. Small springs of water either sprouted or leaked. My hair felt weighed down by all of the soil and mud on my head. My wet clothes made me cold, my clothes weighed me down.
More dirt fell on me. I gasped it in my mouth. I couldn’t breath, not even though my nose. I coughed but that did no good. I drew in what aethery I could. I had no experience to draw on and I barely knew my First Year lessons. I panicked for my lungs burned. Now I have come close to death many times and through a variety of ways. I know a lot more too but then I just grabbed what I could and tried to blow the dirt away. It did some but more rolled back on top of me. I became blinded and it filled my ears so I couldn’t hear. I had taken one breathe but now I had to let it back out. I tried to draw in air, just got mud. I snorted but my sinuses stayed stuffed.
Black spots appeared in my vision-blacker than what I had seen already. My head felt light. I reached upward. I knew there was lots of aethery up there. I pulled what I could, then pushed it outward through the dirt, mud and water.
My mouth became clear the mud in my nose and eyes vanished. I coughed, sucked in air, coughed, sucked in air.
My eyes widen and my mouth actually fell open when I looked up and saw the dirt bottoms of the various sections of the mountain floating away upward. I could see parts of bridges hanging over the sky as well as the ends of some buildings and walls too close to the edges of what were now sky islands. Even two days after it happened I still blew and sneezed dirt out of my sinuses. I had swallowed some of it too which didn’t do much for my stomach or gut.
After a moment I felt the top of my head. All the dirt and mud that had coated by hair was gone. Even most of it in and on the material of my clothes had gone. I wasn’t wet anymore, except for my back, which was still soaked.
I suspect this event was as much a surprise to the students, teachers, gardeners and maintenance workers who were in the school, as it was to their neighbors and me. Except for those responsible for it and any dragons that helped them. The authorities of the school, though, have taken advantage of it to make it even harder to get into and even more prestigious than it had been. I was a student there twice before this happened and now was again attending it but they officials didn’t know it, when the school was ripped out of the earth. Whoever did it may have had the help of a dragon, or three, to power it, but it would be hard to prove which ones.
Most of the school is in one large mass even though not every building is together. Some of the homes, smaller libraries and even one or two classrooms are nearby, but hard to get to because you have to fly. Dragons help with that now. And they make some third and fourth year students fly people over to where they need to be.
If anyone at the University knows what happened they are not saying. But people speculate: some think it may have been the dragons. They have been known to do strange things. Maybe they got tired of having to land at the school, or just decided that those like them should be easier to get to it.
I don’t believe that, even though the person(s) who did it may have had dragon help, as I said already. Those that know how, can see the circles that fueled the change of location and that keep it where it is. There are three. The largest surrounds and goes through about half of the main area. But there is a smaller one inside it and maybe one not far away encircling another smaller section. Even in the pictures I can see them. Someone had to draw those double circles with runes and images in-between the lines. No, it wasn’t me. But now I can sense and see they easily. And wherever I am I can know where the university is. I discovered that ability weeks later. But even later I realized it wasn’t the school I knew, it was the aethery energy in the walls and dirt that I have an affinity with now. That could be because of my use of magic that night, or it happened when I grabbed some of the spell to free me. I think I might be able to fly up to it one day soon.
To find out who did it is hard. It has been tried. The spell may have been on paper that didn’t exist anymore or on a rock, flooring, a table, wall, cave floor, even on the ceiling. It could be the basic size of a palm or as large as a roc’s nest. The larger the drawing the more powerful the result, so I am betting its huge. And the more permanent the substance of the drawing the more powerful and long lasting too. So ink, charcoal, gold, silver, wood even lead or glass that was blown, all would have different strengths. Again I am betting on something like molten metal, or blown glass even though wood, depending on its strength and amount used, could work well too. So it is now part of the buildings.
Soon I will again join the students up there. I had spent years developing an Identity to fool the officials. Once up there I may search for the solid version of this spell. I didn’t know if the school president or Chancellor knew the whereabouts of the solid spell, or if they decided to leave completely alone to make sure someone doesn’t mess with it and destroy the spell. That would have devastating results.
I go not only to get a better education but to find one student, probably a graduate by now, but she could be a professor now too. I don’t think she was involved with it either. But it could be. However as I learn and search for what happened to her I just may go see if I can find the spell. It would be a masterpiece and a once in a life time event even if dragons were involved— or not.


#fantasy #freebies #amwriting #schools #university #wizards #students #dirt

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Space | The gorgeous Lagoon Nebula

This picture from the Hubble Space Telescope is a false colour image using visible light and infrared.

Thanks to +Michael Interbartolo for sharing!

