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Made a life size Lego me. It was crazy!
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Oh yes....and it really looks like you or maybe not exactly????
They should have built it around you like an Iron Man suit ;)
the lego version looked more like a minecraft skin.
My daughter wants to make one of her now. 
Cool! How long did it take to make.. you!?
haha cool man now i wanna make one.
I love LEGOS... that is so COOL !!!
Bhu Sin
hi how r u u look nice
Who ever invented that was Awesome...
I love legos.. lol. 
All i ever played with was legos when i was young. Legos kept me pretty sharp. :)
I LOVE LEGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That video make me want to get together with my friends and bulid a life size lego person.
I have subscibed to you are you are so cool!
Did u step on any Legos? I hate it when that happens
This is so fascinating!! And creative! :)
Bhu Sin
hello i am fine
how r u

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hi its jelli from laura a youtube channel i was just wondering how you would post videos live (: please respond :)
That was pretty crazy, yet definitely awesome. 
Why did you end up breaking something that cost like $60,000?
Wow you spent how long making this worthless piece of shit?
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