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I see that you took the time to make a post.
Now if only yourself along with the other YouTubers would take some time to really learn about Google+ Hangouts !
I found out what it meant though this Android app called "Fun..[sees laser dot on chest]...nel Cake...."Funnel Cake"...yah, that's the name...
Haha, you're not alone I didn't know what the heck YOLO was till now. Thanks for the informative and funny update.
I didn't know either! #yolo no time to keep up with trending hashtags.
I used context clues to decipher the deeply complicated twitter Hash Tag. Then I facepalm'd for the stupid things people used it for. Mine would be "Just murdered my whole family and that nice neighbor that always gave us Christmas cards. #YOLO "
I did not know until today what YOLO was, actually the first I have ever heard of it was in this video.
One word to describe this video... YOLO lol :D
I didnt know..haha I wish I still didnt know. But what the hell... #YOLO I LOVE YOU JUSTINE.
I've never heard of yolo and I've never heard it used.
IJ I am a huge fan of you and i am argentinian :D ME GUSTAN TUS VLOGS YOLO
But we've known for centuries (with the exception of certain religious groups) that you only live once. No reason to start pointing it out in 2012.
I hate Drake as well as the word YOLO.
Don't Hate its my Opinion.
YOLO trying to stop a car driving down the street with your bare hands.....I'm still in recovery.....ahem....
i had no idea that that's what the lyric was in that song. ha! thanks, iJ =)
i heat yolo and i heat you about this video
YOLO- A saying that was created to make fun of Hindus and Buddhists. So now you are all Hindu and Buddhist hating bastards.
YOLO is like Carpe Diem but for new people
hai justine i wanna be your friend plzzzzzzzz make me yours waiting for ur mail at
Nice to see your face at E3 ;)
i had no clue what this meant thanks for keeping me in the loop. i honestly never even heard anyone use it, until i saw this video
waiting for ur ans. my fren let me meet on
Now I know why they named it yolo, my favorite frozen yougurt place
hahahah that cool! :D and u cute :) Yolo
yolo is a common word it means you only live once seriously i don't get it
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You are fucking asshole,go fuck away!
Trop conne serait ecrire mal toutes les paroles.
Yeah I lost a tooth to Rolo's back in the day sigh
Same with me I had no clue what YOLO!!! Meant until somebody said you only live once and then I was like :( I thought it meant something cooler
yolo annoys me mostly cause i hear it everywhere but i flipin love  you justine
Yeah, I've heard #yolo before a couple of times but had no idea what it meant!  Thanks iJustine!
I didn't know what yolo was until my best friend said, I'm going to go jump off a bridge.. YOLO! I was like WHAT?!?!?! He said, you only live once..
YOLO btw: add me too im a big fan i even play on ur minecraft server
fucking Lil Wayne it's all his fault, with eminem all this thing about tool would have never happened.

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