Thought I would share a short passage from Prophecy:

     "As Destor continued to try and think through his anger the bridge crew remained completely silent, either watching the General intently or going about their work diligently. I have always been loyal to our people, yet my brother would rather play favorites and give his friend the power to make a difference. Why? Because I’m ‘ambitious’? Of course I’m ambitious, I’m a Rudir, ambition is in our blood, yet Cuzak has the nerve to trust his friend more than his own blood. I would have been a loyal subject, using my ambition to help our people.
     Normally by now Destor would have cooled off a little but for some reason this time his mind turned down a darker path. He doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Cuzak has betrayed you. Your Father has betrayed you. They should know the bitter taste of betrayal. You only want what is best for your people. They should be made to understand that. General Destor’s eyes seemed to grow darker than usual as these thoughts raced through him...."
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