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Finally I've got access to the Google Optimize (beta). Looks very promising to me. My journey here is just about to begin, and so I may be over excited about it for now. So, what are your thoughts on and experience with this powerful toy?

#googleoptimize #websitetesting #abtesting #multivariatetesting #redirecttesting

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I have a dream. The dream of future Google Search Console, a fully featured SEO analysis tool for any kind and size of website or app. Sadly I'm almost sure that this release will never see the sunlight and we will always need some kind of expensive third-party tool to analyse data Google could give use for free.

Truth is this is actually a screenshot of simple remix of +Ahrefs user interface, took me 5 - 10 mins. to compile with Chrome DevTools :). Ahrefs nowadays is the best third-party tool for the #seo analysis. It really is.

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Thinking about new website for #ecommerce ? Surely you should go #mobilefirst , but while digging deeper you'll probably face a dilemma - which new mobile technology is really right for your new #mobilewebsite ? Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Deep Linking / App Indexing or Progressive Web Apps (PWA)? Consider these benefits and the investment required for each technology.
Prioritization of new technologies should ultimately depend on your site’s needs. Aim to improve your mobile site experience, not to replace it. Consider the following questions when prioritizing your mobile roadmap:
• What’s the main challenge with the existing mobile site? Can any of these strategies help?
• How can I supplement or improve the user experience?
• What improvements can my existing resources support?
Once you have identified the priorities for your mobile roadmap, it will be easier to identify which, if any, of these new technologies are right for you. Consider this analysis of the benefits and the investment required for each technology.

Source: Merkle Incorporated - The Fundamental Guide to Search in 2017,

#seo #deeplinking   #appindexing #AcceleratedMobilePages #ProgressiveWebApps  

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Fueled by structured data markup, Google now supports product information in image search

Changes made to Google's product data type specifications page ( on 12 December 2016 indicate that Google will support the display of product information directly in image search results.

The introduction to the products page has been changed to include information about products in image search, and the page now sports an image of how product information appears in Google image search.

From the page (emphasis mine):

Add markup to your product pages so Google can provide detailed product information in rich Search results — including Image Search. Users can see price, availability, and review ratings right on Search results.

Using markup to enable rich product results lets you attract potential buyers while they are searching for items to buy on Google or images that include products you sell. Maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find the relevant, current items they're looking for.

Facilitating the display of product information doesn't entail the addition of new properties, but only that two properties merely recommended for desktop search are required for image search:


With this change Google has also assigned a name to product information associated with an image in image search results: the rich image viewer.

Note that this change now supports the organic display of product information in image search: these capabilities are not tied to advertising, or existing ads that appear in image search.

If anyone spots such an image result in the wild, please share it with us here!

#google #imagesearch #ecommerce #richresults #richsnippets


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Why did Google kill the Scraper Report form? I'm pretty sure it happened a while ago (no?), still the reasoning behind this move isn't clear to me. Hope anybody will give me any clue, +John Mueller, +Gary Illyes, +Andrey Lipattsev, anyone?
Content Scrapers are still very active as well as outranking the original source is still growing as a problem in Google search results.
Yandex Webmaster tools still has a similar feature that encourages webmasters to submit their new & original content to Yandex before publishing it online ( And so it works in a very similar way like prior Google's Scraper Report form.
Yet I believe Google is much better at solving complex problems. Simple form isn't really the answer enough to this. So maybe really smart guys at +Google Webmasters are planning to upgrade our arsenal with new Google Search Console features blasting those nasty scrapes on-sight :) ? If not, is there any alternative and intelligent way to deal with this problem in search results?
Thanks a lot!

#contentscrapers #contentscraping #seo #googlesearch #yandexsearch   

Why testing #javascript   #render is important for your #seo ?

“Something that’s been critical ever since Google began evaluating JS, has been to understand how well their systems understand it. Search crawlers are one consideration. Algorithms are another.
And if you’re not testing how JS impacts the rendering of content, you’re missing out on a critical consideration for SEO, especially since more sites are moving EXCLUSIVELY to a JS driven site model.
Here’s a couple examples of failed JS – JSON-LD gets implemented, yet you don’t use a prerender model. If you don’t prerender, what will happen for any service (search engine or otherwise) that can’t handle JS properly?
Another issue – using JSON-LD while failing to ensure you’ve included all of the required properties for a given entity. If you don’t test, that’s a fail point. Special characters added into your code can cause parsing problems. The list goes on and on…”

By +Alan Bleiweiss (published by +DeepCrawl)

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A look at how Machine Learning is being used at Google as described by the head of the Google Brain team, Jeff Dean.

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Yandex Metrica has just added ability to mine raw (nonaggregated) visits data via it's new Logs API.
Now more advanced Metrica users may analyse sophisticated sales funnels, create custom attribution models, combine data from different sources, control the discrepancies in the statistics and much more.

More (in Russian)

#webanalytics #yandex #yandexmetrica #datamining  

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Your headlines are important if you're aiming to Yandex long-tail searches

Today Yandex announced a new search algorithm called Palekh. This new search algorithm is aimed at improving how Yandex handles long-tail search queries by better understanding the meaning behind every query (doesn't it remind us Google's RankBrain?). Palekh will improve search results by using machine learning methods based on neural networks to understand the queries better.
What is interesting and quite clear from the official announcement that Yandex taught these neural networks to look for the connections between a query and document's headline (full text is future at this moment). From SEO point of view this is important - currently headlines play a major role in Palekh, but taking full text into account isn't that far away as well. Palekh convert the words from search queries into numbers (with groups of 300 each) and put them into 300-dimensional space. And so every document gains its own vector in that space. If the numbers of a query and numbers of a document are near each other in that space, then the result is relevant. Yandex calls this method “semantic vector”.

Official announcement in Russian


#yandex #palekh #longtail #seo #semantic

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Now, really this one is worth it for pros./anyone interested in #digitalanalytics (free). Discover the strategies, tactics and best practices from over 30 of the brightest minds in the industry. Check the speakers list and agenda if in doubt.. P.S. stance socks are superb as well :) #webanalytics   #analytics  
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