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Hi, all!

I'd like to try putting together some sort of visual identity kit that can be used for B2016tv (logo, animated video intro/outros/stingers, etc.), and would love some input. 

If any of you have examples of artwork, video intros, or even just styles that you like, give me links to take a look at, so I can get a sense of where we might want to go with it. 

Hmmm... the new Apple Watch comes out April 24th, my birthday is April 23rd. Coincidence? I think not. 

I'm quite gracious and write extremely heartfelt thank you notes. Just saying. :)

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+Steph Garcia!

You had better tell me when your podcast starts. 

Finally got my copy of Paperback last week (maybe the week before? It's all a blur), and got to play it for the first time last night. 

The group I played with was not a 'gaming' group. It was family, and most of what they play is Five Crowns (or other rummy variants), Monopoly Deal, etc. 

I bought Paperback hoping to get something a little deeper onto the table. They were all good sports and tried it out, and it seemed like everyone had a pretty good time. Personally, I really liked the game. 

Most of them were intimidated by the setup at first (it sets up like a typical deckbuilder, which seems fairly complicated), but after the first round, everyone had a pretty good idea of what was going on. We ran into some game slowdown with people trying to use up all of their cards to make words, and indecision regarding which cards to buy, but overall, it went really smoothly. 

I think they'll be willing to play again, and next time, I think we'll pull out the "ask for help with your hand and whoever comes up with the word you end up playing gets a bounty cube" optional rule to speed things along a little bit. 

My wife, specifically, said that she appreciated that even when it wasn't your turn, you've got something to do (looking at your hand and coming up with words). 

Question for anyone that's played: the rules didn't mention anything about it, but I found myself wondering what the game would be like if you could make as many words as you wanted on your turn. That is, say you've got the letters to make more than one word (still only using the common card once, total). Has anyone tried this?

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Great watch (listen, if you're at work, I suppose) about how texting isn't so bad for literacy/grammar/spelling... Because it's not really writing to begin with. At least, not in the way we're used to it.

Tower Prep was really better than it got credit for. Wish it got more than one season. :(

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Mostly just saving this to check out myself.
Reducing page latency on mobile with Fastclick...

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First Galaxy Truckers and now this? Oh lawd. I don't need a new PC, I just need a new iPad for all this fun.

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This is an interesting article on the future of #responsivewebdesign . I think it's a fairly superficial look at the landscape of online publishing, and kind of own-horn-tooting (just a little), but I think the points raised are interesting, nonetheless.

Unfortunately, I think that the kind of "responsiveness" they're talking about is going to take quite a bit more work than most smaller (read: "non-huge") organizations will be able/willing to implement.

I wonder if this could be a good niche for a developer to get in on. That is, write a framework that handles watching user activity on the site and adjusting their experience to match.

Is there already anything like that out there? 

So, what's the protocol on publishing a modified version of someone else's node module to #npm ? Just give it a slightly different name and go for it, or what? That is, I've submitted a pull request, and hopefully, they'll accept the changes soonish, but in the meantime, I'd like my modified version available to people. 

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