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Justin Zimmer

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This seemed like an appropriate first post for me in this community
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Justin Zimmer

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There Are No Broccoli Health Benefits – Only Risks

You’ve been told since you were a child that eating broccoli is good for you, that the broccoli health benefits are almost too many to count. Sorry to break it to you, but your parents lied to you.

Have you ever stopped and questioned on what basis this advice comes from? Broccoli certainly gets the health-halo for being a green vegetable, but when you start to dig a bit deeper, an alarming picture emerges.

To start with, broccoli is a well-described goitrogen. Goitrogens are chemicals that suppress the function of the thyroid gland by interfering with iodine uptake, a key mineral needed to make thyroid hormone. This blocking of iodine uptake causes the thyroid gland to enlarge; a goitre is the end result.

Broccoli is loaded with goitrogens, particularly one group called thiocyanates. The consequence of eating these thiocyanates is the potential to develop the very serious condition of hypothyroidism.

What is hypothyroidism? Well, do you or have you ever experienced any of these symptoms?

Fatigue and low energy levelsUnexplained weight gainDepressionSlow heart rateIntolerance to cold temperaturesFatigued and aching musclesDry, coarse skinPuffy faceHair lossConstipationProblems with concentration

If you said yes to any of these, then you’re a candidate for being hypothyroid and I would be looking at broccoli as the prime candidate for causing this.

And it is not just goitrogens you need to be worrying about. Broccoli is loaded with formaldehyde, a natural by-product of oxidation and which is known to cause cancer in rats.

Formaldehyde is used in the manufacturing of plastics, foam insulation, fungicides, mirrors, insecticides, petroleum, resins and industrial chemicals. No one in their right mind would eat any of these things so when you see this list, just add broccoli to it as well.

Natural pesticides: The dirty little secret of the organic industry.

But the biggest thing you need to know about is what I like to call the ‘dirty little secret’ of the organic food industry. Organic food is good for you right because it doesn’t contain any pesticides?


Broccoli is overloaded with natural pesticides which are part of the plant’s natural defence system against harm. And what you’re not being told by Big Organic is that half of those pesticides when tested on laboratory animals have been shown to cause cancer.

Well at least organic broccoli doesn’t contain any human-made pesticides I hear you say? Sorry, but organic growers are able to use if they wish ‘natural’ pesticides and they are not required to tell you about it.

Many of these natural pesticides are actually more toxic than synthetic pesticides. To make things even worse, there is no national monitoring system for these natural pesticides as is the case for the system in place for synthetic ones. Organic broccoli: you may as well be using Round-up for your salad dressing and get your toxic cancer-causing pesticide hit in one go rather than eat it.

And remember those thiocyanates I mentioned earlier? Well those too can cause bladder cancer in rats. We have graphic warning signs about cancer on cigarette packets, so why do health authorities continue to sit on their hands and take no action against broccoli?

:) LOL
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Justin Zimmer

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No commentary is required. Hat-tip: Steve Kurtz
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Justin Zimmer

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Been awhile since he released a good one like this!
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Justin Zimmer

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Science That Grows With You
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Hey, +ryhpeZ irollaV +Kevin Lanni, not sure if you guys have seen this yet but it seems kinda interesting.
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Looks really awesome. 
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Justin Zimmer

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PZ Myers criticises his commenters for attacking an insider in the way he has encouraged them to attack outsiders in the Little Shop of Hatred
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JM Bell
I used to find PZ Myers entertaining... but got totally turned off when he out and out called a Catholic bishop an asshole and a pedophile just for, well, being a bishop. And he lumped in every single priest of that particular persuasion.  

His comment section was also devolving into a seething hatefest of Dantean proportions. It was almost as bad as the YouTube comment section. I hear 4chan is where the real nasties lurk, but I'm not going there.

