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It's about time we see that fundamentalism, especially violent fundamentalism, is not about religion, it's about economics and politics...
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"Fundamentalism" is where adherents of a religion have a strict (and usually selective) adherence to the letter of their spiritual writings. So in what sense are violent monks in Burma fundamentalist? If there are any teachings in the Pali canon that support the notion of being violent toward those of other faiths, I'm not aware of them. The word "fundamentalism" seems misapplied here.
Donald Swearer has a chapter on fundamentalisms in Theravada Buddhism in "Fundamentalisms Observed." It focuses on Thailand and Sri Lanka, but the essential features are applicable to monks in Burma as well. His use - and that of the volume - of "fundamentalism" draws from a religion's  focus on scripture, concern for orthodoxy, and involvement in politics, so it is a bit more encompassing than the definition you give. 
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