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Justin Thompson
Christian | Husband | Conservative | Texan | My carbon footprint is bigger than yours.
Christian | Husband | Conservative | Texan | My carbon footprint is bigger than yours.

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Whataburger always has terrible customer service. One of the worst in the entire service industry.

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Skynet takes the wheel.
Our self-driving car prototypes are leaving the test track & hitting the roads of Mountain View! Learn more:

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A guy was dressed as Spiderman when we saw The Avengers: Age of Ultron today. Full costume. For a noon showing. Two days after premier.

I never thought I would live to see the day that both the #Royals and the #Astros were in first place again... #MLB

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Finally! #Android #Lollipop on my #Nexus 7! Thank you, #Google!

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#solarsystem #planets #outerspace

p/s: +Corina Marinescu has written an excellent G+ post on How Do the Planets Stay in Orbit?  Here's the link: Happy Reading! :)
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The sports media sure loves a good NFL scandal. But, I can't help but note how ridiculous this latest NFL scandal, Deflate-gate, is.

For starters, it is a common practice for teams and QBs to "doctor" their footballs and break them in — from high school to NCAA to the NFL. This is why Brady and Manning pushed for the rule allowing teams to be a part of the chain of custody back in 2006. They pushed for offenses to each provide their own game balls so that the QB on each team would be allowed to break in the balls and get them to their liking. What would be the point of teams providing their own otherwise? If the NFL were really concerned with the integrity of game ball weights, then they would remove teams from the chain of custody altogether.

Even Aaron Rodgers admits that he likes to over inflate his footballs and push the limits. And, this morning on Sirius NFL radio, Rich Gannon also admitted that all QBs like their football a certain way and try to doctor them slightly.

What is most likely is that the Patriots filled their balls to the absolute minimum when they were inspected over two hours before the game, then they "broke them in" during warm ups, etc.

The fact that this went unnoticed by the refs the entire game should show people how common it actually is in the NFL. But, again, if the NFL wanted to eliminate this practice, they should eliminate the 2006 rule making teams a part of the chain of custody.

The argument calling for the #Patriots to be disqualified from the Superbowl is the most ridiculous thing about all of this. The Patriots could have beaten the Colts with beach balls. Anyone who thinks this changed the outcome of this game is delusional.

I'm not arguing they shouldn't be punished at all, but that's just unreasonable. The best analogy I heard compared this practice to speeding: Everyone does it, but you will be punished if caught. Let's not pretend this is worse than it is.

It seems to me that this all stems from jealousy of the Patriots. A team that has proven to be a modern day dynasty with the help of arguably the greatest QB and greatest coach of all time.

People are trying to call their success into question. And, this is a pattern we see in the NFL all the time. Fans simply cannot admit defeat. We simply cannot bring ourselves to admit that other teams are better sometimes. For example, we blame the refs like in the Dallas vs Lions game or the Dallas vs Green Bay game this year. Or we say, so-and-so is a murderer and shouldn't even be playing. Or, we only lost because of injuries. Or, whatever.

Stop trying to discredit the game, show some respect for greatness, and enjoy the damn game.

This is going to be a great #Superbowl, and the two teams that are in it are the two best teams in the #NFL. Period.


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Aaaaaahhhhhhh! #Android #Lollipop

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This is exciting!
It's been done!!! The beginning of the most important part of our concept... Getting the companion device to work properly!

Yes you can find apps on Google Play that simply turn your phone into a mouse and some have tried to build a graphic tablet app... Nothing comes close to what we have here...

Video to follow soon!

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