This is how I remember things. The day I saw a biologist make baseless accusations and substitute public slurs for rational appraisal of a situation, that was the day I unsubscribed. The animus that he cultivated through his blog would one day turn against him. I'm not surprised.
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    UniCore Technologies provides infrastructure and technology consulting to businesses in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and abroad. By providing a variety technology solutions, including IP Telephony, SaaS, Telecom Management, Business Networking, and Help Desk services, UniCore is poised to offer the best value in business technology consultation for SMB and call centers alike. Designed and maintained co-location services for the panoply of telecom and software hosting services provided by UniCore. Developed our in-house load balancing and billing solution utilizing CentOS, OpenSIPS, Asterisk and MySQL capable of utilizing competing rate decks from multiple service providers with fail-over routing. Designed and implemented all dial plan scripting for our in-house contact management suite and dialing platform. Managed third-party development contractors for custom client CRM development utilizing Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP technologies along with a variety of PHP libraries. Managed and implemented vendor services for internet and voice at our co-located data center. Developed voice interface solutions utilizing the Cisco AS5400 platform. Developed media gateway solutions to allow interfacing between legacy telephony equipment and modern IP Telephony services. Provided on site troubleshooting for customers both within and outside the Phoenix Metro Area.
  • The StarScribes Collaboration
    Founding Collaborator, 2012 - 2013
    StarScribes is a collaboration of science fiction writers dedicated to providing serial science fiction online. The collaboration dispersed due to a lack of interest and commitments by the founding collaborators to other projects.
  • DataTel/TouchStar/Noble
    VoIP/Network/Software Support Engineer, 1998 - 2010
    Supported call center software utilizing several development technologies including: FoxPro, VB 6.0, VB/C#.NET, HTML, Javascript, MS SQL, and all Windows OS Platforms Extensive troubleshooting on T1/E1 carrier and CPE level issues. Developed installation procedures and performed system installations for the national and international market Developed network design and deployment for turnkey solutions as well as integration into existing network and PBX infrastructures Developed VoIP connectivity solutions for company product offerings, including researching various products and setting up lab environments to test these products as viable customer deliverables Authored and maintained documentation for proprietary call center software, including all necessary wiring diagrams Developed several custom solutions for customer installs such as a simple custom ASP.NET CRM for a Medicare supplement call center including Adobe PDF forms integration and integration with our proprietary call center software Developed several custom utilities to address customer needs that fell outside the features of our proprietary Call Center software Developed and maintained internal CDR billing and reporting system utilizing MS SQL and Business Objects Crystal Reports XI Designed, implemented and maintained the supporting network for our Hosted Call Center product including such technologies as: Active Directory, Terminal Services, Cisco PIX Firewalls and VoIP Installed and maintained internal network, legacy PBX and Asterisk IP PBX Implemented network and voice connectivity solutions for telecommuters Maintained office services and facilities, specifically those pertaining to Internet connectivity and PSTN services Designed and maintained lab environments with full data and voice facilities for development and QA departments. Engineered SIP network solutions for the TouchStar Hosted platform using the OpenSIPS SIP Server as a multi-homed Application Level Gateway.
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Gilbert, Az
Rochester, PA - Maryland - Houston, TX - Chicago, IL - Tempe, Az - Gilbert, Az
"I see," said the blind man, peeing in the wind, "It's all coming back to me now."

I was born on June 1st, 1979. Four months later, Douglas Adams would publish his brilliant book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, and Carl Sagan had produced “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”, a documentary television series that would deliver the universe into the living rooms of people across the globe for over thirty years. Indeed, I was born into an age of wonder. It was also the golden age of science fiction. I grew up with the humanism of Star Trek, and the mystery of Star Wars. I was enthralled by such shows as Newton’s Apple, and Bill Nye: The Science Guy. At a young age, I wanted to be a scientist. I wanted to build lasers!

Life, however, intervened and I never achieved that dream, but the desire for truth never left me. My personality has always tended towards that of an engineer, and the computer quickly caught my fascination. I first tinkered with a hand-me-down 286 machine operating at a breathtaking 12.5Mhz and a 4-color monitor running DOS 2.12. I wrote batch files, dialed into BBS portals, and even drafted my first science fiction novel. At thirteen I was gifted a 486 machine that came with a novel new operating system called Windows of which I severely disliked and ignored. And then, through a bit of experimenting with Doublespace, I crashed the machine in two days. From there I was hooked.

My dream was to work with computers professionally, and after four years of working at and managing sandwich and pretzel shops I got my opportunity. In 1998 I was hired as a basic computer technician for Computers, Networks and Services in Mesa, Az. CNS was an attempt at a retail computer store and repair business that operated as a dba of GSM Software, Inc. owned by G.L. Scott Murray. GSM Software was developing a predictive dialer to go along with its basic auto-dial application written in FoxPro 2.6 and which ran on Novell dumb terminals. When it became clear that retail was a lousy business model and that the real money was in the dialer business, Scott decided to shift the focus of the company towards selling his dialer. I was one of the main techs, and became the first installer. It was a small operation in the beginning and we all wore many hats and had to adapt to new problems and situations that we didn’t even know existed. Because of this,  I began that journey with a basic knowledge of PC repair, and ended it as a VoIP/Network engineer with a belt full of experience with a wide-range of technologies. There were many stops along the way, of course. I did some software developments, web design, marketing design and advertising, customer support and training. I was the face of the company for many years, and learned much from the experience.

