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Still Thinking about it...

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Was just watching one of the episodes of Boston Legal.

Today NEWS is no longer about facts. It is more about infotainment. NEWS outlets are business organizations, selling entertainment - pandering up to right wing, left wing, and no wings in the hope of gaining more viewers.

Al-Jazeera pandering to the Muslims, NDTV & the likes pandering to the minorities, Fox network to the conservative right wingers ... it is no different from the Kardashians, or House Wife's of who knows where...

So where do we go from here? The "NEWS" media has managed to polarise people more than religion, politics or anything else put together in the past, with their opinion reporting.

Who should we turn to, to fix this situation, where News is no longer facts, but conspiracy theories and opinion. The free Press is considered to be one of the pillars of democracy. And unfortunately Media organizations weld more power and sway over public opinion, than Legislative, Executive and Judiciary put together. 

Traditionally - we have had these separate pillars in democracy, so that if there are signs of corruption in one of the pillars, the others will get together and fix it. But today we stand at a cross road, where the media is helping corrupt the rest of our democracy.

So where do we go from here? What do we do? Are we truly this helpless?

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This is hilarious ... Don't forget to watch part 2... 

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How much is a Billion?

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I want one ... Is it christmas time yet?
Motorola’s upcoming ‘Moto X’ (Rogers Exclusive)

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This is beyond funny ...
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