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Android, Java, and .NET Developer
Android, Java, and .NET Developer


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Cool, having any *.properties files in your assets directory doesn't work with Android Build Tools 21.0.0 and 21.0.1. It seems aapt just gives up when it finds these files.
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Zen and the ART of making AIDE even faster

The Android RunTime (ART) was introduced with Android 4.4 KitKat as an experimental alternative to Dalvik. It is presumed to become the default and only runtime for Android 5.0. [1] 

So it was high time to test AIDE with ART. In our tests AIDE works great and code analysis and building is twice as fast on a Nexus 5 with ART compared to Dalvik!

If you want to try it for yourself just switch to ART in the Developer Settings.  If you encounter any reproducible issues when running AIDE with ART please let us know. 

CAVE: Other apps might have problems with ART. In particular ART is more strict when it comes to interaction with native code. It mercilessly punishes JNI contract violations.

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Before I spend too much more time trying... does anyone know if it is possible to programmatically query the system for the setting corresponding to the "Show notifications" checkbox in Application settings? I'm not really interested in modifying the value, but reading it would be useful.
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Move over Flappy Bird, here comes Crappy Cat.
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Hey there folks. I've been beating my head against the wall here for a while so I figure it is probably time to ask.... Has anyone here actually gotten the Google Drive API to work with Android?

Following this quickstart results in an "Unknown" failure when trying to authenticate. Unfortunately, there is no indication as to what exactly is unknown (Is it the app? My account? The cause of the failure?). The stack trace doesn't really help narrow things down but I can add it if necessary.

I'm guessing there is a step I am missing but I can't figure out what it is. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Relating to my last post, I guess it isn't just the gallery. It seems most gradients cause the shimmer effect, as if the contrast is fighting with itself.
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Why does the Gallery on the Nexus 5 have this weird flicker/shimmer on certain colors? Its very strange.
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Yay, my Nexus 5 arrived. Boo, it won't recognize my T-Mobile SIM card. :(
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Update ADT... Check.
Update Android SDK components... Check.
Build project... Crash.

Seems the only code being compiled into the APK is that of library projects and jars. My main project classes are nowhere to be found.

I must have done something wrong... Ideas?
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