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I still need to get an EV3 kit so I can build a friend for BMO.

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Very cool small, low end board. I love the builtin wireless and audio. And I really like the 'pocket' chip... pretty much exactly what I've wanted and been thinking about making for a Beagle Bone. Allwinner isn't the best but wow that price point.

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Fluidic fun!

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Pre-Order Grim Fandango now available on! This game is a #Classic   #Masterpiece  . Don't let anti-pre-ordering over-generalization dissuade you. AAA studios ruin games on purpose, but small studios like DoubleFine put love into their art and need your support! 

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In case you are interested in learning instead of complaining :P
No matter which side of the systemd debate you're on, it's helpful to understand and know how to use it. Here's Carla Schroder's cheat sheet -

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Do math with high quality free math software! 
Sage, Python, R, LaTeX, Octave and so much more. All in a stable cloud environment you can access from anywhere.

More features:
Linux shell access! Bash, Zsh, Dash, rBash, Tmux, SSH
Editor and Terminal Themes
Key bindings
Shared Projects
'Course' objects you can invite 'students' into and create assignments.

-every time I see a "how to do math in excel" post I want to cry

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Actually there is currently not much you can do to protect yourself, other than "don't share USB devices". Really. The particularly upsetting thing is everything that has been shared should be considered compromised. Also, can you trust your source? Please ask if you have questions.
What can I do to protect my #linux laptop from #BadUSB attacks as described here? Perhaps writing an appropriate apparmor profile would help?

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I guess there is always a difficult trade off between space and tools. 
Make a lathe with a lathe, sounds like a great long term Myth / project.
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