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This is our Winter 2017 Anime Impressions podcast where we discuss our thoughts on several of the new anime premiering in the Winter '17 season. Akiba's Trip, Konosuba S2, Scum's Wish and Masamune's Revenge are some of the many shows we discuss.

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Why have I not used the kill feed before? Simple... people complain when they die.

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This is something I've been wanting to try for a while, a video of me commentating on my own gameplay. There's more detail in the vid description, but as I've been recording more personal gameplay clips, I enjoyed this attempt at analyzing my gameplay and talking about why I'm loving the Bones of Eao + Better Control jump so much in Crucible lately.

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Life is Strange was on sale on Steam for about $12, so I took the plunge and bought the whole thing. I just completed episode 3, and it's been a really interesting story. The game's time-travelling mechanic creates uncertainty in the choices I've made as I can rewind time and decide which one I like best, sometimes leaving me worried about the choice I chose to go through with.

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The changes to special ammo in 3v3 playlists is interesting. There have been some thoughts about workarounds.
No Land Beyond + Sidearm: NLB is a unique weapon. It's a primary with OHKO potential, but is not like other snipers. Sidearms will get to start with ammo, but because it lacks the OHKO potential like the other weapon types in its class, it's not an issue imo. NLB+Sidearm is a more difficult version of TLW+1KYS as Holtzmann commented on a Planet Destiny pod; the combo forces you to be smarter with your engagements.
Invective: It's popular anyway regardless of the regenerating ammo. And even with that, it generates a mag of ammo every 30 seconds, and not in the mag. Not much of an issue with me.
Icebreaker: Remember when people were up commenting on the switch to 8 seconds on ammo regen being dumb? Icebreaker is still a OHKO in Trials/IB today and is very high in the AA stat. For those that live to hardscope, they'll have an Icebreaker in their equipment. Year 1 weapons are so OP.

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So good.

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After many a raid, I've reached the seemingly elusive 320 with my Huntress. The final piece was a 320 cloak that Oryx dropped and went right into my SRL cloak.

Destiny's 2.1 update came Tuesday, and honestly, it's been a bad update. People have noted various issues, but one of the more concerning issues are Bungie's notes on balancing for auto rifles and pulse rifles.

My best effort to summarize:

Auto rifles were to receive small percentage buffs based on the archetype, initially written as 3% (low rate of fire), 7% (mid RoF) & 4% (high RoF). Gamers played after the update and felt there was no buff at all. Just today, a revision was made to the balancing notes that the buffs were only at 0.3%, 0.7% and 0.04%. That's such a minuscule increase that it barely qualifies as a buff. The fuck is 0.04% gonna do? Why bother...

Pulse rifles were to be nerfed at around 8% or 9% based on the archetype. Bungie changed this today to show 0.9% and 0.97%. While this barely qualifies as a nerf, reported gameplay shows differently. The Lyudmila-D is a pulse rifle with high impact that, in standard Crucible play, was initially doing 31 damage on headshots and 25 on body. Players are showing that the gun now does 25 on headshots and 17 on body shots. Do the math, and you'll find it's been nerfed by 19%.

This happened last year when auto rifles were initially reported to receive a 2% nerf. At the time, they didn't specify how each archetype of auto would change, and it was later found that high impact auto rifles like Suros Regime were actually nerfed closer to 15%. After the nerfing, the meta completely ignore auto rifles in favor of Thorn & The Last Word.

At this point, Bungie can't be trusted with these balancing notes and they are clearly struggling to find balance in PvP. Auto rifles will not be competitive vs. pulse rifles as it has been for the past few months.

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One reason why I loved Transistor so much was the music. I like this new song they've released for the Apple TV version of the game.

Everything about Transistor is awesome.

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This gun is great on bosses. I used it against the Warpriest in King's Fall and was steadily holding down the trigger shredding him. Strike bosses like Taniks, Alak-hul and Sepiks Prime with big crit spots are great for this.
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