In the background, my interest in science and truth never waned. I may have been sidelined by some youthful obsessions with muscle cars, my particular white-whale being a 1967 Ford Mustang, but during it all I have always been an avid reader. The last decade of my life, however, has been dedicated to family. My oldest son, Micah, was born on November 2nd, 2004, the day George Bush Jr. was re-elected for a second term, on which I will refrain from comment. Life became chaos, and my reading subsided. And now, four children later, I have re-kindled my love of science, and of truth, and have discovered it to be a source of immense wonder. Physics has become my new drug of choice, and I have ghost hunting to thank for it.

With the advent of the SyFy channel’s “reality” series, “Ghost Hunters”, I became immensely interested in investigating the unknown. I spent several years online learning what I could. I joined a group of great people on a paranormal social networking site called MyPara.Net and learned a bit about what was real, and what wasn’t. I developed this skepticism, calling out fraud in the paranormal industry, and developed a strong ethic on the value of truth, and the selling of lies to the unaware and bereaved. I do still have friends in that world, but have, myself, become disillusioned with the paranormal. This experience did, however, leave me with a question: what is light? I thought I knew for the longest time, photons they were called. Little balls bouncing around being reflected and absoved, but that was merely a conceit. I really didn’t know anything. I didn’t even realize that radio waves and visible light were the same thing, just at different wavelengths. Ghost hunters would use full spectrum photography to try and capture “spirits”, or use electromagnetic frequency detectors to “detect” ghosts. In studying these, I was introduced to a diagram on electromagnetic radiation and something in my brain clicked. I became profoundly aware of my ignorance and tried to read as much as I could on the subject. This led me to quantum mechanics, the nature of electrons, the association between photons and electrons, subatomic particles, the very makeup of the universe. The further I dug the less I knew, but new pathways of understanding erupted in my brain like firecrackers. The emotional energy of coming to understand something new, to have a tiny piece of an idea about how the universe works, and how matter comes together to form elements and molecules and life. Cosmology blended with biology, physics, and chemistry. I realized that each separate subject, before only understood as the title to a kind of science class in school that would be boring to take, were not actually separate at all. I even discovered what I want to be when I grow up, a teacher of science. I want to share this wonder with the next generation. We need physicists, chemists, engineers. Our modern world, the world I was born into, lives on technology. And as Carl Sagan once noted: “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”

Along with this newfound interest in science and understanding has been in the study of human behavior, why we do the things we do, why we believe what we believe, and why we make the cognitive errors that we make. This has led to a fascination with neuroscience, and ultimately, ethics, and various ethical systems. Ways in which to evaluate situations and determine the correct course of action at times when the gut doesn’t have much to say. I have come across surprising things about our brains, and what brings contentment to our lives: Creating value, loving and being loved, being fair, and forgiveness. We are creatures that need to do things. We are builders. We make and find fulfillment in our creations. We are makers.

The Do-It-Yourself movement, the “Makers” have intrigued me over the last few years. From basic electronic engineering, to garage-floor innovations that are driving the new economy. This captivates me because it lies at the core of who I am. I’m an idea man. I get ideas and I have to explore them, it hurts me not to! On more than one occasion I have worked for forty hours straight on a problem or project, often without the slightest idea of what I was doing. I teach myself everything. I taught myself ASP.NET on a Memorial Day weekend for a custom client application, with no previous web application experience. I created an entire custom CRM interface from scratch that integrated into my company’s dialer platform in 36 hours and installed it in Houston the following week. There were bugs. There were many bugs, but I solved them. Years later, I was given the task of installing an Asterisk based PBX system with a MySQL database on CentOS 4.6 with very little working knowledge of Linux, and absolutely no idea what Asterisk was. I completed the task in two days, and was asked to join the PBX support team the following week. That is my modus-operandi: Veni, vidi, vici. I am often called upon in my line of work to become the expert that I’m not, so, if I am an expert in anything, it’s the art of expertise. Indeed, my best achievements have come from a level of complete ignorance, what I don’t know has never been an obstacle to what I can do.

I solve problems. I poke, I prod, I study. I am an aficionado of all things google. I can do research with the best of them and if I can’t find it, then it doesn’t exist. The search is strong with me. I am a self-described scientist, my mantra is the truth. In my worldview the greatest sin is dishonesty. I am tenacious. I often can’t let a problem go unsolved, and will work on it until it is. I am also a builder, and a designer. I have designed networks for hundreds of users with solutions that include voice and data. I am not restricted to a particular brand or technology, but with what works best. If there is a piece of equipment that I’ve never worked with, I will figure it out. Technology doesn’t stand still for experts. Experts must adapt along with the technology.

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