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If you have taken a look at Google Data Studio but weren't happy at the limited data integration options, it's time for another look.

There are now a bunch of data connectors by third parties available that pull data from sources such as Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc.

See them here

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I've been going through my periodic testing of digital #marketing data visualisation tools. I still believe most are seriously overpriced. Given that much of the data isn't even collected by them, instead redisplaying other sources through APIs, I think most are a bit of a con.

These tools service a market where users are not techincally capable of managing a data warehouse, or interacting with data in raw formats. That's fine. But the pricing remains laughable.

#digitalmarketing #sem #bi #onlinemarketing #dashboards

There are so few new concerns in #SEO now. Still a lot of work, but the search landscape is very stable, and has been for some time. #sem

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Do you think this makes any sense? #Facebook #privacy #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing

AVOID - Just discovered that they have charged me 8 times ($89.95 USD each time) for an account I don't have with them. No contact details on their dodgy website other than an email address, which they don't reply to when contacted.

Their credit card processor looks just as dodgy.

#seo #ppc #sem

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Not a surprise really. What do you think?
#ChartoftheDay: Facebook's new corrected video view figures show it was never ahead of YouTube on video

The #digitalmarketing world is full of services that repackage free data that sell it back to you with little augmentation.

Rethink the services you subscribe to. Are they just pretty interfaces that lack actionable or real time saving features?

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Nice post about your call-to-action (CTA) placement and concepts that work.

I have accepted that I have been screwed by #Dell Australia. Paid over $3000 for a #laptop that just made it to it's 2 birthday. Not interested in paying for extended warranty then parts.

So many businesses seem blissfully ignorant of the damage their poor #app is doing to their #brand.
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