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Personal Development for Criminal and Evil Masterminds
Personal Development for Criminal and Evil Masterminds
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Sat on a flight heading to SF yesterday to meet with a client when a tall, middle-aged gentleman sits down at the seat in front of us.

He had a certain resemblance to a Mythbuster (though he wasn't), and a glorious walrus moustache.

"It's Jamie Hyneman in a very small beret." I utter quietly to nobody in particular.

The gentleman in the seat next to me responds "Dude... he's Jewish."

"Oh." slow count to ten in my head

"I didn't know Jamie Hyneman was Jewish." I said.

At which point, a few people lost it.

Does it really need to be said that you should refrain from bringing your sick, sneezing, coughing child in to an open plan office? sigh

After 3 months of intensive usage of an MBP I have come to the conclusion that I am still in love with Unix after 30+ years but that the OS X GUI is a steaming pile of shit.

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Some children who lay on autism spectrum disorder show a propensity for math ability: My exact childhold experience

Georgia Tech Online Masters in CS has open enrollment for their pilot programme. Very nice! I might apply for this next year...

I've got a month of downtime in December and I thinking of taking a couple of classes: My shortlist is "Graphic Design" + "Private Pilot's License" + "Patisserie Training" but I am only going to be picking two.

Intending to hit "The Codmother" this week or next to compare & contrast.

In SF and looking for good fish & chips? Hit up Woodhouse Fish Co. Be sure to order an Arnold Palmer, garlic bread appetizer and a strawberry shortcake dessert. No seriously. Do it! You won't regret it. Defintely in "Top 10" of fish & chips I've ever had.

When I approach a "hardcore" Senior Java Spring programmer and say "I have added a member variable to this class and appropriate accessor functions, I want to make sure I have done it properly, can I ask you some questions?" I do not expect the response to be "what's a member variable?"

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First visit to Psycho Donuts in San Jose. Funky Place. I am getting fat just looking at these donuts
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