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Space | The Moon and Mars

Note that there is some overexposure by the three brightest objects. So Mars may seem a lot larger than it is. Spica is for all practical purposes a point source, which allows you to estimate the effect of the over-exposure blur of Mars.

Thanks to +Astronomy Picture of the Day (APoD) for sharing this wonderful picture.
Spica, Mars, and Eclipsed Moon
Image Credit & Copyright: Damian Peach

A beautiful, reddened Moon slid through dark skies on April 15, completely immersed in Earth's shadow for well over an hour. It was the year's first total lunar eclipse and was widely enjoyed over the planet's Western Hemisphere. Seen from the Caribbean island of Barbados, the dimmed lunar disk is captured during totality in this colorful skyview. The dark Moon's red color contrasts nicely with bright bluish star Spica, alpha star of the constellation Virgo, posing only about two degrees away. Brighter than Spica and about 10 degrees from the Moon on the right, Mars is near opposition and closest approach to Earth. The Red Planet's own ruddy hue seems to echo the color of the eclipsed Moon.
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Space | Our galaxy

+Hector Socas-Navarro points out that many people think the stars move along the spiral arms, like they're being flung out of the centre. Actually, stars revolve around the galaxy's centre in ellipses. The arms are where there are temporarily more stars, nothing else.

I guess if we watched long enough (several billion years), we would be able to see the arms diffuse, reform, and maybe even seem to go the other way, like spokes in a wheel in old films.

#space   #milkywaygalaxy  
A map of our galaxy the Milky Way, showing pulsars (red), planetary nebulae (blue), globular clusters (yellow), and the orbits of several stars.
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Ah, got your point about it being a first order approximation. Yes, perturbation will certainly happen as the mass of the core is not a point source, and neither is the rest of the galaxy, not to talk of the dark matter, the non-star (dust) matter and a zillion other pulls and pushes. :) Thanks for clarifying, +Boris Borcic .
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Jyoti Dahiya

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Stories | Fantasy

A neat little story about a magus, Baba Yaga, and other ancient evils. Thanks for sharing, +Thaddeus Howze 

Via +Matthew Graybosch 

Baba Yaga, evil Crone of the Russian Steppes, a crafty magus and a misshapen skull pass an evening together making promises and telling lies...

#fantasy #legends #babayaga #koscheythedeathless
Baba Yaga, evil Crone of the Steppes, a crafty magus and a misshapen skull pass an evening together, making promises and…
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Jyoti Dahiya

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Stories on Google+ | Quantum vortices suck

+Lacerant Plainer posted this.

Arturo Gutierrez said: ""

Here's the story you were mentioning, Arturo!

He ripped the alien off his faceplate and flung it away. Velcroed to the spaceship as he was, he stayed tethered. The alien, though, was promptly sucked into the ferocious gravity of the degenerate matter sphere below. As the alien spiraled into the quantum vortex, he shuddered. He could see the faceplate spiderwebbing. Quickly, he made his way back to the control room and hit the hot start button. As the quark star dwindled in the rear-view, he set course for home.

Notice the bonus mention of newly hypothesised quark stars? :D
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Oh, rats, I forgot to include what +Arturo Gutierrez  said: "I can guarantee you that the word quantum tornado is right now scribbled on some napkin somewhere and is being used as the basis for some really awesome or really crappy sci-fi story XD"

So, here's the really crappy sci-fi story, as ordered. ;)
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Stories on Google+ | +Lacerant Plainer 

This is part 2 of Lacerant Plainer's story on quantum dreams.

#storiesongoogleplus   #sciencefiction  
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Thanks +Jyoti Dahiya :)
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Space | Today's eclipse from the Moon's point of view

An awesome little artist's impression (animated, about 23 seconds long).

Via +Arturo Gutierrez 
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*Stories on Google+ | +Thaddeus Howze *

A short story about understanding an alien culture by reprogramming.

#storiesongoogleplus #sciencefiction

Two scouts redefine value and another worthless rock becomes the next most important thing in the galaxy.

‪#‎sciencefiction‬ ‪#‎alienworlds‬ ‪#‎prompt‬
Two scouts redefine value and another worthless rock becomes the next most important thing in the galaxy.
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Jyoti Dahiya

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Space | Lovely photos

One of the loveliest space images I've seen recently.

From +European Space Agency, ESA 
The Tadpole and the Wriggler - A bright blue tadpole swims through inky blackness of space #Hubble

Read more:
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Space | Fight, fight, with all your might

Four galaxies duke it out in a no-holds-barred inter-galactic brawl, despite at least one of them being a barred galaxy.

I tell you, life was tough a few billion years ago.

Via +Mike Clancy 
What happens when galaxies pass a bit too close to one another
Four galaxies are pulling the stuffing from one another. In this case the stuffing is made up of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, planets, as well as dark matter.
It's a dance of staggering proportions caught by in Mauna Kea - Hawaii by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope .

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Space | Once again, एक टिकट में दो मज़े

Awesome! Mars will be closest to Earth on 14/15 April. Plus, there's a bonus total lunar eclipse for early bird bookings...

Anyone who does not know the relative sizes of Mars and the Moon is invited to buy plots which I am selling on both planets. Early birds will get free transport as well.

From Planetary Landscapes on Facebook:

Good Morning, Earthlings! (ATZ)

Time to get the telescopes in the garden! Mars is coming to its closest soon (April 14). It is absolutely superb in the night sky, a big red beacon! Here is a recent picture taken on April 3rd. So, it can only get better. Hurry out! Have a Fantastic Day! (caption for the image and credit below).

Mars near Opposition...

Tonight Mars is between opposition (April 8) and closest approach (April 14) looping through the constellation Virgo opposite the Sun in the night sky. That makes it prime season for telescopic views of the the Red Planet, like this one from April 3rd. The clear, sharp image was captured with a high-speed digital camera and 16-inch diameter telescope from Assis, Brazil, Planet Earth. Mars' north polar cap is at the top left. Also visible are whitish orographic clouds - water vapor clouds condensing in the cold atmosphere above the peaks of Mars' towering volcanos. The exact dates of closest approach and opposition are slightly different because of the planet's elliptical orbit. Still, get your telescope out on the night of closest approach (April 14/15) and you can view both Mars and a total eclipse of the Moon. Mars will be about 1/100th the angular size of the Moon.

Image Credit & Copyright: Fabio Carvalho and Gabriela Carvalho

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