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What's your biggest fear?
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height problem :P i wana remove it :)
The love of my life leaving me....
Biggest fear today has got to be ijustine's facial expression on this article. Yikes!!..
Ever see a car and immediately slow down then only to realize that your walking?
i am deathly afraid of heights!!
my biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigest fear hummmmmmmmmmmm Probaly cockrochezzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heights, spiders, being alone, and snakes. Im such a wimp...
my biggest fear is probably spiders and snakes that r deadly!!!!:{ u r really cool justine
My biggest fear is that i'll make a friend and my enemies will find out and make the same friend. Then i have to let them go.
Its a back of them. about 12-20 deep. Seems liek when one loses interest in targeting me, 2 more lock on. They have ties to both mma and the police so just being an mma artist isn't enough
Its like this. You get into a problem with one person then a group you don't know have a problem with you. I can't go to the cops with any success cause i don't know the people. Its not like grade school where you know everyones name cause you spent 12 years in classes. you know the people who you don't KNOW but you know who they are in the event they did something wrong. You knew a frist and last. Its just not like that
If you make the police aware of the situation like you have here at least that would be a start. Do that and then you would know someone in the police as well
If you don't like cops that much. Be glade you dont live in TX.
I hate cops my self don't ever trust them. I will trust a known thief before a cop.... Is that a bad thing?
But don't feel bad for not liking cops. If I get pulled over and I know for a fact I did nothing wrong. I make it my personal Goal to piss that cop off. And normally do.
I got a cop so made at me I had it were he just sat in the car the hole time and have the other cop take care of me. 
I feel the most dangerous people in the community are the children and the children friends of cops. Cops aren't going to let their kids just get the cuffs slapped on their wrists and go to jail or juvi. So those kids learn they can do worse shit. They do. From B and E, to fighting to stealing and intimidating other kids. Its a punishment free existence. With the exception of the occasional guilt trip. 
I see the guy on TV like the Colorado shooter and i totally understand certain  perceptions of why he may have done it. Shit that applies to my own life. My life would be so much better if i were to kill off 15 or 20 people. I'd be more American in the essence that i'd be more free to enjoy my own community. I believe though the Colorado situation had random victims. 
MY biggest fearS are spiders, sharks, elevators, boats, snakes, bad people, guns, killers, books, Brussel sprouts, throw up, bullies, and um theres more but I don't want to go on and on 
I have many fears, falling down on my face and every single teeth of mine would break like a piece of glass, i also fear that i'm gonna lose my memory, i fear that i'm gonna be blind someday
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idonet love cops to as
lols funy how red white and blue mean freedom but when there flashing at you it's not the same.
be naked in one of your videos
sou u fã  10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001
Best way to get over your fear is to become a cop. So next time you pull up to a red light you can smooth your hair and say...DAMN STRAIGHT! I AM THE LAW!
You know what ijustine? You are just someone on google+ that tries to get people to watch your videos. I think you should post pictures
Frankie, if you want photo's then go on Instagram.
My fear......talking to girls......( they scary )
My fear.......................................................................................... is.................................................................................................. staing alone
Le dark...........
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