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The first beta of Rocket Player 4.4 is rolling out. If you subscribe to my cloud features, your play-counts and ratings should automatically be backed up to the cloud now. We'll see how that goes!

Not turned on by default is restoring/syncing of your ratings and play-counts. I've decided to turn this off by default, as this feature is new, and it may not work like you'd expect. If you have two songs with the same title and artist name, the play-counts and ratings will be merged. I can certainly some customers not wanting this behavior, so the play-counts/ratings are only backed up by default, not synced. If you ever find yourself needing to restore the ratings, at least you'll have the correct ratings for everything you don't have two similar versions of.

Also, the playlist screen was taking seconds to load, this build should fix that. Thanks +Blacc Corleone for reporting that one.

Version 4.3.58 is rolling out with a potential battery fix. It took +Caroline Tipton a month or two to help me nail it down, I but I think I got it.

Version 4.3.38 is rolling out with the "X" close fix. (4.3.36 might hit your device first, and it gets halfway there, 4.3.38 has another fix to help)

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To fix a bug in the Android Auto app, I need your help! Please upvote the following reddit post until we can an answer for where to report Android Auto app bugs.

Version 4.3.28 is rolling out. This attempts to help with killing the task getting Rocket Player in an unknown state that it doesn't recover from.

Version 4.3.26 is rolling out tonight. I've added a feature for the podcast users. Double-tapping the forward/back buttons will now skip 30 seconds! (This only works for podcasts, and only from the player view, bluetooth remotes won't work)

Rocket Player 4.3.24 is rolling out today with some scanning engine fixes. As this is complicated code I've touched, let me know if anything with scanning breaks with your setup!

Version 4.3.16 is headed to the beta channel today. This has a crash fix that I saw several reports for. Also, this fixes the headset click issue that +Rubén B. Davila reported.

Anyone tried the new Android Auto support yet?

New update for Rocket Player (4.2.78) is rolling out. This version has new code to try saving the current playlist more often. Please let me know if this version has any issues running on your phone!
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