#Space #hubble #Nebula
a trip through the colorful Lagoon Nebula
This colourful cloud of glowing interstellar gas is just a tiny part of the Lagoon Nebula, a vast stellar nursery. This nebula is a region full of intense activity, with fierce winds from hot stars, swirling chimneys of gas, and energetic star formation all embedded within a hazy labyrinth of gas and dust. Hubble used both its optical and infrared instruments to study the nebula, which was observed to celebrate Hubble’s 28th anniversary.
More info
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Stories | Fantasy | +Louis Doggett

Louis Doggett brings you a flash fantasy story, inspired by this image from +Charlie Hoover's Geekscape of the Day (#gsotd).


#StoriesOnGooglePlus #Fantasy #LouisDoggett
I have not done one of these for a long time. I have been writing but mostly preparing my latest Novel for publishing. Do check out The Courier by L. E. Doggett at the usual sites. Intense at times, exciting and fun read.

Anyway. I did one, albeit short. I originally did this story as a mini. But tonight I expanded on it and now it is a Flash tale. I have a second one about her but I will sending that one out to markets so hopefully you will be reading it in a magazine or anthology. That one is over 3,000 words this one is 587.

The picture, at the bottom, has all of the statistic: who draw it and all that.
So enjoy:

What joy I felt when I leapt the railing. That strange cowled, dark, fascia wizard thought he had me. His too wide a mouth and slanted eyes, made him look strange, but yet still human enough to be slowed. Even though he came upon me a lot quicker than I expected, he was still too late to form that spell.
His library was up a half flight of steps behind him. It had an open and wide doorway, so you could see a good portion of his books. He must have placed it there so he could show it off, to anyone who came by. But it made it that much easier to find what I wanted. Even though he had many more book, scrolls, even clay tablets, in the back in shadows. Some of his reading material deserved to be with low light. He was not a nice man-or whatever he had become. I had known what it looked like so even though it had taken the high range of what time I had given myself I had recognized it when I saw it.
Those stairs looked very nice and they split into two directions at the halfway point. They looked ornate and clean, as did the rest of the house, it even smelled nice-the potion of the huge mansion I had seen anyway, but he wasn’t either. I didn’t know what odors he produced but I doubted they were good.
I could see the magical energy being drawn to that ball of energy between his hands. But I would be on the first floor before he could release it.
I don’t know if he would recognize me if he saw me again. My tight leather pants, cowled jerkin and dirty white under shirt along with the dragon skin walking boots and the dragon skin leather forearm braces made me look boyish. If he noticed the orange dotted clothes around the tops of the boots he may guess where I am from.
My blonde pony tails had escape my hood. I made them out front sort of like the women of Sweden. My swirling half cape might just confuse him too.
His three owl familiars could hurt me bad if they caught me. But I can fly faster than them-at least downward. The good thought I had-they may might keep him from another spell because he would not want to hurt them. A ten-second delay would be enough to escape his shot. My clothes had a slight protection from spells but that looked powerful and mean.
Once on the bottom floor I can get up enough speed to crash through that one window near the front door. I could do a protection spell for the glass, but I will pick up some bruises, but it would be worth it to make that type of exit. If I timed it right he might blast his own front door.
I love this work. And I love reading the adventure books he gets from other dimensions. I managed to get the copy of what might be the only copy of a certain grimoire bound with human skin with clue made from human blood. That would be burned, but some other books I grabbed I would keep or sell. The copy of the Courier looked like just my style. He would rage when I laughed at him but whatever damage he did to his own house would be only a part of what he deserved.


#fantasy #shortstory #freebies #femalehero #funread #flash #wizards
#1484: Spellbook Thief
#1484: Spellbook Thief
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Stories | Science Fiction | Free Book | Chris Reher

Again, here's the abstract, since I haven't yet read the book:
Dropping out of sub-space into the wrong galactic sector, Sethran Kada wakes up with a headache and an extraordinary alien aboard his ship. She implores him to help stop the abductions of her people, a newly evolved species emerging from sub-space. Their dangerous potential has caught the attention of rebel factions as well as the ruling Commonwealth. When contact with her kind turns pilots into casualties, the Governors fear an imminent invasion engineered by their rebel enemies.

Pursued by Air Command, Seth heads deep into rebel-controlled territory to recover the stolen entities and keep this deadly weapon from falling into the wrong hands. Things get personal when his alien visitor begins to transform his mind and his life, turning the rescue mission into a fight for survival for all of them.

Quantum Tangle is part of Chris Reher’s Targon Tales series but does not intersect the other stories. Sethran Kada previously appeared in The Catalyst and also in Rebel Alliances.

#StoriesOnGooglePlus #ScienceFiction #FreeBook #ChrisReher
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Stories | Sci Fi | Free book | Steven Konkoly

I haven't read it yet, so here's the blurb:
Daniel Petrovich, the most lethal operative created by the Department of Defense's Black Flag Program, protects a secret buried in the deepest vaults of the Pentagon.

#StoriesOnGooglePlus #FreeBook #ScienceFiction #StevenKonkoly
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